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    Reminds of me of the time I jumped from a wall and broke both ankles but instead of going to the hospital, I used my nous and just crawled along the ground for a few months.
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    The important detail on that poll is that 71% of respondents say that beans are a vital ingredient of a full English breakfast, just like over 67% of TLW on this very thread's very own poll say the same. The anti-bean Gestapo are like climate change deniers.
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    You can now understand how the country voted for Brexit.
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    He's carried the team after Christmas last season and he's doing a great job now helping out, what a fantastic player he is. A wonderful person too, love him.
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    Genuine google search for the word woe.
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    Another poll showing the bean haters are in a significant minority.
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    The replies are fantastic. Fill yer boots.
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    The past 300m they spent took them from mid table and knocking on the door of Europe to a place in the bottom 3 and knocking on the door of the championship. Let's hope the next 300m works as well.
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    That'll be this one.
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    Nothing controversial about it. Beans are one of the basic ingredients of the full breakfast. So basic that if your one of these fucking weirdos who don't like beans on the plate, you have to specifically ask for them not to be included. Otherwise the person serving you will just assume your quite normal and include beans given that they're part of a full breakfast.
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    "When ah say woe, ah mean WOE!" Nil Varmint Nisi Yosemite Sam.
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    Beans more important than egg on a breakfast? You all fucking deserve a no deal Brexit.
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    Giggs is saying James was ‘using his nous’ and was pretending to be knocked out. Wtf!
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    About 4,540,000 results for "Liberal Democrats Liars" Does Google have a "neg" function?
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    Just got back from seeing it. Absolutely stunning. That was the definitive comic book Joker for me. I watched You Were Never Really Here last night, that was Phoenix's Taxi Driver. This is his King of Comedy.
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    This fella wants a countdown clock all over the city laaar. For their new stadium that hasn't got planning permission or funding yet. Joe Anderson said in 2016 that they would be in their ground by 2019.
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    Been called allkinds today as I took the kids out swimming and they put their feet all over two plastic bags in the car. Turns out that there are banners in these bags for her Mums birthday next week. They have apparently been on the floor in the back of the car for 3 days. However, I was supposed to be a mind reader and know this even though she has never mentioned it before and I was a lazy cunt for not moving them or bringing them into the house to keep safe.
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    Dougie knows Standard ingredients made it easier to prepare and so the 'common' English breakfast rapidly spread nationally, its standard ingredients of bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, grilled tomato, fried bread and toast, served with a jams, marmalades, tea/coffee and orange juice. https://www.englishbreakfastsociety.com/full-english-breakfast.html
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    I hear Rashford won the clubs MUFC goal of the month competition for September. Because he scored the teams only goal of September and that was a penalty.
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    Nah. This is. https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/the-story-of-how-a-punk-band-nearly-started-world-war-iii/