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    Hahah forgot about this. Awww mate iv had him good and proper the last few months. Started off at around Easter when I said id seen their new keeper kit for next year and sent him a pick of them Trex outfits you see everywhere. After the last game he sent me a text saying we lost the league at goodison and I reminded him they have lost the league at goodison every year for the las 30 odd years. lastly the other week he text me saying he was moving back to Liverpool after living 25 of his 30 years living in wales. Made some jibe about supporting his local team as I don't live in Liverpool anymore. Asked for his address on the pretext of sending him a card, googled his address and he lives a mile closer to Anfield than Goodison. Truly fantastic fume that was! They are, as I said, fucking shit!
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    The trail will lead all the way back to Mook's old boss.
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    Yeah, I gave you a 3 page email of places to go and you just wandered off into the hills aimlessly for a week.
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    A 52%/48% vote, which (as everybody knows) is the overwhelming will of the people. You lost. Get over it.
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    The devil came and took me-from bar-to street-to bookie Chris Difford is a fucking genius. Severely underrated.
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    Bang on the money look forward to reading these every week
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    I used not to care about Arsenal. Then I went to London at the end of July and we were staying very close to the Emirates. So I took my son for a visit . You get to visit the away change room where they put all the shirts of the other teams. So we decided to have a selfie with the Liverpool top, but my phone fell down and it got broken. Bloody gunners. To be totally honest, the lads over there were fine, I made my “where do you keep the European cups” joke maybe 10 times, they all took it well and laughed at themselves!
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    Can we get back to heaping derision on other peoples culinary choices/creations please.
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    When people go out of their way to ask you about a place they are going on holiday and provide them with loads of ideas of what to do and where to go. Then they come back and tell you they just wandered round like the Stone Roses doing fuck all for the entirety of their holiday.
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    I don't think he wants a mouse that can work, rest and play.
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    Maybe you'd enjoy TV more if you stuck to good shows.
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    Fucking hell mate, I know you want to get rid of the mouse, but is hiring a gritty 70s cop show really necessary? They'll be kicking your doors down and all sorts. Get that Juliet Bravo instead if you can, she seemed nice.
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    Adidas gear is a bit snide these days, prefer Nike. And it is pronounced ny-key. Fax.
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    This is clearly about a very slow drip feed approach to communicating plans that are hugely sensitive with the local community. The club have been burnt before on that and this will be about general directions to prepare people for the consultation and more fulsome plans. There are also lots of unknowns at this stage that will directly affect the plans (community views, transport elements incorporated in planning assent, etc) and so they will be avoiding making promises they can't keep or saying things that will piss people off.
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    Liverpool - Our stands will blot out the sun Everton - Then we shall lose in the shade
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    If Everton had spent 100s of millions on turning them into European Champions, developed their stadium already, got the highest ever points in their league history, had a world class manager and top quality squad, then they released they're also going to upgrade their initial plans for the stadium... I wouldn't be laughing that hard. The reason we would laugh at Everton is because... they're Everton, aren't they.
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    Is this true? Yes its true, this club has no European Cups.
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    Kelleher Hoever van den Berg Fabinho Larouci Kent Jones Elliott Brewster Origi
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    We have the Loft Extension what will this be to our loving blue bredren?
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    Probably a bit low brow for this thread but fuck me, I am going to be eating some of these bastards...