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    Reiterating my offer from ages ago. If anyone has a primary aged child (year 1-6) and wants some extra resources just PM me their year group and anything specific you'd like with an email address and I'll send some resources over.
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    I'm more worried about the children's health and wellbeing tbh. I know some children in my class and school don't have a happy home life. School is their safe, happy place where they are regarded, listened to and respected. Some of them are home in unsafe places. Work wise, we are primary. We've set a maths, English and foundation studies task every day. Contrary to what a lot of people (not necessarily here) think, teaching children new topics remotely, via zoom etc, would be so deeply impractical that it wouldn't be worth be worth doing. You'd end up with embedded misconceptions which would have to be unravelled and retaught when they got back to school. My daughter's school have been brilliant with work. They send a web page with activities home every day. Varied and useful. Obviously, with 2 teachers in the house we can expand and explain things to her as well. Re: kids going back. Teachers desperately want their classes back in school, but safely.
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    Fuck that. This just makes me want the beer machine even more so you can stick that basket of fruit up Mooks arse. Make sure there’s a pineapple in it.
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    This goes back to the thing I find most objectionable about the moral high-grounders. Oh, it’s fine for key worker schmucks like me to have to work at great risk, but footballers playing in a sanitised behind closed doors environment would be an outrage. It’s horse-shit and completely demolishes the argument that saving lives is a genuine consideration. As soon as the schools open, I bet the phony cunts will be queuing outside the gates with their kids as part of the national effort to greatly increase the spread of the virus. I haven’t even been given the option of furlough!
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    I'll see if I can help. I'm just off to Google Naughty Teen Schoolgirls Need Discipline I'll let you know.
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    Not sure if I will lift my own personal lockdown for a bit, I have absolutely no confidence in anyone who is supposed to be running things at the moment that its under control. I dont give a fuck what Johnson says.
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    Me and the Mrs were walking past a school in Havana just as the kids were coming out to go home. I was wearing a sandy coloured pair of shorts and white polo shirt combo, unfortunately that was exactly the same as the kids uniform. I looked a right cunt.
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    Remember a feature in the Daily Mirror asking their writers and correspondents what the best advice their parents gave them , and most are what you would expect ' follow your dreams ' , ' you are worth it ' poncey shit , and Brian Reade said his dad told him ' Always get your round in or people will think you are a cunt '.
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    £14m matchday income, £9.6m shirt sponsorship and £6m kit deal with umbro. £89m matchday income, £40m shirt sponsorship and £60m kit deal with NB, hopefully rising with Nike. But Catcherintherye is worried about our financial situation.
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    I'd be very surprised if players didn't want to restart. Surely to fuck they're bored as well sitting at home, listening to their whingy kids like the rest of us? I've been looking after my two for 7 weeks now while the missus is working from home, and at this stage I'm tempted to volunteer in an icu unit, without any ppe just to get a break.
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    I'm in my school once a week with 7 or 8 children of key workers. You can't keep them social distanced. They hug, share drinks and snacks, play fight etc. That's under 10 kids with 3 adults supervising them. It simply won't be possible to ensure social distancing in primary schools.
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    The boat won’t sink as long as it remains sealed.
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    Very little, if anything on the bbc regarding the human cost. At last count, British health workers who have lost their lives due to the pandemic 156. South Korean health workers who have lost their lives, 1. Meanwhile the BBC's main political correspondent reels off a load of government guff. In fairness in between tweet after tweet of making sure we swallow the government rhetoric she has smashed in a tweet giving voice to the Jewish counsel on labour anti semitism.
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    Tony Allen has passed away. Such a great player. This album will be going on tomorrow in our house.
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    I’m talking about primary school level. Are kids being set what you’d define as lessons? From what I’m experiencing the teachers are sending clear instructions with plenty of room to improvise. If the parents do have good intentions it could be done on a basic level like reading the instructions on the back of a microwave meal. It’s the kind of things that the kids have already been doing all through the school year. At the very least you’re just keeping their little brains ticking over. I’m in contact with my six year old’s teacher every day and she sends group messages every morning with plenty of stuff for them to be getting on with. It’s genuinely been really good. It’s given me things to do with her that we never would have done otherwise. Little science experiments and things that give me a different insight into what they’re doing at school. The teacher has said all along that there’s no pressure to get everything done and that people should only do what they feel they can. There’s still been a few moments where I’ve thought to myself that I’ve got a new found respect for primary school teachers though. I couldn’t handle 20+ of them. Maybe we’re lucky but I was assuming it would be mostly the same everywhere and it’s parents who can’t be arsed that are letting their kids down, not any failure or unrealistic expectations from the teachers. I know of one kid in Turdsette’s class where this is definitely true. The mum likes a drink, she’s one of those treating this like it’s a holiday. The little girl is already behind the other kids, she was still wearing a nappy to school at 5-6 and is now looking at six months stuck at home without any meaningful attempt at schooling. It’s just fucking sad. It’s different for the older kids. Ours have direct contact through school emails and the teachers are able to see what’s being done. Again, I think they’re being careful not to make things more stressful for them and they’re finished after two hours at most. All I can do is make sure they’re up and at it in the mornings and ask how they’re getting on. It’s a different challenge again for you, @Creator Supreme, I can understand that. If this was going on when I was 15, I know for a fact I’d be doing nothing and there’d be fuck all my ma would or could have done about it. My points in this thread have been mainly about the younger kids where the lack of education has a much bigger effect long term.
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    Relegate all teams that have a wooden stadium and play in blue.
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    The blitz/covid comparisons are accurate in more ways than one. We somehow managed to turn getting the shit bombed out of us into some kind of exemplar of stoic, Britush fortitude with little debate set aside that we'd known for years before the war the Germans were training thousands of pilots and our companies were even selling components to the german aircraft industry. We entered it woefully underequipped and ended up relying on the selflessness of 'the few' working around the clock and dying in droves to bail us out, after which a fat bloke took most of the credit.
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