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    Why would we want to export to the EU? We don't need them. We've got our commonwealth to export to. We'll paint the world pink again.
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    Is he our best ever Brazilian DM though? Is he? Go on, is he?
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    Eva Habermann from Lexx (1996)
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    De Bruyne Kante Son Aubamayeng Vardy Not sure why people have United players in there. They should be in the other thread, the 10th placed slapdicks.
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    I know he's probably on here multiple times but seeing as the "diamond geezer" is back in the headlines I thought it was apt.... Still I'm sure Channel Four will give him another hour slot to promote himself while he cries crocodile tears over his restaurant business collapsing . Still I'm sure he won't waste time before he'll find some other social issue to fleece... Jamie Oliver takes £5.2m payout despite restaurant closures Licensing deals helped celebrity chef’s food and media empire increase sales to £43.5m Then this corrupt cunt...Thank fuck I was always in the Ovett camp when I was a kid
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    Is it not just a rehash of what's been offered before, the border away from the border, so it's still a border? The other thing that annoys me is all this shit "David frost gets the train to Brussels twice a week" like that is some type of hard work. How about you do what the rest of us do and go for 5 days and get some fucking work done. 2 days a week is somehow trying to get a deal. Fuck off.
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    How Man Utd ,Arsenal fans and sky see the game How the rest of the world see it
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    Probably. It's not so much trying to get out of it, it's trying to get out if it after milking every inch of understandable simpathy and publicity out of it, retiring the shirt or whatever and all the emotional drama and grief and then simply turning around and pretending they never heard of him.
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    "With all due respect, you’d expect us to be able to handle two bang average players like that....." Love that expression. Always used just before you're about to disrespect somebody.
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    BBC website For years this was Roy Keane v Patrick Vieira. Today the captains are Ashley Young and Granit Xhaka.
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    Hamman and Mascher were both great defensive midfielders they just played the role differently. I’d say Mascher was the better player but Hamman is a Liverpool legend. You are allowed to rate them both, you’re a bit of a dick if you don’t to be honest.
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    It was the first time since Madrid that I felt a feeling of dread in the build up to and during the game. It's been all "Champions of Europe, bitch!" since, and a more general feeling that the season had yet to shake out. Well, it's shook out and I can't pretend any more that failing to win the league would be anything other than a source of disappointment. Yeah, I know Liverpool are up against Ben Johnson FC and what Klopp and co are accomplishing is a footballing miracle. I understand that on a rational level, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and getting what the heart wants involves winning every league match against anyone other than BJFC, and even then Liverpool will need at least a draw in one of the games against them. It's going to dominate the next eight months of my life, and it makes me sick.
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    Haven't lurked on it for ages. Decent forum alright. Dantes is funny as fuck.
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    Jiu-Jitsu competitor Nathalia Santoro showing off a killer move
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    You can argue that the economy of America is doing well (though consumer confidence is starting to fall and many think a recession is coming), but the concept of America is in the shite. To me it's the most depressing part of the whole Trump thing. It used to be that America at least theoretically stood for something, for the rule of the kind of law that absolutely no one is above, for the key freedoms that make up the most important part of our human rights, and for justice. You can easily argue that America never really lived up to her potential, but the fact remains that the American Constitution is one of the best-constructed documents in history, and it that formed the enduring symbol of democracy throughout 10 generations or so. But I don't think it has long left now. America is most certainly not doing well. Facebook and the rest of social media, along with the uninhibited anonymous public discourse the internet enabled has well and truly put paid to the most important parts of it.
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    Keano is a great addition to Sky. The way he calls it is more like the punditry of my youth. Souness is the same. Too much licking up to mediocre players.
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    Why is it Sky always wheel out some obscure stat on Monday if we've benefitted from it at the weekend, last week I could have sworn we were the first side to benefit from VAR Kind of makes up for when every keeper under the sun saved his best performance of their lives when they played us. Goes to prove the more shots and crosses you put in the more chance of a keeper fuck up
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    Spot on, as always. Three vital matches coming up. Glad that you mentioned the mental block at Old Trafford, we can forget three points there. Ridicilous, really, as we are far superior, but the psychological factor can not be denied.
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    Speaking of Eddie Mair, in the run up to this election that time he sliced and diced Johnson on live tv wants to be regularly distributed widely on the interwebs. Couldn’t have painted him any more accurately, or be any more apt given the way this election will be fought. ”A nasty piece of work” sums it up.
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    Like fuck do I want us to replace a genius like Klopp with a manager who’s only experience is in a league the equivalent of league 1.
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    Ok, I own up. I got something in my eye during Harper's speech at the end.
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    There's no way this thread has got to 15 pages without someone nominating Peter Jones, but I'll do so again. His presences in a new advert has highly irritated me.