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    As well as Chaos, we ended up rescuing her brother Ninja... he took quite a while to settle in as he'd been feral since he was born. He's now about 18 weeks old and seems to be relaxing
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    It’s maybe what old conservatism is, but it’s never really been what the Tory party is about. The Tories were founded as a party to look after the interests of wealthy landowners. And that’s been their driving goal ever since. To look after the wealthy and maintain their position at the expense of the many. Previous generations the wealthy were the British upper class. In this day of globalisation the wealthy are tax avoiding non doms and dubious foreign regimes. It’s still the same Tory Party doing Tory things.
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    No not at all. I can't stand May, but she's old school Tory. She hates Corbyn more than probably any other Tory I've seen and the reason for that IMO is that she thinks he's a communist and s genuine threat to her view of Britain. That generation of Tory view Britain as the South East and its hinterland. The Royal Family (watch how she bows), the HMS Victory museum, Cornish ice cream and so forth. That's what conservatism is. You plant your flag on something you like and try and stop people from changing it, even if it's for the better. The new breed, the Camerons and Osbornes, this lot, would sell everything she likes about Britain to a Russian oligarch for 50 pence.
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    Almost as famous as when you started a thread asking for extra reps.
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    Think you're looking for the 'Little things that annoy the shit out of you' thread.
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    You're looking for this one.
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    At the risk of temporarily hijacking the thread. Talk of long service gifts has reminded me of an awesome family photo I’d never seen til May. A family friend tracked it down online and had it printed off for my Dad’s sister. My Granda was head foreman at Middle Docks in South Shields, and that’s him on the left presenting his older brother with an electric blanket for 51 years service. A fucking electric blanket for half a century! Look at the delighted faces on all his lads. Different world. I swear a couple of them are in that famous photo of Bob taking the league title and big ears back to Hetton-le-hole.
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    Me last night wondering if Salah and Mane had made up .
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    I'll listen to old sailors when I want advice on sailing. When I want to know about the economy, I'll listen to economists; and they are just about unanimous that a No Deal Brexit will cost tens of thousands of jobs and the effects will last for decades. Also, people will die as a result of disruption to the supply of medicines and there is a strong risk of a return to violence in Ireland. As ever, the richest will be insulated from this, as the poorest and most vunerable will be hit hardest.
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    Wouldn't swap him for any forward in the league
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    I'm still laughing about the face he pulled in the tunnel yesterday after the game. He's a great player, thankfully he's ours.
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    Aye, fluent in Italian in preparation for the move he thought he been bullied out of, is he? The silly little tit. He's been badly advised and when you see the state of the wanker who's been looking after him, you can understand why.
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    Buy whatever the fuck you like for £400 but buy it online where you have your 28 day right of return. Return it and get your money back, then do whatever you actually want to do with the money.
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    I'm only trying to wind you up. I'm not big nor hard (at the moment)
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    Any Tory MP who votes against their own government in face of deselection or to bring down their own government in order to put the long term financial health of the country first will not just go up in my (admittedly insignificant) estimation but also be absolved of my hatred of at least one full week.
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    That'd be £2,000 more than Moshiri has put in.
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    Whenever the camera zooms in on the Kemlyn in our games somebody in picture is laughing and having a joke with their neighbour , whenever the camera zooms in on the Bullens somebody with veins popping out of their forehead is screaming at an opposition player or making wanker / two finger signals . It's hard to credit that they are based in the same city as us.
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    He obviously hasn’t but he’d still claim it anyway
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    When this kind of thing (Duncan) happens it’s always easy to jump on little bits and bobs, but his “Big players score in big games, know what I mean?” after the youth cup final jumped out waving its arms as to his ego. Trent got told live on tv the opener yesterday had been awarded as an own goal and didn’t blink before saying it doesn’t matter and its about the team. It’s so obvious that’s the attitude and mantra Klopp has installed through the whole club. Always good to see a bit of spirit and someone backing themselves, but yeah, this lad gives off all the signs especially as this tit of an agent wasn’t even with him when he left City under a cloud.
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    I hate them for what they did to that African lad.
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    And just like that... he’s gone from my fantasy football team. Thanks for the heads up Dave
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    Nice lad, just very bland. Had SSN earlier. Danny Mills was on. Now THAT is a proper cunt.