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    A couple of weeks ago I pondered whether the season could get better. Well, Klopp has told the FA to go fuck themselves, the whole nation has burst into tears, and our under 14's are going to win the FA Cup. Apologies, Jurgen.
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    I love this narrative of "all the big clubs in Europe are going through a transition period, it's the only reason we are doing well in europe. It's not like there is a Barca 2008 to 2011 team to stop us being dominant". The point they seem to be missing is that we are the Barca of this era and nobody matches up to us on a consistent basis.
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    The FA won't be happy about that tackle.
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    I hope not. If you can’t enjoy a late winner by getting your cock out on telly then we should all call it a day.
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    This happened earlier this morning, our daughter finally joined us. Mrs Juniper was in labour for 48 bloody hours without hardly any pain relief for 43 of them. Shes an absolute beast that girl.
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    Play this from Shawshank.I am not cultured at all but Red says it best along lines of haven't got a clue what they singing about I hope it is about something so beautiful that they are struggling to find the words to express the beauty. Sometimes words can scramble your brain close your eyes and just listen interpret how you want, I love it.
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    It's mad they still cling to the VAR conspiracy despite not a single fact backing it up that Liverpool have benefitted more than anybody else. No VAR last season 97 points and the champions league "wait till VAR comes in they'll be fucked!" Still in the FA Cup, still in the champions league and 22 points ahead in what's been the greatest start to a league in football history across every league in Europe. Will it be the illuminati next, reptilians! I love winning the league this way because every single week for months on end the temperature rises as they burn in their own skin.
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    Your first ever post? And it's pertinent. May I be the first to say "Fuck off, Code".
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    Disrespected Graham Norton and the FA Cup, the man is a complete twat.
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    In my last 3 visits to Anfield I haven't seen a Liverpool player score a goal. I have seen plenty before that but that goal last night is right up there. The joy from the pitch and stands was a pleasure to be part of, those boys were cheered on like everyone in the ground was related to them. It was brilliant watching them lads absolutely own the game and show some real balls when throw ins and corners were launched into the box. You had to be there to see how much bigger Shrewsbury were as a team, their smallest player probably weighed more than our biggest. The ball and the balls belonged to us though, Jones, Elliott and Williams all have a bit of Robbo about them. The right combination of class and snide. Those 3 are proper ballers.
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    I've seen some really shit reasons to have a pop at Klopp, but this, from GOTs Klopp thread...
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    This is Remmie we’re talking about. The boy’s name will probably be Humpty McBumblesnatch or something even more impressive.
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    I don't see what the problem is, Martin Tyler has been doing that for years whenever Utd score.
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    Thank you all, it’s bloody great. Can’t wait to bring her home now. I think we’re settled on Ellie. Not sure about any middle names as yet but the first name is pretty much set in stone. All the best for the remaining pregnancy mate!
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    I've got my lego bat mobile that I got for xmas to build .
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    Top bloke is Milner. When he retires In 10 years he needs to be added to Klopps staff
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    That's the first time I've seen Sepp van der Berg play. From comments I've read on here, I was expecting him to look like a guest from the Make A Wish Foundation. He did not. He looked like a footballer.
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