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    The poor fucking lad, a telling off would have sufficed.
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    Report by Dave Usher Is there no limit to the resolve of this team? While the rest of the traditional "Big Six" are finding new and more amusing ways to lose games, our lads are just digging deep and pulling wins out of the fire and overcoming whatever setbacks they face. The scoreline might have been close but the game really wasn't. We won't face many better teams than Leicester this season but in terms of how difficult the game was we had far more trouble with Sheffield United last week. That's a measure of how well we played in this one. The first half was really good but we didn’t have the goals to show for what was a dominant effort. Defensively it was almost a flawless display in the opening 45. Leicester didn’t have a sniff. They like to play more of a possession game these days but that’s difficult to do when you don’t have the ball! They still have it in them to play on the break using Maddison’s vision and Vardy’s pace, but we snuffed out any of those opportunities too. Our two centre backs were outstanding. We expect that from Van Dijk of course, but Lovren was a surprise inclusion and had the more difficult task because Vardy was always going to try and pull onto him rather than Virgil. Klopp said afterwards that he’s never seen a team defend Vardy as well as this. The key to defending Vardy is to not have to defend him. Don’t let them get the ball into the spaces he exploits. For the most part we did that brilliantly, but on the couple of occasions he did get something to run onto Lovren was up to the challenge. I thought Leicester defended really well too though, especially Soyuncu. He didn’t do anything spectacular but he just always seemed to be in the right place to snuff out potential danger. He read the game well and any time we tried to get in down the right he was across on the cover. Selling Maguire for £80m without weakening the side is a great bit of business. Maybe United should have bought this lad instead. He will have been expecting to come up against Salah but for some reason Klopp switched his front three around and none of them were in their usual positions. Mané started on the right, Firmino left and Salah through the middle. Initially I thought maybe Klopp wanted Mo’s speed through the middle. On reflection I think he wanted to restrict the threat of their full backs by using Bobby wide. It worked a treat defensively, typified by Sadio frequently getting back and stopping Chilwell getting crosses in on several occasions. It did take a little away from us in attack though and for me it’s not a co-incidence that when we finally made the breakthrough it came in a brief spell when they all went back to their usual positions. That’s not to say we didn’t create anything prior to that, because we did. Milner missed the target with a couple of very presentable chances (one following some brilliant play by Trent) and Bobby just couldn’t get enough on another top drawer delivery by Trent. We also had a good penalty shout I thought when Van Dijk looked like he was shoved in the back while in mid-air attacking a corner. There was a big shout but the ref gave nothing, and VAR doesn’t over-rule refs. I haven’t even seen a replay of it, it’s just what I thought at the time and I might be wrong. Our goal was a work of art though. It started with keeper and as Leicester tried to press we just played our way through it. Milner’s movement was great, moving into space and making angles for the pass. The whole thing looked like a rehearsed move that they’ve worked on time and again in training. Milner knew where Mané was but finding him wasn’t going to be easy. The window to make that pass was tiny and not only did it need to be inch perfect, it needed to played at the right pace too. I don’t actually think there is anything that Johnny Evans can do to prevent that. He was in a good position but the pass was too good and once it was past him it was game over. Sadio never looked like he was missing that did he? He was in total control of that situation at all times and took it in stride before rolling it into the corner. Brilliant goal but from Leicester’s point of view I don’t think there’s a thing they could have done to prevent that, other than not try and press us to begin with. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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    Me too. A couple of ounces of Semtex should do the trick.
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    Shiraz Palace Full English Breakfast £6.99 Best so far, great value for money and finally somewhere that included a hot drink in the price!
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    Does to me I'm afraid , I've seen us lose all three finals so I want us to win it Plus I'm still buzzing when opposition managers and commentators call us "the European Champions" so being called "World Champions" would be like Christmas coming early
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    Apparently he has played the following games for each team: Leeds - 54 Newcastle - 136 Villa - 126 Man City - 203 Liverpool - 188 So by the end of the season he should properly be more of a Liverpool player than anywhere else. Which seems right.
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    We win, citeh lose, the shite lose, bitters lose and drop into the relegation zone. Is that a royal flush? I love that about always thinking this is our year. Ohhhhh riiiiiiight. Sat next to a guy who turned out to be a Newcastle fan on the train today. Thanked him profusely for yesterday's wonderful result, commisserated with him over shitty owners and then he said "you've got it wrapped up already" (at least that's what I think he said; it might actually have been something about when the boat comes in, but I wasn't about to quibble). Aaaaanyway, I told him in very clear queen's english (no, please don't) that I doubted any of us would dare to presume such a thing. We've been there once or twice too often over the past few decades eh?
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    If that mess had been served anywhere else than Shiraz, people would have jumped on it. A sea of beans and two poor castaway tomato and blackpudding drowning victims. Beans touching the eggs, in fact touching everything except the toast (and even then I bet they're copping a quick feel underneath that bacon).
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    Some places serve beans with the breakfast -- this place seems to serve breakfast on the beans. It is a catastrophe
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    How did we benefit from VAR this weekend ? The ref gave a pen. It was a pen and even if it wasn't a pen, without VAR it would have still been a pen as the ref gave it as such. The benefit we've had from VAR so far was a Chelsea offside goal being ruled out, which probably last season would have been allowed to stand. I realise it's probably not much of a popular point of view, but I don't mind linekar. And I'm not arsed if he wants to have littles goes like this. Is it not what Twitter is for?
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    Sound lads and good footballers too.
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    Great goal son. How does it feel to score on your debut?
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    Hahahaha that looks like a Kula Shaker album.
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    The fortunate narrative that’s been presented since Saturday is laughable. Leicester were fortunate to be level given the number of chances we created.
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    Shiraz breakfast is great. The sausages make it. There can be too many beans, but I'd sooner have too many than too few.
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    Monday morning and the Blues are in the relegation zone. But fear not, such is their delusion, they're sure to highlight the fact they're top of the relegation zone.
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    Also, in so far as you can call it a table 8 games in, we’ve beaten 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th so far. The highest placed side City have played early season form-wise is West Ham in 8th, opening weekend.  They’ve then played the bottom 3 and a bunch of currently mid-table sides.
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    His voice is impossible to listen to without wincing. If stupidity had a sound that would be it.
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    It looks like someone dropped the plate and hurriedly put everything back on and hoped no-one would notice
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    He doesn't play every week but when he does play his performance level is as good as its ever been. He wins the bleep test every summer so fitness wise there's no reason whatsoever not to keep him. Then you factor in everything else he brings, the professionalism, the leadership, the balls of steel, the humour, the ratings for LFCTV whenever him and Robbo are on, there's not a single reason to not give him a new contract and frankly I'm annoyed that it still hasn't been done. Get him signed.