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    I'm a bit drunk but having the best Christmas ever. Cooked a ham and half eaten it. GF, you should be proud of yourselves, you're good people. Be nice to each other, for once.
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    Can't they come up with something a bit more imaginative
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    Merry Christmas. Still no sign of the bin men
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    Obviously Mo is a huge upgrade but I liked Riera, decent player.
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    Old readers will know this story but about 15 years ago I was on the M6 stuck in a traffic jam on a Sunday. It was that bad people had got out of their cars to relieve the boredom. I flicked the radio over to R4 and the newsreader told me aliens had landed near the midlands and the country had ground to a halt. For about 5 mins I was convinced it was real until it clicked it was a modern day interpretation of War of the Worlds. I was so close to telling people walking past my car what was happening. Thank fuck I didn’t.
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    Who else is at work? Lee, Champ, Colin? I am supposed to be back in tonight but managed a shift swap so get the evening off
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    Six times Robertson shows he has a bit of devil in his game... 1. Ayoze Perez After a last-gasp James Milner penalty secured Liverpool a 2-1 victory over Leicester and maintained their 100% record in the 2019-20 Premier League, Foxes striker Perez lost his sh*t with Robertson at full-time to conclude a fiery encounter. Cameras showed Robertson giving Perez a little shove as he celebrated the win amid suggestions the Spaniard had earlier laughed in the defender’s face after the Foxes grabbed an 80th-minute equaliser. 2. Lionel Messi With Liverpool trailing Barcelona 3-0 after a heavy first-leg defeat in the Camp Nou in last season’s Champions League semi-final, the Reds knew they needed to make things difficult for Messi and co in the return fixture. Robertson took it upon himself to give Messi a not-so-warm welcome as the Argentine appealed for a free-kick in vain. We wouldn’t want to suggest this was the reason Liverpool mounted a stunning comeback to win 4-0 and make it through to the Champions League final, but that’s exactly what we’re suggesting. 3. Luis Suarez Staying with that clash with Barcelona, former Liverpool striker Suarez had taunted Robertson after Messi scored a stunning free-kick in the first leg and was also involved in the incident that saw the left-back forced off the field with an injury at Anfield. When asked about his running battle with Suarez after Liverpool completed their comeback, Robertson kept things simple. 4. Neymar After Liverpool were beaten 2-1 at PSG in last season’s Champions League group stage, Robertson hit out at Neymar’s tendency to fall to the floor quite easily. “I suppose they were in the lead and they were looking to waste time. You can use gamesmanship, play-acting, you can use it all really,” Robertson told Sky Sports News. “I would like to know how much time they wasted tonight. It’s frustrating when [Neymar] is falling like he is.” And towards the end of the game, it seemed like Robertson let Neymar know just how frustrated he was feeling. 5. Rafinha After Sadio Mane was booked following a clash with Flamengo’s Rafinha in the Club World Cup final, Robertson promised his team-mate, “I’ll get him, don’t worry.” And the left-back lived up to his word, leaving Rafinha in a heap on the floor in the second half and also having some strong words with the Brazilian at full-time. 6. Dundee Robertson may have risen to prominence as one of the world’s best full-backs at Liverpool, but the Scotland international hasn’t forgotten his roots. Shortly after making the move to Anfield, Robertson’s former club, Dundee United, played their first derby against fierce rivals Dundee for over a year. United triumphed 4-3 on penalties, and Robertson sent a cheeky message on Twitter to celebrate.
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    That turkey is massively overpriced and not in its natural position And I'm the first to say so
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    Sorry but best way to do turkey is bin it and buy nice meat Anyway Starting my Xmas now May or may not have a small pour of Highland Park 12 depending on who's reading
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    So let me get this straight. Winning the World Club Cup Final for the first time is, in the Usher world, filed the same way as a "weekend match report". World. Club. Cup. Champions. Weekend. Match. Report. Alrighty then.
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    How? As mad as this may sound, I want it to happen and I want it to be a no deal worst case scenario. It's got to the point where I think it's the only way people will learn. If Brexit is a success we will continue to see a rise in far right politics and will be stuck with the tories for decades.
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    If they sign Ancelotti I’ll show my tits....
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    She said, shooing the Alsatian out and gingerly removing the baseball bat.