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    I had an Asda delivery due last night but they phoned up and said all their drivers are off sick so I could either cancel it or pick it up from Asda in Skelmersdale! Despite the fact I’m more likely to pick up a more deadly disease than Covid-19 simply by being in Skelmersdale I agreed to pick it up. Got there and they’d swapped my three packets of Custard creams for three packets of Fig rolls as they had ran out! @Tony Moanero would have had a heart attack. They also swapped some pasta mug shots for chow mein flavoured noodles. I accepted them and the Fig rolls anyway and went straight into Asda to put them in the food bank. So if you live in Skem and get a packet of Fig rolls after using the food bank I sincerely apologise.
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    That’s what yer ma says.
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    We need Paulie to tell people to wash their hands.
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    NHS aside, people working in shops. I weigh up if it’s worth the risk of nipping in, grabbing my bits, self serve and tapping the card but these heroes are there working overtime, being moaned at and interacting with hundreds of people a day.
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    Justified. 9/10. Seen the first 4 season a few years back and loved it but never got to watching the final 2. Started again from the beginning and finished it last night. One of my favourite shows ever, full of great characters such as the obvious Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder but also Wynn Duffy, Dewie Crowe, Limehouse, Dickie Bennet etc. Great show.
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    The guy in my local shop. It was my day off on Friday so I took the kids to school, I called in my local corner shop to try and get some bread and milk but i was in before they had their delivery, the man said it would be about 45 minutes, I said I would try and get back later on. Forgot all about it, went home went out for a few hours on my bike and went back to the shop in the afternoon to get some other bits I needed, unsurprisingly they had no milk or bread left. Went to the counter and the guy popped into the back and came back with a 4 pint of semi skimmed and a wholemeal loaf. Not only did he keep them for me, he remembered what types of milk and bread I usually buy. Not much but it is the little things.
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    What a treat to hear this on the radio Friday morning.
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    Climate change, for generously stepping aside and allowing us to concentrate on one crisis at a time. Spare a thought for Greta Thunberg too: poor waif is out of a job, and can't even go back to school.
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    The kids asked what was for dinner and I told them “Scraps”. They started crying. Spoiled brats, it’s really hard to find fresh food at the moment due to all the panic buying. And it was a stupid name for a dog anyway.
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    I like that they have to have 'We Are Not Bitter' in massive font, just to make sure no one thinks they are by mistake or something.
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    With things being quiet on the footy front at some point soon I'll close the site for a day or two to upgrade the software. Not sure when I'll do it but I'll give you plenty of notice. In terms of content for the subscribers, there's obviously no match reports or round ups on the immediate horizon but I will try to keep the diary going as long as there's stuff to comment on. I want to try and keep giving you value for money though so to replace the match reports I've had an idea. "Time Machine Match Reports" Basically I'm going to do reports on memorable games from the past but I'll be writing them as though I'm there at that time and have no knowledge of what happens over the following years. So, for example. The first one is going to be the 1986 FA Cup Final. I'll be writing a report on that game as though I'm writing it in 1986. Obviously these will be a lot harder to write than current reports because I need to do some research to see what was happening in and around these games as I want to write them in the same style I would do games taking place now. The reports aren't going to be "after ten minutes Dalglish put one on a plate for Rush and we took the lead" as that's not my style. I want to make them as close to how I'd write it normally, so to do that I'll actually need to do some background research. I'd like to do one a week but that might be overly ambitious depending on what resources are available, so in terms of the frequency we'll play that by ear. The biggest complication is that I'll only do reports on games where I have access to the full 90 minutes, but getting the full 90 minutes of old games isn't easy. I've got various cup finals from the 60s, 70s and 80s (ideally I don't want to do anything later than those anyway) and I've got the Forest 5-0, but other than that I'll be struggling so if anyone can point me in the direction of full 90 minute videos then that would be great. I'll hopefully have the first one ready to post in a few days.
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    If anyone has Bt sports this is on till 10am this morning on BT sports 3. A selection of some of the best Liverpool games from the 80's.
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    I think we all need to be careful with our mental health too. Focus on some positives, be distracted. If you just read about the deaths and the hopelessness you will defo start to feel down, which actually makes you more susceptible to the virus.
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    Been missing that long now that if she is still alive she will be in the vulnerable category for Coronavirus
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    This is the most Tory thread ever. That landlord needs jailing. People who still compare this to the flu.
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    Counting myself lucky that I've got about 5kg of a mixture of shakes there and about 50 portions of porridge. Add that to my drinks cabinet and I'll hunker down like a crazy redneck doomsday prepper. Already setting up Rambo style punji traps in the garden.
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    A handy guide to corporate cuntery. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fEedCEuymNYlzkHdcEhymNkBO451FgVx84k5Fwpv9P8/htmlview#gid=0
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    If you use SKY online to pause your subscription,then get to the end only for it to say "technical difficulties please try again etc" go to your accounts and check future bills.I did it several times, then for May it now says SKY SPORTS paused - £28.00.
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    That the phrase “the pre-match shirt” is even a thing is hallmark the shitness of modern football.
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    Panic in the streets of Conway. Panic in the streets off County Rd. I worry to myself. Will life ever be the same again. The Walton side streets that you shit down. I worry to myself. Hopes may rise in the Wilmslow. But for Koppites it’s a no go. So you walk down. For a pint by the ground. But there’s panic on the streets Connahs Quay. Colwyn Bay, Rhyl and Anglesey. Burn down the Brick now. Hang the bastard DJ. Because he played that song today. It’s go nothing to do with my life. Hang the bastard DJ. Because he played that song today. Void the season, void the season. Void the season, void the season. Void the season, void the season. Void the season.