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    Wow so much has happened in this thread in the last couple of days. Can’t quote all the posts I want to. Best wishes to all who have/are suffering from this. Grumpy my chippy is closed but after reading this thread glad it was now! Typically we’ve been putting in a new kitchen, what are the chances?? We got a pizza delivered a couple of nights ago and been having cold meat and salads! Fancied fish and chips tonight! Not looking forward to Mr Suzy going back to work on Sunday as he’s in a supermarket warehouse. I’m waiting for home working to be arranged for me. Stay safe all, must admit the Italy numbers are scary.
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    See, you do get it. Now more than ever people know what the rag is and the things it’s done. If they still want to take that money then yes, they’re cunts.
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    Or the fact he's a hardline brexiteer buddy of Boris and their lining each others pockets?
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    They laugh at the blueshite cunts when they get to the gates and realise the gates to heaven are the same as the shankly gates, fume, refuse to go through them and call St Peter a Redshite cunt. They then end up in the place all blueshite fans found themselves in life. Limbo.
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    Glad to see you're on the mend, PB.
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    He's watched too much A-team. Shit must just come to him and he immediately tweets it.
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    I’d sooner he gets full-blown AIDS than the clap.
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    That's interesting but does not really answer my question. I see more an more people questioning the official death figures everywhere, without actually looking at any figures (total deaths, corona attributed deaths etc). Head of the German Koch Institute said a week ago that the number of unrecorded Corona deaths (died at home, died but not tested, positive but death attributed to other conditions) would not significantly alter German death numbers. If Italy recorded 64,000 deaths in the last 30 days (I am working with statistical average only here), that would suggest official numbers are correct in showing 9,000 excess deaths, as they are called in the Sky video. If Italy had for example, over 70,000 deaths, it would suggest they have many more Corona deaths than they are admitting. The problem is, nobody seems to care to analyze this. Which is all extremely baffling given how many people have seemingly expert opinions on that in the media alone, not to mention us on forums and on social media.
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    Pretty straightforward solution then - stay at home & don’t go to the parade, when it’s done don’t sing any songs next season, don’t praise any of the lads like Mane and Salah who have been put in some of the greatest individual PL seasons of all time to get us where we are. After all it’s all just been “handed” to us, right?. To be honest the idea that a title we were 1000-to-1 on with the bookmakers to win would have been “handed” to us after the boys put in a historic effort — which has been the culmination of many of their career efforts — is buffoonery at best and deeply insulting to the team at worst.
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    It's all idle speculation at the moment. Football will be back when it's safe to do so, until then it's not even worth thinking about Any notion of scraping this season and starting up again in June will be impossible anyway. Normality ain't resuming for a long time. Much more important issues for everyone in the world right now.
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    A 25pt lead isn’t handing us the League. if they void it and do not make us winners football as a whole can fuck right off.
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    I remember telling my wife how much I celebrated when Andreas Moller scored that penalty. *long period of silence* "It's probably for the best that you told me that after we got married."
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    You’re inclined to hoard pot noodles but are incredibly generous under stressful circumstances. You may have a task you are working on interrupted and suffer a disappointment with a Pisces, who you had plans with. Your partner will overcome challenges at work; solved by technological advances in online ordering slots. Beware of Canadians with canoes, they cannot be trusted.
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    Robocop (the original) Some of the effects may have aged badly, but everything else is still ace. The news reports in particular feel very pertinent for these times. I miss the days when a blockbuster could keep a cracking pace and bow out at 1hr 40 minutes. No filler. Peter Weller deserves more credit for that performance, and Clarence Boddicker is a great baddie. 8 I'd buy that for a dollars out of 10
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    It's just a bit rich that half of the country voted for successive governments that have obliterated the NHS and put it in a position where it's unprepared for a pandemic and have dragged the other half of the country kicking and screaming out of the EU, leading to a drop off in nurses when they're needed most, and now they want me to hold hands with them under a big clapalong rainbow. Fuck off.
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    Thought I was over it when I posted the update on here, but it came back with a vengeance and I've been in bed ever since. Feel much better this morning so hopefully this time I am coming out of it.