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    Has to make you laugh reading online Twitter twats tell The John Barnes he's out of touch, or doesn't understand racism just because he disagrees. As if blackness is a hegemonic hive mind, that doesn't have Tories or isn't 4 years removed from an amazingly charismatic leader drone bombing weddings. It does not need reiterating on this forum, because we all know it, but I'm going to say it anyway. John walked into a club that did chant "Liverpool are white", had bananas hurled at him on live TV, and was consistently blamed for any national team failures on his "laziness". He was the best player in the world between 87-89, the best player in the best team this country has ever seen and was an absolute model in dignity, grace and his capacity to rise above the constant humiliation black folks suffered in an era when murdering Stephen Lawrence on the straight was a vaguely 50/50 call. The guy is a God. An absolute God. And is good natured on a level that almost beggars belief.
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    That Liverpool FC Baker's Dozen in full Allinson Jamie Carrot Cake Dejan Loafren Ron Yeast Stig Inge Bananabread Nick Barmby Jamie Breadknapp Steve McMananaan Ryan Bagel Michael Oven Robbie Flour Subs Brioche Grobbelaar Pitta Breadsley
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    The JK Rowling stuff is illuminating in a number of ways. The first is that it's gaslighting pure and simple. She expresses an opinion and is immediately flamed (isn't that what they call a Twitter pile on?). The gist seemingly being "she has a platform which she could talk about so much stuff yet chooses to talk about this!", the notion being that she's not allowed to, and if she does she'll be hammered for it. Ironically that's the kind of stuff a lot of these folks bemoan Trump and Johnson's acolytes for. The second is that it's a clash of ideologies between people who feel downtrodden. Rowling was a single mum who grew up in Thatcher's Britain and so probably has strong views about it. She probably feels aggrieved that under the present rules of engagement, she could be vaving a gathering of the Edinburgh women's rights association and Bill Clinton could walk in still smelling of intern juices, play some Kenny G, then announce how good it is to be in the presence of so many fellow longsuffering sisters. Third, there's like a clash of fame cultures going on too I reckon. A lot of the blue tick brigade are jealous because her fame comes from a time when people were famous for being good at things, not for vlogging about how depressed they're feeling today and it was only the love of the subscribers that get them through the day. I mean fucking hell, imagine being the world's richest author and being told your books are shite by someone that works at Cafe Nero. Some of these people are every bit as destructive to public discourse as the people they claim to hate. Stifling debate is one of the drivers of populism, they feed off each other like some kind of modern, twisted version of the military industrial complex. You could see it starting years ago when you'd get identikit politicians like Clegg and Blair and David Miliband and someone would ask about immigration and they'd stiffen up and be like "yeah it's great immigration, immigration for all." Then the only other opinion that didn't jive would be an extremist one like the BNP or Farage, which was BNP in a fur coat. There was never anywhere for the middle of the road opinions to go, it was always either "all immigration is great, there should be no room for any fear/concerns/debate and if you dont agree you're racist." Or "all immigration is bad, they should go back to Bongo bongo land." It's the same with this now. People often feel they either have to stay out of it completely for fear of being branded all manner of bigot, or find a home with the only person saying they agree with you, but who are sadly usually people with extremist views on other subjects.
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    Yes. Yes it does. So, what you’re saying is, considering those are 12 month figures and the other ones are from a significantly shorter period of time, and dramatic global measures are in place to try to stop it, and there’s no vaccine, then it is worse than the flu? Or are you saying that it isn’t because... ‘numbers big innit’?
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    We are a very could team. But with investment could be so much coulder......
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    Disagree. Seeing the reaction in the States to Floyd's death is what sparked global participation.
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    Well I would say not buying last summer meant we had no desire to compete in either domestic cup competitions. As for all this disagreeing with each other, it's a forum and it would be a dull place if we all just agred. I just think we have owners who have zero sporting interest in our club. We're just a vehicle to increase their wealth. So when we make financially cautious decisions at every turn, I get frustrated with it - they can blame covid all they like, but it was the same last summer and the summer before we just spent the coutinho money. Luckily we have klopp. But the way they run the club completely relies on having a world top 3 manager. And that relies on 2 things. 1. the ability to get that right when you're hiring and 2. finding one who's prepared to do that with less money than all his competitors. I think that's a tough ask, so my assumption is once klopps gone this is all over and we're making it as hard as we can for klopp now.
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    Treated myself. Cooked a hash brown for the first time. Couldn’t be arsed cooking beans, not sure why.
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    Another great policy they’ve thought through in detail. Let’s have local lockdowns! Hurrah! Announce it to the world. How does it work? Er...
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    I'll see your two attractive ladies from Blacklist and raise you Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi from Person of Interest.
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    Negged him to stop him catching me as quickly.
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    I think he feels he should. Don’t get me wrong, work have been brilliant. He was actually on probation as he was quite new. Work ended it as soon as he was diagnosed so he was entitled to all benefits and even sorted him out with £250 for every night he was in hospital. His boss is trying to convince him to stay off longer.
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    It’s all in the wages. Transfer fees aren’t the problem,
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    Is it officially worse than seasonal flu yet lads?
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    I managed to swat one to death with a mere flick of a tea-towel last week. Bragged about it to my bird and somehow she managed to hide how impressed she was. I’m not sure which one of us is cooler.
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    I reckon the club knew all along about the Afcon push back so dropping Werner is looking a masterstroke.
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    Just read this back , he is? He wasn't shagging her or throwing punches at kids alongside her? Neither was Fowler. Arrogant or thick. You chat some proper shit.
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