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    This little bunny rabbit stray was being ignored hanging around the restaurant in Koh Samui yesterday. Not on my watch. Took me the best part of an hour but I got there in the end. The upper pic is when I put her back down as we were leaving...
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    The Fabulous Flying Baby Cat is taking this latest defeat hard.
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    @rb14 cheers man appreciate your post. I come on here because its a great way to vent, and not to carry it offline around my family. I'm frustrated at this team, firstly, when we were on our unbeaten run, it wasn't all wine and roses and this team has proved its capable of playing some blistering football that can put most teams to the sword, but we haven't been doing that, in fact it seems as if its fallen off Jurgen radar. We have players who play on instinct up front and it would help if we let them off the leash once in a while. The other frustration I have is the lack of team management, we play the same team constantly bar possibly one switch, which is all fine and good until you need the fringe players to step in and contribute. Its little wonder, Origi, Minimino, Lallana and co are quite ineffective at times, they just don't get the chance to really bed into the team. Finally we have stopped competing. We competed first half last night, then gave up. Wheres the fight? As a team we need to fight dirty at times and let the opposition know we won't be bullied, but we are too nice. Madrid is case in point, we allowed them to bully us and drag us down to their level with their antics. Im hoping we pick up from saturday, start pressing and forcing defences into mistakes and add some real intensity to our game and to our players, especially our front three who really need a jolt back into form.
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    Anyone the grew up on a council estate that votes Tory is a complete cunt.
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    Staggered by stuff this thread. Good grief. Some of our posters have been called "pessimists", "ev supporters", "negative cunts" or worse. Is there really any need? Continually being positive is admirable, but who brought in a rule that says you can't be negative in adversity? And most of what has been said hasn't even been negative. It's a perspective and I believe we're entitled to them. You don't get top superfan points by being eternally positive. Nor should you become the whipping boy for stating how you see it if it's negative. Watford was crap. Most of this game was crap. We've been crap since (I think actually before) the "break". If being crap isn't grounds for alarm bells, what is? After Watford, Lovren got slaughtered relentlessly on the match thread, almost total assassination (you'll never walk alone). You could count the posts defending him on no fingers. In the Watford match report @dave uopined that singling-out Lovren was more than a little unjustified. I think I saw* only @Bob Spunkmouse dissent. I don't recall seeing anyone neg Dave or Bob's very well-argued reply. I'm not going back to check but I'm pretty sure @TheDrowningMan and @BeefStroganoff (to name but two) have as much right as anyone else to post what they think. Neither comes across to me as anything other than a Liverpool supporter. But they most often get their opinion battered. It's almost like a mob mentality. Why? Is it because they're not as eloquent as Dave or Bob? Crime of the century. Is it because they're pessimists? Burn the heretics. Disagree with them by all means, but negging them? Really? *If you didn't read Dave's take on Lovren, there's still time. If you didn't read it because you've not paid your subs, shame on you.
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    I voted Hoffs, but just watched this...
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    Monty's feeling a bit shit after the game tonight.
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    Piers Morgan would have interviewed Fred West about home improvement's if he thought it would bump up the viewing figures
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    No PED's coming in from China because of the Coronavirus.
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    Isabel (six months old senorita from mexico) lording over her new empire, with her yucatecan boyfriend (furnando) and arch rival for the throne (tabitha) below....
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    On the plus side, them Chelsea players were bloody brilliant. If that Gilmour doesn't win player of the tournament, then there's no justice. 3 cheers for Gilmour. Hip hip!
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    No major trophy is meaningless. Ever.
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    Good article by a Doctor/barbell coach I follow ... https://www.greysteel.org/single-post/2020/03/03/Coronavirus-Mar-3-2020
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    I've got mine on too.
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    Don’t worry, I’m on our Coronavirus working group. Should have it cracked by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.
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    No need for this John. You can call me anything you want but these Piers Morgan fanboy accusations are destroying me.
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    Stop spreading negative publicity about mine and mudface’s new business, or we’ll sue you. *adds Influenza to range of virus plushies*
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    OK so we havent turned to shit over night. Or, over the last 3 or 4 games. Yes, we are in a form slump. However, you want to slice it, 2 of those games have been in the CL and FAC and, we have another bite of the CL of the cherry so even there is not all lost. We didnt play well at Norwich or at home against West Ham but we got the 6 points. Yeah, so we arent playing well and not winning, shit happens, that's football, Im not saying Watford is a one off but people just need to chill and be realistic. We're 22 points in the lead. What do you think city would prefer, them to be 22 points ahead of us or nervy fans transmitting their nerves and frustrations onto our team? It's almost a win \ win for them. Given the effort the players have put in and all the games we've played, it's no surprise the players are physically and mentally fucked right now. So they had a week off, they've been playing Sat \ Sun, Tues \ Wed, Sat \ Sun almost from the beginning of the season. There's no magic wand for Jurgen to wave, the team has to play itself into form and work hard on both the training ground and in games whether that is at Anfield or away. Every game from now until we get the 4 wins to make it mathematical is a cup final. that's 4 fucking games the crowd has to roar their lungs out, make themselves hoarse and not groan like fucks. 4 wins, that's all, it's not even all 10 remaining league games. And that's even if city dont slip up. The title run in starts against Bournemouth. Sing up yer bastards. We're gonna win the league!
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    I should have posted this earlier, but the Italian ref in the Under-19s game sent me off while I was trying to watch the re-run of the Rangers game... Dan Atherton : Another largely successful outing as Marine triumphed 3-1 over Droylesden; “some good stops in the first half when it was still 0-0 - terrible weather though “. Rhian Brewster : Ninety minutes in the cruel 1-0 defeat at Fulham. Got booked (again) for what the Swansea City website reckoned to be “a strikers challenge”. Didn’t see as much of the ball as normal. Played Conor Gallagher clean through on goal in stoppage time, but the lack of punishment for the clear foul on Gallagher in the D was merely the last of several curious decisions to go against the Welsh side that night. Another full game at Blackburn; scored their first in the 2-2 draw with a fine right-footed strike from just outside the area. Got booked (again) for shushing the home fans. Sheyi Ojo : Came off the bench in the heroic European win at Braga with twelve minutes left. Fulfilled his role as a target for clearances from the massed ranks defending the Glaswegian goal; stood up well to the agricultural challenges of the desperate home team players, and had a good shot on target in stoppage time pushed away for a corner. Came off the bench in the first half for the injured Arfield in the cup defeat at Hearts, initially playing up front, which is not his best role. Was moved to the wing at half time, without seeing much more of the ball, or producing much when he did see it. Nat Phillips : Suffered a rare loss as Stuttgart went down 2-0 at Furth. This leaves them still in possession of the second automatic promotion place, three points clear of Hamburg, with ten games left. Marko Grujic : Dropped to the bench for the game at Fortuna, where he stayed the whole game, as plucky small club Hertha came from three down at halftime to force a 3-3 draw. Harry Wilson : Dropped to the bench for the visit of Chelsea to Bournemouth; did not make an appearance as plucky small club Chelsea forced a 2-2 draw with a late equaliser. Loris Karius : Successful evening for Besiktas, winning 2-1 at Alanyaspor, taking them back up to fifth. In other news, apparently Turkish clubs are haggling bastards. A shocking revelation, I’m sure you’ll agree.
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    I think the team are just knackered. It's probably why Klopp was so tetchy about the replay being scheduled during the break. The reality is we haven't got a good enough squad to compete in lots of competitions. We haven't rotated enough because the players in reserve aren't good enough. I am really pissed off with this result tonight, but if we finish the season with 'just' the league and the Club World Championship, I'd have taken that in the summer!
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    Look at his pants. He’s a veggie every day of the week. Those sausages are made out of soy and beetroot, mate. Us beaners ain’t having him.
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    Thought I'd give you some of the 'you lot' shite you love so much in the Labour threads. It's not the same question, because it's wrong both in terms of gender and biology to treat it as a binary state. I don't believe trans women are the same as biological women, but I would find it derisive and insensitive in the extreme to call them men. I have a lot of sympathy with people who have gender dysphoria, I really hope a better understanding of it develops over time and I also hope society turns to accept people who have to cope with it day-to-day, rather than drive the quite revolting prejudice that they are dangerous perverts deserving only of further marginalisation.