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    I’ve been round Asda twice now - noting which food and non food items they have on offer. I’ve spoken to the manager of the store and he said he’s happy for me to buy a certain amount of produce, and I’ve checked with the missus to make sure said items will fit in the cupboards. She said they will so I consider that a key milestone to enable me to move forward. I just have to look down the back of the sofa to see if I can find any money to buy something. If I can’t find the money, I’ll make an appointment in Asda again, this time next year, and see what’s what.
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    To be fair to Pep, if I was on cheat mode on football manager spending a billion pound in 3 seasons and I was getting my arse handed to me by a manager that had a net spend of 70m in the same period i'd be pretty pissed off too. A manager that has also been to successive champions League finals, winning one and beating me on the way to the first when that's my prime goal. Losing when you're cheating hurts. Makes you feel even more of a worthless fraud.
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    Glad they’ve all raised publicly that booing Sterling gets into his head and puts him off his game, that’ll definitely be the end of it now football fans know for sure.
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    Riley should reply in writing saying they considered Guardiola’s enthusiastic public display of sincere gratitude towards the refereeing staff for their great performance at the final whistle to be City’s official feedback, settling the matter.
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    I'd like to announce that 98% of people approve of my plan to let them spend an hour playing with Kelly Brooks' tits. The response was overwhelmingly positive. What happens next? Now I simply have to convince Kelly Brooks to let people play with her tits for an hour *z cars plays over a siren*
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    Breakfast is not the time of day for fucking around with poncey shit like this, unless yer retired. We know what we’re here for, and it’s not fucking root vegetables.
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    It's also more useful than a guitar when it comes to slicing boiled eggs.
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    Never won this before and you get that boss badge on your shirt for winning it, yeah it’s somewhat tinpot but would be nice to win and would boil a bit more piss.
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    We can end the discussion in 5 simple words. Vincent Kompany Not Sent Off.
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    Are they fuck. 4 years ago no one gave a fuck.
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    It's not really is it? The EU and freedom of movement has had a slight impact on some low paid jobs. The Tory government and decades of neo-liberal economics have had a much bigger effect. The right wing tabloid press has been publishing bullshit and lies about the EU for decades. In the cities where people have more of the EU migrants and understand the situation better they know the truth. In the regions with least migration they have less personal experience of actual people so have swallowed the bullshit and blamed the "others". Classic right wing populism, while they are at the top, reducing workers rights and raking it in.
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    "One common misconception about the chemical properties of bubbles is that people actually give a fuck." Albert Einstein.
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    They’ve been so fucking parochial about the bus incident and in the space of 48 hours they have had a player assault ours and another player done for racial talk on Twitter.
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    I have been privileged to watch many great Liverpool sides over my years of support & the present side are certainly in the argument for greatest ever , but on reflection I would probably plump for the Hodgson side of Winter 2010.
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    20 reps for a breakfast with no beans. Has everyone on here gone soft or what? The rest of it looks great but I’m afraid I’m negging anyway. Your ma needs to get her bean situation sorted.
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    @Tony Moanero @Remmie and the rest of the anti-bean Gestapo
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    Me Ma’s effort today, everything cooked exactly as I like it. Minus a point for the lack of black pudding the lazy cow and half a point for one of the sausages breaking. 2 pieces of toast accompanied it.
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    Probably best not to buy in to that one though, yeah?
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    Good points. That's why its such a shame you're unknown, Colt.
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    Repped, because repping is within my purview.