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    once they play at anfield they will batter whatever opponent they get Good lad
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    Their reaction to the Dean Saunders conviction is a great example of the Evertonian 'Morton's Fork' way of approaching all things LFC: they expect us to justify his awful conduct because we are "Victimpool" and "ashamed of nothing." The fact that most reds would condemn his behaviour means that we are phonies, and YNWA is a lie. They love having their bitter lemon drizzle cake and eating it, don't they?
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    She (not Paulie’s missus) decided that we needed a king size bed. It’s one of them with a draw underneath on each side, only we can’t use one because it’s up against the fucking wall.
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    I get the impression that the EU is willing to let the UK faff around while it makes its own preparations and mitigates the possible damage caused to its remaining members. Meanwhile, our dickhead government spends most of its time and energy on posturing and political manoeuvring to shore up its vote with the gammons.
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    I once spoke to a bloke on holiday quite a few years ago who brought his own portable TV with him thinking it would automatically get UK TV on it.
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    Top WUMing on his part. The name is a bit too on the nose though. I predict his next name after he gets banned will be TurkishDelight.
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    It's a pity Liverpool didn't draw Atalanta. Their fans spent an absolute fortune in the Liverpool club shop when they were last in Liverpool.
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    So... Every single leader of the Leave campaign, then.
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    Thoroughly deserved, to win by that margin just shows what an influence he has had on this team . The best defender in world football by some distance and he plays for us . It's the kind of signing the Mancs would have made years ago and we would have been signing Maguire and claiming he was better but deep down we would know he was 2nd best to Big Virg how times change Thank God Jurgen held out for him I suppose that's what you get for having a world class manager in charge.
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    Engage or embrace other British people as 'if' we're all in it together. Fuck off with your national flag tatt wearing cunt, you massive malignant cancer on my holiday. Just fuck off you twat from Reading, Carlisle, Newcastle, Exeter, Croydon - to name but a few. Fuck off and drown. The last thing I want to meet on my break from you fucking lot, is you fucking lot.
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    I stayed at a place in Majorca last year and they had a girl working there who would walk around the pool in the morning taking all the towels off the empty beds and dumping them in a trolley in the hotel foyer. You’d see people look over their balconies and kick off, then come and put their towels back, only for the girl to come around again every 20 minutes and repeat the process. I thought it was great.
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    Posting stuff about anti vaxxers on a Liverpool forum is probably slightly offset by voting to condemn a load of them to poverty, but I’m sure you really believe you care about “the kids” this is pretty hilarious tbh
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    Apparently, Gordon Brown has addressed a conference and said that the EU will, at some time next week, approach the UK government and suggest that the default exit date of 31st October should be suspended/removed. This would put the focus back on Johnson and would change the entire context of an automatic 'falling out" on the 31st from an unavoidable default position to a position that Johnson et al had actively accepted. A clever tactic? Stops Johnson from blaming the EU if there's a no deal exit on the 31st as he had other options.
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    Giving Fear Inoculum a proper listen today. Got to say that I'm more than a little giddy with the release today. 13 years! 13 long years!
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    Probably the best place for this nearly spat my tea out reading this : Barcelona defender Gerard Pique hopes Harry Maguire can help his former club Manchester United win the Premier League title.
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    You spent years calling Bruce “Nan’s hair” or something along those lines. I can see Leicester making the top 4. Outside the top 2 it’s anyones. I thought you might have mentioned the shithousing and time wasting by Newcastle. It was funny watching it happening to Spurs but it’s horrific for the game. The sooner the game switches to two 30 minute halves with the time only ticking when the ball is in play the better.
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    Is there anything to be said for saying a mass?
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