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    My real life mate is a big a pro-beaner and is massively into his Heinz. When we lived together as students I used to always argue that they were practically indistinguishable from HP, but he wasn't having it. I said he would never be able to tell the difference and the baked bean challenge was born. Using scientific methods the challenge was set up. I cooked three plates of beans on toast for him simultaneously using Heinz, HP and a popular supermarket's own brand. I'm not naming the supermarket, they can fuck off. My mate was blindfolded as the challenge commenced. Nowt kinky, like, just so that he couldn't identify the beans visually. He ruled out the supermarket beans straight away - the sauce was a dead giveaway. But when it came to HP vs Heinz he took a good minute or so to make his choice. In the end, to my dismay, he identified the Heinz beans correctly but it was close. It was one of the greatest days of the late 90s.
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    The Tories won't win the next election, I don't care what any polls say. May was light years ahead of Labour in 2017 polling but when the media was forced by purdah rules to give both parties fair and equal coverage Corbyn demolished her lead. How anyone can pretend the Brexit party are a serious threat too judging by the fact Farage has been trying and failing to become an MP since the Backstreet Boys topped the charts is beyond me. They'll pick up a few votes from people's uncles who look like Jimmy Nail but that's about it. This government is finished. You can tell even the print media are starting to hedge their bets. I suspect some kind of coalition will replace it.
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    I always think that rivalries are a bit like friendships. You have your work friends, who you get on well with when you're working together, but you're not really that arsed about them and if either of you moves on, you don't keep in touch; that's the sort of "rivalry" that we've had with teams we've briefly competed with, like Leeds, Forest, Arsenal, Chelsea and now City. But you also have your lifelong friends; similarly, we have lifelong rivals in Everton and Man Utd. If they both slipped down the divisions, I'd still keep an eye out and laugh when they got beat.
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    Those loyal servants who carry out her cruel heartless, soulless orders to dehumanise and destroy as many people as possible, in the "more compassionate welfare system" she's reigned over. This is self-serving as it gets, and she's just a horrible rat deserting the sinking ship in an attempt to preserve her own seat. While it's nice to see the Tories break another bit, she shouldn't receive any praise or congratulations for her 'courage' or being in any way principled or honourable, as she's surely expecting to have heaped upon her. Her record as Home Secretary and Work & Pensions Secretary is as shocking and damning as it is possible to be.
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    We can now add "funny tinges" to homophobia...
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    Souness was harder than Keane, Ruddock and Dicks combined.
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    I was just coming back here to talk about Marr this morning. You're right, Javed is a cunt, but I'm hoping not just people who vote for other parties could see this morning what a cunt he is. There are plenty of swing voters or those who sit to the left of the Tory party who must be disgusted by him. Marr was bang on though pushing him on the "will you have an election pact with farage and the brexit party" line. He wouldn't let him off with the "we don't need anybody" bullshit. Firstly, it was absolutely clear that they're considering a pact with farage. Secondly (which I'm surprised Marr didn't latch onto, but to be fair he was trying to get a yes/no), that the Tories saying they don't need anyone when they've been in coalition with the lib Dems and been propped up by the DUP is quite incredible! Then there was Rudd. I think it was great watching her dig Johnson/Cummings. She's clearly already lining herself up to be the next Tory leader, she wants to be the uniting figure. In the mean time it makes a real change to see them turn on each other. They often fight behind close doors, but when it comes down to it they rarely drag this into the public so clearly. Finally, I'm not a big fan of John McDonnell for lots of reasons, but mostly because he comes across as a patronising cunt. But I thought that was his best showing this morning and the clearest labour have been on brexit through this whole shite. All in all I felt this was a good morning for both the left and the aim to stop a no deal brexit. Roll on the next Tory minister to go. I do really wish we could see a no confidence vote tomorrow and Corbyn or someone can lead us through the next few weeks can for a government and then we get a GE.
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    A couple of Evertonians I work with are fuming that Tom Halls Tavern in Brunswick street in town has been renamed "Jurgens Bierhaus" and is now an LFC themed bar. It says in the Echo that it will cater for LFC fans and tourists due to it facing the Liver Buildings. The two who are upset are quite moderate Evertonians but it has boiled their piss big time. There is another one who has moved to a different department who is one of the most bitterest Evertonians I've ever known and he has been drinking in there every Friday after work almost since it opened. I cant wait to see his meltdown over it.
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    Keane was more of a thug than a hard man. Tremendous footballer but a complete snide on the field and off it too judging by his outbursts.
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    That looks a cracker for the price. I'm not a tinned tomato or fungus person, but you can't argue with the value. The food looks well cooked, the sausages look real and not crappy chippy type, the beans look pan cooked and not microwaved so the juice stays too thin.
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    I enjoyed it. Wasn’t overly keen on the episodes where they have the invisible character captured but the rest was good. Starlight is absolutely lovely.
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    Is there a Richer Sounds near you? The folk in there are usually brilliant in my experience.
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    Well it finished hours ago so I doubt it
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    This mornings breakfast. Took my little girl out for as its her birthday party later. nice little cafe in Wetherby. she had two poached eggs on toast, I had the basic full English with no added extras. £5.95 for mine. Could’ve added black pudding and a second egg, but wasn’t hungry enough so didn’t. all in, mine, hers, a coffee and two orange juices for £11. Happy with that. Sausages were ace. Egg was nice. Two slices of brown toast with butter not in the picture. Arrived uncut, so I sliced into triangles cause I’m middle class. spot on.
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    My favourite show of the year so far. Can't believe the geeky lad is Dennis Quaid and Megan Ryan's son.
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    Still this. All the alleged drawbacks are bollocks.
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    It was glorious watching them bend to our will, heads bowed, arses gone and mentally broken.
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    Marx died about 150 years ago and the world is a tad different now. Surely these proscriptive labels are a bit ridiculous nowadays except to make cheap political points.
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    # From Spain to England (IN-TE-GRANTS!) We're playing the song We're singing for England (IN-TE-GRANTS!) Adiós Manuel, we're fackin' gone! #
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    Hahahahahahah! Haven't seen that joke yet. It's not often I agree with Rico but he was spot on about you. You're a boring twat with no fucking insight, none at all. Dodging bouncers in the army, lololololololol Honestly, I try to read this thread and enjoy it but I can't because every other post is by you, you cunt. Take a break for five minutes, eh? Fucking garden gnome lookalike pisshead fuck. Fuck you.
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    Looks like he has gone backwards like most players who leave the club.
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