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    Here are a few preliminary design ideas for the main house. It's all quite modular in design for ease of construction. I like the idea of an open glass pavilion for entertainment, but a separate private wing for bed / office. It's a bit of a courtyard design with a secure boardwalk connecting the spaces (zombies / bears). I'll post plans later, maybe. I've done a lot of drawing....it's part of what I teach as well, so practice.
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    It all comes back to that phrase 'a person is clever but people are stupid'. The masses have been angry for a very long time. Growing inequality, fear, economic instability, rapid social changes, job losses, no pensions. A lot of people aren't into politics, they don't know why they're pissed off - they just know they're pissed off. What you end up with is a great big ball of popular rage sat there, festering. Where it should have been aimed is at the bankers, Thatcher, the ruling class, George Osborne, this scruffy cunt, Wall Street, the Barclay Brothers, Rupert Murdoch. Obviously that's not conducive to those peoples' plans so it gets directed elsewhere. You had the same in Nazi germany. The Nazis had some appeal and then became a joke when things picked up for the man in the street, then when things nosedived they increased in popularity again, along with about a dozen or so other parties all fighting to harness the same big ball of anger. The Communists were their main rival but the Nazis used to club them with big sticks - it really can be that simple. Plus they had a lot of former soldiers and wealthy backers behind them, all the apparatus of the elite, with non favourable media types being denounced and eventually ending up in camps. Corbyn had started to tap into that rage from a left point of view but it was quickly overrun due to the fact most of the above have all the money and have all the means of mass communication. The right operate like Tony Soprano. They may not be amazingly intelligent, but they instinctively know how to make people do what they want, either by making them an accomplice or by scaring them. The left deals in hope, but it's intangible and requires some patience and imagination. It's our fault for being stupid. Prince Andrew, Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson's Dad, George Osborne, David Cameron. These people see themselves as our betters and we take it again and again. Corupition is increasingly out in the open - we get angry - but the people who caused the anger seem to be the only ones able or willing to harness it. We're like a dog that chews its own balls off.
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    Next time he enters Anfield he should be given a big round of applause. The stupid mancs preparing to sing their favorite "merederer" song wouldn’t know what to do. They'd be demolished by share and simple humanity.
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    Howie asked for an update, but not too much real activity happening on our property. I was there in early April for a surprise early season test of extreme isolation / social distancing. I stayed in one of the cabins of my friends lodge 'next door'. It was only for five days, but I absolutely loved not seeing a single person at all. Turn the lights off at night and not a light or sound anywhere. Hiked our property every day (not much snow left). It was really good for getting the lay of the land, with all the undergrowth gone. I installed a trail camera along a well-worn path with hopes of spotting bear/moose/deer/elephants. Left it for four days and saw nothing. Lazy wildlife. Had a duck waddle up to my cabin from the lake as I was sitting on the porch having a beer and a puff. He came by daily and we'd have a good chat and some bits of bread. Pics from the cabin/bay, top of the ridge main house site, and trail leading up to ridge through maple (syrup) forest. Our property is everything you see on the left from the bay.
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    Shakin' Stevens at Fulchester United still freaks my nut out to this day.
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    It is time though, because if we don’t barely any of us will have a future, some will be lucky to have a roof over their heads this time next year. I honestly think people are not grasping how horrific this depression is going to be.
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    Is it wrong that I am slightly amused by the cases of covid in NZ? All these smug Facebook posts pretending to understand politics in New Zealand and lauding the Prime minister because she took her baby into parliament and "solved" the corona virus problem. While I'm sure they've managed it infinitely better than the staggering dribblechins here, the countries are not comparable in terms of population and proximity to large populous areas. Australia has a hugely incompetent, twattish, right wing government and sailed through this as well. Yes it is wrong that I'm amused is the answer
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    Jenny Agutter and Jayne Seymour
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    They are just a bunch of faux outrage melodramatic drama queen sanctimonious twats. If it was anyone else at the top of the league they would not give a flying fuck. They act like it's a national tragedy if the remaining league games get played and screech like a set of fucking banshees because they aren't getting what they want. They've loved it for years that we havent won the league and now that's going to hopefully disappear in the next few weeks. They can't handle that the one thing they had left will be gone soon. They've been the biggest whineist set of cunts in the country over the null and void argument and hiding behind a global pandemic with fake concern over people's lives to suit their own sad little pathetic agenda. Even the Mancs and other sets of fans have let it go. But not them, no, they still have to go on about it to the point that it is affecting their mental wellbeing. If I hated something that much I'd seek professional help. Now they are using the fans not being there, conspiracy to give Liverpool the title or an asterisk title as a coping mechanism for the depression that they will feel. No wonder their ground is called the Old Lady as they just act like a bunch of bitter old bitches who still hold a grudge for things that happened years ago. What other fan base would still whinge on about Clive Thomas 43 years ago or come up with a mad conspiracy about Collina being told not to allow Everton into the Champions League. Every single bit of misfortune that befalls them is always a conspiracy or because Liverpool pay off refs, have tons of luck or take drugs that never get detected. Maybe if their club wasn't fucking shite they wouldn't have to lower themselves to wearing Real Madrid tops in the pub and celebrating a Liverpool loss like them winning a trophy.
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    Tip of the fucking hat, young man!
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    Incidentally, Johnson, you fat sack of shit, "Mr Rashford's contribution to the debate around poverty" amounted to "children should not be left to go hungry". You needed this pointing out to you, you loathesome cunt.
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    Give fans a chance to see how decrepit the wooden hole is. That said they could have the sponsors flooding in, Cuprinol, Ronseal.
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    Hats off to the lad, such a pity that more players don't do the same.
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    If Labour are on board with this, this could be the main legacy of the last few weeks - more authoritarian laws to protect Imperialism and its symbols; fuck all to bring justice or democracy to actual living people.
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    'Needs to win back to back league titles'.
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    Communist to Fascist. And so the circle closes.
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    Tories=Cunts,forever were and shall be.
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    Thought this was pretty good.... @Goal 82 - Liverpool 81 - Now 80 - The 79 - Premier 78 - League 77 - Is 76 - Almost 75 - Back 74 - We 73 - Thought 72 - We 71 - Should 70 - Remind 69 - Everybody 68 - That 67 - Klopp 66 - And 65 - Co 64 - Are 63 - About 62 - To 61 - Take 60 - The 59 - Title 58 - From 57 - Man City.
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    I’ve always taken them with a pinch of salt, and will continue to do, especially now that it is “time to get the economy moving again”.
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    Imagine the horror of dying from Covid you caught in Primark and then being buried in the shit clothes you bought there.
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    Now he's just somebody that we used to know