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    I think I've accidentally wandered into the "I'm a hysterical fanny thread". We got rid of Mignolet who was fuck up on a stick just before the window closed. We got this guy for free who had the full expectation of getting splinters in his arse from spending the next couple of years sitting on the bench. Tragedy strikes and AB is injured - long term. So he's made some good saves and some bad attempts but who the fuck else could we have got just for back up for one of the worlds best keepers? Or would you have preferred we recalled Karius?
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    You filled up your ‘bag for life’ with throat sweets and nit lotion, didn’t you?
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    I agree about being pestered when shopping is highly irritating, I think the management make their staff do it usually. Perhaps it's one of those places that helps you pack at the end, pretty useful for the likes of my disabled old man. I'm still not sure I get the joke element and thought there was something I was missing as sometimes I can be a bit of a div not getting jokes. Also not so sure why you've pissed your pants about my response.
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    I forgot how awful it is to cook in a different kitchen to your own. All the knives were blunt, the chopping board was the size of a tenner, only 2 small electric hobs that meant I couldn't use a large saucepan and frying pan at the same time and kept on inexplicably turning itself off, no spatula, plastic handled knives and forks, cooked some diced up butternut squash with butter in a frying pan on full whack for half a fucking hour and it was still not cooked, the corkscrew bent easily and therefore just chewed up the cork rather than remove it, I had no spices to hand. It goes on. I was fully sulking about it, this was just 1 meal I was making and I was ready to dismember kittens by the end of it.
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    The only thing I have to add is that Steve Mcmanaman gets right on my tits. "Fletch, Fletch, Fletch, Fletch, Fletch" Fuck off.
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    Juventus' nickname is apt. They remind me of my old lady, eager to pick up a freebie (or close to a freebie) when out shopping even when it's not needed or just complete shite.
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    Can’t be too surprised that the chances of the PM bumping into opposition activists outside of the Westminster bubble are greater when the actions of his own party have led to the opposition party becoming the largest in Western Europe.
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    Like many other positions in the team, we went from barely adequate to best-in-class.
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    So they might have consulted Jewish party members, just not the The JLM itself. Presumably, they want to be consulted on everything now, otherwise that's an 'institutional failing'.
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    Good stuff, thought they'd allowed their eye to go off the ball for a second.
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    I think we've discovered the source of the weakness of the working class - we're all too busy bickering with each other over shite that doesn't matter.
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    I hope he comes to use his roll on deodorant and it’s empty.
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    It's called hamburger because it's from Hamburg, not because it contains ham.
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    I can barely get bothered about our own early group games never mind City's.
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    He has won a trophy - and is 5 for 5 in the league. So - there's that.
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    You'd be a shitty dictator, losing a rigged elections with only one candidate.
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    Nobody is saying anything of the sort. Nobody is fetishising the old days. Acknowledging that new forms of exploitation exist isn't the same as harking back to the old ones. Is "the guy" Secsh? Nothing he has said is harking back to the past or talking about "real man jobs". You made that shit up. Generally, when people criticise the exploitation of the present, they also take a dim view of the worse exploitation of the past. Nobody is pretending that your grandad's generation had it made. I don't know anybody on the left who fetishises shit jobs. There is a nostalgia for community and trade union solidarity - the kind of thing that went a long way to making all jobs less shitty. Unless you understand that, you will remain baffled.
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