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    Preparation for no deal is costing the state £6bn. Johnson’a proposed tax cut is going to cost the state £10bn a year. The UK is pretty fucking rich. Some people just want to spread the wealth more evenly.
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    So 1st of all we'll start on price. £15 for the breakfast plus 2 coffees. Then the cheeky cunts put on a 12.5% service charge. Onto the breakfast itself. I chose the "full monty" which is what you see, but I took out fungus and they offered me a hash brown in return. It was 1 toast, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 black pudding, those home fries they have in America, the hash brown, half a tomato and beans. Quality.... For the bad first ... Not enough butter for the toast. And the toast was brown, for me a fry up has to come with white toast, but it was decent enough. The bacon was nice, but there was loads and loads of that white shite that comes out of bacon. The home fries were not really like ones I've had in the states, they were much drier. They tasted good (a kind of Southern fried seasoning on there), but it was too much and too dry. Onto the good. The sausage and black pudding were fucking great, almost worth coming for that alone. These items are important for me on a breakie. And the beans were suppose to be Heinz, but tasted 10 times better than any Heinz beans I've had before. I can take or leave beans on a breakfast, but if I came back here they'd be a must, maybe even for you bean haters. Overall I really enjoyed it. If I picked the ingredients I'd double the sausage and black pud and half the home fries. That might get it a 10/10. Oh with some white toast. All in all, taste 8.5/10, value 6.5/10 (fucking 17 quid?!). I would go back providing like today I wasn't paying.
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    To embrace the thread title - roast fucking potatoes do not, will not, shall not and can not, form any part of a cooked breakfast and be considered and constitute, anything more than a cockney slag morning after the night before, jiz sponge gargle bag.
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    Well you did say something. You used a word that isn't acceptable. Granted, I don't think there is any real intent in the way it was used (although I don't actually know what your point was), but you still used it when there was no need and I'd appreciate it if you didn't do it again. You can all argue whether the word should or shouldn't be allowed depending on the context, but ultimately what it boils down to is I just don't like seeing it and my first reaction when I see it is the same as when I hear it, which is to recoil and wince. So either refer to it as 'the N word' or use ***, I don't care which, but I don't want to see the actual word and I'm sure I'm not alone.
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    I’ve always voted Labour. Back in Australia most of my mates went to private school and were prosecco centrists; socially left and economically right. I honestly believe I deserve the Lefty of the Year award, because I’ve stayed good despite growing up with cunts.
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    I really don’t understand anyone who argues against certain things being nationalised, such as utilities, health and transport. Those are basic things that people need in life, there should be no profits being made by greedy cunt shareholders. Fair enough, argue against the supposed socialist mentality of the state owning all property, that’s a bullshit theory but it’s now what is on the table.
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    Get the contract out, put it on the table, let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he’s done now since he come in and let him sign the contract and go. Virg is at the wheel, man. He’s doing it. He’s doing his thing. Liverpool are back.
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    My concern is that a number of our key players, especially the front 3, have played a huge amount of football two years in a row with dangerously little in the way of summer breaks. As a double whammy, that’s an area of the team I feel is already one very good player light, i.e. a wide forward who could rotate in for Mo or Mane as required. As a result of these issues and a couple of other relatively minor ones (not having specialist, experienced full-back cover, several injury prone centre-halves and a pear salesman as reserve goalie) I worry we may start a bit slower than ideal and/or hit a sticky patch of injuries/burn-out at some stage, thus not definitely winning all 38 league games to guarantee stopping the most cynically put together sporting outfit in history winning their third title in a row. While then stretching into a fourth decade without the title ourselves. That is the absolute extent of my worries as to what may go wrong in the league this season, and we are still so, so fucking good now that I won’t be giving it much thought. The levels of squad strength we’d need to amass to allay such fears are largely unprecedented and, in any case, evidently not desired by Klopp for reasons we’ve already benefitted from. Smaller squad of regularly involved versatile players, providing incredible team spirit and ability to drop into games like Barca at home without negatively affecting performance levels, for example. If would be ideal if we could bring in Coutinho on loan, or another forward of similar class. It would certainly help alleviate that bit of fear. But seriously...United, Arsenal, Chelsea, at least one of them will have a fast start and knock over a few easy fixtures, maybe even getting their noses in front of us for a bit. Means nothing over the whole season and our sights are set well beyond them and theirs just at this moment. Like Sarri’s Chelsea, or the goblin at United last year, such early runs will soon prove to be a mirage. I’m fully expecting us to challenge for the title again and am relishing the continuing development of the best reds side any of us have watched in 3 decades. Talk of dropping down the league or having major struggles all season is as realistic as saying we’ll win all 7 trophies easily would be at the other end of the spectrum.
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    It’s hard to be patriotic when you country is fucking shite and full of cunts.
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    Our government have a problem with things being state owned but not when it's other states. Arriva is owned by the German government and one of the big energy firms, Eon I think, is majority owned by the French government. Probation was recently brought back in house after a string of disasters. Some things simply shouldn't be run with profit in mind. I put universities in that bracket too. Fucking timebomb that sector and socially and morally defunct.
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    Speaking to a lot of six year olds, are you? Nonce
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    I’ve just realised that it’s actually pointless trying to have these debates as people are so entrenched that they won’t change their view. It’s like the EU thread, the same people just arguing the same stuff over and over and over again.
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    If patriotism hadn’t been commandeered by racists it wouldn’t really be an issue. Problem is its used now to make people feel like they aren’t included because they weren’t born somewhere. Since Brexit I don’t feel like I particularly belong anywhere, i was just born born into the world and I’m doing the best I can to make mine and my kids lives better.
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    With regards to rail nationalisation, I assume they wouldn’t do it all in one go as there are different franchises with different contracts running aren’t there? So you could do it one by one and keep the fares as they are for a bit to help with subsiding it.
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    That’s such utter shite. Various services here cost substantially more than anywhere else in Europe. It’s not hard to say why. Some industries like water or rail are just not suitable for capitalism. It’s not like you can get to the train station of a morning and 3/4 trains turn up and you decide which train you fancy getting on based on whether you want a cheap one or expensive one which has the best seats. The same with water. Most of these industries are complete necessities as well so taking water and energy for example the government has to regulate the actual price of it. It’s a complete nonsense. This fantasy that privatisation drives the cost of things down because of competition is fucking laughable. Anyone that’s worked in any company in the private sector will tell you. There’s completely unaccountable knobheads who work everywhere and they survive at private companies just as long as they do anywhere else. All the privatisation of these industries means in reality is another level of blame that can be shifted somewhere so that people can say “oh there’s nothing we can do about it” as all these Tory knobheads are making a killing with their shares in these companies
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    I disagree. If you believe that is indeed the case the you may as well privatise the NHS, no? Huge lump sum of money for the state, and the people are still taken care of. Profit seeking companies run their business first and foremost to make cash. If a product isn’t very profitable then they’d invest less on it and put more money on more profitable products. Do you think provisions of health, electricity, or water should be run that way?
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    A lot of sixteen year olds I seen out and about appear to be far more intelligent than a lot of those voters who get trotted out for Brexit sound bites on the BBC. They also seem more engaged and open to looking after the vulnerable and making sure everyone is treated equally.
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    Mark Coulter complaining about somebody else complaining. We’ve heard it all now.
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    Parties will always be partial to policies that are perceived to work in their favour electorally , which is why the Tories are looking to benefit by changing constituency boundaries and introducing checks on identification at polling centres. Anyway, the shit I have heard spouted by people far older than 16 in the last few years suggest that the youngsters might actually have more sense.
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    More chance of one of SD's dogs being a virgin
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    Imagine Ardja walking into the chippy tonight like connor mcgreggor
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    I need your cloves, your boots, and your motorcycle.