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    I admire the way that Joe Fagan used to spend his downtime: Jurgen seems to be frequently losing his rag and yelling at the Main Stand. Did you ever get wound up by anything the crowd would say to you or the team? Roy Evans: There was one reserve game where this one fella kept heckling me and giving me stick. Shouting stuff like “you’re bloody clueless Evans”. It was relentless, it went on all game. In the end I was really starting to lose my rag and at the end of the game I turned around and was just about to give him what for, and then I saw it was Joe Fagan. He was laughing his head off!
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    Roz is sass. You could go out with her round a load of bars, she’d drink you under the table then take you home and fuck your brains out. Daphne would have one drink then go “Ooh that’s gone straight to me head, and I think I forgot to iron the doilies” and make you drive her home.
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    Imagine spending 2 pages of a Virgil Van Dijk thread discussing the English national team.
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    Anyone who goes to great pains to tell you how hard they work. It's usually soft cunts in suits. What do you want, a medal? I'm a lazy bastard, I've prioritised cheese toasties and watching reruns of Columbo.
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    You spelled Dave Grohl wrong, it's K U R T C O B A I N
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    Fucking hell, the bloke next to him has pissed himself bad style.
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    Why, exactly? It seems a very sensible decision. If we're going to have a winter break, and I think most of us agree that it's a good idea, then why not stagger it over two weeks? That way you get to watch some football both weekends, but every team will have almost 2 weeks off right after the busy part of the schedule to recover. I can't see any reason why it would be better to have all the teams off the same week.
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    He's on our books but he got a season-ending injury pre-season. He doesn't belong in this thread. He's a decent player who has had Danny Ings's luck with injuries.
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    Klopps in Ibiza popping some pills.
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    The Carragher podcast with Owen was indeed a good listen. The most shocking thing for me was Houllier forcing Owen to play in a pre-season game less than three months after he snapped his hamstring because Houllier was feeling the heat. No wonder Owen ended up fucked at such a young age. I thought Ferguson had been mischief making when he inferred that we had ruined Owen by overplaying him at a young age, but it seems he was right. The thing with Owen that I can’t let go of isn’t him joining Newcastle or the Mancs (let’s face it he didn’t exactly do much for them), it was running down his contract so we got a fraction of what he was worth when he left. I’m the same with McManaman. That’s the one thing I’ll always hold against them. Not that I’d be arsed giving either of them shit.
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    After watching the second half of that Scotland v England game at Murrayfield I can only assume that the Edinburgh lot have lost contact with civilisation. So... I'd like to take this chance to thank Cath for being beautiful and Mook for having the most welcome arse-hole in the Northern Hemisphere.
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    I’d like to leather them at their shithole and spend the whole of next season telling them they lost their European place ‘cos of that match.
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    I don't think I've ever seen a player's form drop off as dramatically as Benteke's. It's like watching a coma patient learn to walk again.
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    Hammersmith 44 4 444
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    Agree re dragging out shows but it seems to be pretty much everybody who does that nowadays,with a few exceptions. The dragging out of Power on Netflix is ridiculous. It's turned into a bad episode of Columbo.
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    Can we get back to the man?
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    Full squad rotation in the 23s... I'm predicting a line-up something along the lines of the below for the FA Cup game against Shrewsbury: Kelleher; Williams, Hoever, Van Den Berg, Lewis; Chirivella, Jones, Cain; Elliott, Hardy, Millar. Subs: Winterbottom, Boyes, Gallacher, Dixon-Bonner, Clarkson, Bearne, Longstaff. I think Millar will start wide left with Curtis taking the central midfield role ahead of Leighton Clarkson, but I wouldn't be surprised if Curtis did play from the left with Clarkson in midfield, leaving the final place between Hardy & Millar through the middle.