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    They can’t shut the schools now. I still haven’t recovered from the half term.
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    I've supported Liverpool all of my life, as my dad did, his dad and his dad before him. I come from a long line of Liverpool fans who hate our players. My great grandad despised Elisha Scott, as my grandfather despised Billy Liddel after him; so, I'm not interested in letting some Sky Gen, knicker wetting, soft southern fairy, super James Blunt fan supporting arsehole named fucking Zebedee cast aspersions on me and my family's right to support this football club as we have and always will.
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    A girl called Anita from primary school. She gave me a 1978 Mario Kempes sticker and stuck it on the back of my snorkel Parker. She lived in a flat above the shops. The end.
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    When he was playing. From day one. Although I never suspected it at the time, the match fixing accusations seemed believable when they came out. Think I’ve mentioned it on here before but when I was a young kid, he threw the CSKA game in the European cup and I was fuming. Had an argument in the school yard the next day with my superfan mate who told me he was better than my dad. I had no reply and still don’t and I’ve carried that grudge since I was 7 years old.
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    Not happening that much this season but it continues to surprise me how much our own players are hated by fans, especially those that are injured a lot (I don't think they are happy about the situation either). How do you feel when a hated player scores? Have you changed your mind on someone you hate? I can only remember ever hating one of our players; Nicky Tanner. I was pretty young and I remember hoping he'd get sent off he was such a liability.
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    JP McManus bought a horse yesterday, Alfa Mix is the name and it's entered into the Coral Cup and the Martin Pipe. Trained by Gavin Cromwell who is having a good season. He doesn't just buy horses unless he really thinks there's a chance of a prize. Was available at 25/1 yesterday for the Coral, now 10/1. I've backed it at 20/1 but could be one to keep an eye on.
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    "No one grows up wanting to be Gary Neville". Except Roger.
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    What position in the queue were you?
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    On the Pickford-Maguire thing you mentioned, it's physically impossible to NOT catch that massive slabhead even if you do have tiny arms. On the Shilton-Maradona thing, you're right that he doesn't get nearly enough criticism for going into lumbering oaf mode when challenging for that ball. It's like he couldn't get off the ground at all from a standing start. Same with when he conceded from a deflected Brehme free kick in the 1990 semi final. He was practically standing on his goal line and still somehow managed to get lobbed. David Seaman was a bit like that at times. Incredibly agile one moment, concrete-booted oaf the next.
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    Also had a little chuckle because I was able to throw in one of my favourite quotes from Step Brothers. "Stupid curly haired fuck" is an all timer.
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    Poulson quarantined a decade too late.
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    I hate Liverpool FC, not any single player. No, wait...
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    Close. The. Motherfucking. Thread.
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    Didn't realise it was that gormless twat Kavanagh that sent off Ancelotti. Before going on to confirm his complete and utter twatishness on Tuesday night. Absolutely no-one will be surprised to learn that he comes from......... Manchester.
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    Top, top Peter Shilton analysis there, Dave.
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    That's what happens when you give young lads star bucks.
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    Isabel (six months old senorita from mexico) lording over her new empire, with her yucatecan boyfriend (furnando) and arch rival for the throne (tabitha) below....
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    It's shitty behaviour, but I like to go all Columbo and solve the crime. "Hmmm, Galaxy chocolate, amongst the vitamins... A woman's chocolate. Lacks imagination, middle aged. She's overweight, and guilty. Third shelf up, meaning she's average height. She chose the vitamins because to leave it next to the Vagisil was too damning." Then you make eye contact with the most likely suspect at the tills. I'm fucking onto you. Alleviates some of the boredom of shopping anyway.
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    Like something Noddy would wear for playing tennis.
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    Three years in and I've just picked up Leeds CAMRA Pub of the Month which is a fairly big deal for us.
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    We were born within one hour of each other. Our mothers said we could be sister and brother. Her name was Deborah. It never suited her. They said that when we grew up we'd get married, and never split up. But we never did do, although I often think of her. Her house was very small, With wood chip on the wall. When I came around to call she didn't notice me at all. She was the first girl at school to get breasts. My mate TK421 said that she was the best. The boys all loved her, but I was a mess. I had to watch them trying to get her undressed. We were just friends, and that was as far as it went. I fid used to walk her home sometimes but it meant nothing to her, because she was so popular. It would never have worked. There's probably a song in there, somewhere.
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    The Victorians used to enjoy a day out looking at the patients in Bedlam but I bet they didn't go every week.
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