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    had the new kidney in 24 hours, filtration rate has gone from 10% to 36% had 45 minutes kip overnight but feels sharper than I have in a good few years. Good luck with getting sorted KMD7, you will feel fuckloads better. It's hard going on the donor though, me da looks a fair bit fucked, but he should start to improve from tomorrow. I was up and did a lap of the floor this morning, sore as fuck, but the medication is decent.
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    For someone so against personal insults, that seems like a very snide dig at my illness. Even if it wasn’t meant that way that’s how I’m going to take it because that’s how this works, right? What is slanderous about quoting what you posted? Is that not a ‘they all look the same’ trope? Or is this gonna be like the other month when you said people on benefits are worse than rats in a sewer and when I quoted it you said it was taken out of context? And what you actually meant by ‘taken out of context’ was that Section31 slagged off benefit claimants first so it was alright.
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    i wouldn't go that far Turdsy, one of the funny things about getting the tests down, is i have had a dr sit there and tell me i'm not related to my wife and he is defy my da. Apparently there have been some difficult conversations with patients ts over the years, when parents donate. When me dad had his last appointment last week, they sat him down and said, you still happy to donate, you can change your mind blah blah, then told him. a story of a fella who donated to his wife, found out she had been carrying on, then dragged her back age hozzy and demanded his kidney back.
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    Had a lot to sort out with transplant, getting ASD confirmed and sorted, I was fucking worn out, so took a break until i could finish up t work, just had the odd anonymous duck in to the funny pictures thread and the adidas thread waiting for the sl72 update from Mook
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    nabbed the blue ones, will have to let the missus know i've blown my cut of the $380 she won on the melbourne cup today, she can't complain as she has gone to see the chemical brothers without us tonight, surgeon didn't think it was wise for me to attend
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    On a positive note, since this season's only defeat at Napoli, the stats are as follows- P: 10 / W: 8 / D: 2 / L: 0 Goals For: 25 / Goals Against: 14 - One of the draws was the Arsenal LC tie, making the above stats a little more impressive. - Only 2 clean sheets kept in that run (MK Dons, Sheffield United) - Only 9 of the 25 goals scored have been from the front 3 (Bobby 1, Mane 4, Mo 4) - The 16 'other' goals: Ox 3, Milner 3, Div 2, Robbo 2, TAA 1, Hoever 1, Gini 1, Lallana 1, Hendo 1, OG (Mustafi) 1 Overall, it's a nice balance of goals coming from both midfield (9) and the fullbacks (4), considering the front 3 haven't been at their absolute best, nor have there been any goals from central defenders at set pieces, generally another strong point of this team. Hopefully it means Klopp can continue to trust the bench players to get the job done and properly rest the first XI when required.
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    But, you're definitely on sticky ground with "they all look the same" shouts though. Maybe it was just a "coincidence"...
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    If we'd left the EU by now, it wouldn't even have been a foul.
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    Solidity. Tenacity. Unbeatable Persistence. Indefatigability. Dominance. Strength. Endurance. Xenophilia. Yelling. Fortitude. Legs. Attitude. Nerve. Directness. Excellence. Relentlessness. Skill. I don't ask for much. It's like I'm asking for nothing at all.
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    Looks like you tried to cook the bacon through the medium of thought.
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    Fuck Guardiola. Fuck City. Fuck them with a big stick.
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    They do love a bit of that American style self-hype over here. With the beer swilling and pie eating kind of shit. Far too often you get robbed in a restaurant when a pie is a bowl with a fucking pastry lid. theres a farmers market comes down our way once a month,, old boy calls himself chef, makes a fucking lovely family size chicken curry and sweet potato. But as you say, some of the bakers can be hit and miss. when we first moved over in 07, used to go to Garlos for a pie floater, which was pie, topped with mash peas and gravy in a little takeaway bowl. Smart scran after a few beers down the beach.
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    It was Lukaku a minute ago. Now it’s Drogba. UNBELIEVABLE.
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    The fundamental method to a good pie is to make the pastry from scratch. Store bought pastry is a cop out and should not be tolerated.
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    We have a Springer Spaniel who has so much energy it is crazy. Had the same problems, perfectly behaved in the house but a nightmare once outside. Completely ignoring us once on the lead. He would also snap at other dogs, even on the lead. He pulled continually and it got to the point were we dreaded taking him out. This then became a snowball, we would take him out less, so when out he was more excited/worse. He also would then never come back once off the lead, which compounded the issues. This went on for a few of years. We tried everything, read the books did all the training in the back garden but as soon as outside it was just as bad. In desperation we took him to a farm trainer in Skem (sorry can't remember the name, having just googled). We arrived and Maxi pulled us from the car to the trainer, ignoring us completely. The trainer used a Slip Lead and withing minutes he was sitting at his side on command and then ignoring other dogs when on the lead and walking at his side without pulling. We went a couple more times, but the best thing we did was buy a slip lead. We read about slip leads being cruel etc and I understand the reasoning, but as was pointed out to us (on the farm) you can either use a slip lead to initially control your dog or you can pick him up on off the road. The training was also never speak to the dog whilst walking on the lead, he is there to follow you and does not exist, this is so he understands the lead is a means to an end, not part of the journey. Letting him of the lead is a treat not an expectation, so after confirming he walks well on the lead, let him off but only for short periods before calling him back, then gradually increase this period. So the learning is when good, he is allowed off the lead, when bad he goes back on the lead. The initial joy of walking well on the lead faded and it was a continual struggle due to his learnt behaviour but eventually it fell into place and it is now a joy to go out with the crazy guy. He still occasionally snaps at other dogs (off the lead) but we put him back on the lead and it is now a surprise when he snaps rather than an expectation. We still use the slip lead and now when we walk the lead is totally slack and he may as well not have one on. Bit of a ramble, not sure if it helps but there is always hope. EDIT: It was not Skem it was Rainford(just asked wife): http://www.professionaldogtraining.org.uk/contact.shtml
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    i could have had this done 12 months ago, but wanted to save up enough dough to be able to take 3 months off for recovery time, i was scared shitless going down, but fuck me i feel so much better. Don't wait around if and when. you can get done mate, the gradual slowdown made me a bit complacen that i was coping I think.
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    It obviously depends on the deal Labour negotiate? A sensible Brexit deal vs remain is the grown up way to try and settle this debate. Surely from a remainer point of view that's the best possible outcome after the election?
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    Ah, the opening gambit from Dickens' lesser-known Aussie novel produced under his pseudonym Bruce Drongo - 'A Tale Of Two Sheep Farms'.