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    Signing 60/70m players every summer isn’t sustainable. The thing is when you do that the price just keeps going up as do the wages as well. After spending a lot in the last 18 months the club have decided to put the brakes on to stop clubs thinking they can take the piss. Everyone has been sucking Edwards off for how well we have done in the transfer market in and out. It reminds me of a quote from Jack from Lost. “Everybody wants me to be the leader until I make a decision they don’t like.” Klopp spoke ages ago about packing it in if he ever had to spend 100m on a player. He’s since said that club had to then convince him to spend big money on Virg and Alisson because that’s how it is now and we would get left behind if we didn’t. He couldn’t be making things clearer. Talking about the long term and how just signing quick fixes and players they haven’t thoroughly scouted because they’re the latest flavour in the newspapers isn’t his style and never has been. The owners, Edwards and Klopp are clearly all on the same page. We’ve just won the fucking European Cup. Klopp has been here for nearly 4 years and is signed up for another 3 but that’s somehow a sign he’s not sticking around. Jesus fucking christ.
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    Died at 75. Huge loss, what a legend.
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    Yeah we just have to let a player know we're interested and they'll walk over broken glass to sign for us, wont they? So how come that lad at Bristol City decided he'd rather sign for Bournemouth (not disrespect to Eddie Howe and his club) than us? Transfers dont work like fans expect. People moan the 'drop off' after Mo, Sadio and Bobby up front, pointing to Origi and young Brewster who, may be the new Robbie Fowler. Oh, Werner's class, sign him to give the front 3 a rest. Except the quality of Werner wont sign for Liverpool to give Mo, Sadio and Bobby rests during the season. He wants to plough his own furrow and play every game. Oh we need cover for Andy at left back. Let's sign anyone as cover. What, another Moreno who everyone can blame for every goal we conceed when he's playing? That argument is a dead end, it is one Klopp threw out when the van Dijk transfer first went tits up and it seemed almost everyone wanted him to 'just sign any CB' instead. No, Jurgen's shown he's not splashing the cash unless he gets the player he wants who will strengthen the team. please, let's not go back to this nonesense of 'just sign any' left back \ cover for the front 3 \ any other position. Am I concerned city are signing people? What's changed, they always sign players whether they need them or not. They can afford to, people dont want us to be like city but say we have to buy to 'keep up.' No, we really dont. Jurgen has shown he can run city very close and stay legit. He might not be able to win 19 for us because as Ive said since he came here, city with their spending, will always be his biggest obstacle to winning the title. Am I concerned we havent signed any big players? Not really. I might be misguided but I trust Jurgen. Im not expecting us to win the title either given the fact it looks like we'll be in this FIFA World Club Cup and that alone will cause any club difficulty in the PL. There's also about 15 PL clubs who will roll over again for city but put up a better fight against us, everton anyone?
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    To be fair, attempting to “trademark” the word “Liverpool” is disgraceful. My guess is, if the owners had their way, they wouldn’t let anyone sell LFC related t-shirts, scarves and stuff. Greedy bastards. Will affect the likes of HSOAB and Transalpino, who make no attempt to pass their gear off as official merchandise.
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    I’m fucking GUTTED that Tony Cascarino didn’t play in Spain. Could have sworn he had a loan spell there.
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    The most objectionable thing about this exchange has been the use of smilies.
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    I loved that one where Malcolm McDowell was trapped in the future and was being pursued by a cyber-punk from that past, played by Rutger Hauer.
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    Many of those he has surrounded himself with are incompetent mate. Perform shit and end up in the cabinet or staying in your job. More worrying is the amount of MP's/Arse lickers in the Media/ and common people who believe Johnson will bring the country together, absolutely mind boggling that they trust or believe in the charlatan.
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    There's a lot of speculation that a top-flight player might come out as gay soon. If it's this tit, then all straight men will shrug and gay men will cringe.
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    I have an old A6 and 5 BMWs. This pretty much conclusively proves your point.
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    There's not even a pretence that this is anything other than an extremist coup trying to implement Britannia Unchained. Most the contributors to that are there in the cabinet now. Bonkers.
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    Terrifying thread. It really is. How have we got here, how do we divert?
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    The nurse will be round with your tablets soon
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    I got this feeling we're going to make a ginormous signing pretty soon.
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    I had his card marked a long time ago:
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    What the fuck is it with spiders and wing mirrors? They can't get enough of them. Clear one out and couple of days later they're back, bold as brass. Fuckwits.
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    No their track record is poor. I hate to say it but Corbyn should hand over the reins. To not be eviscerating the shambles of a government we have is not acceptable even with the shit and misrepresentation he suffers at the hands of the media. Johnson and his band of crooks have to be defeated at all costs and we are at an existential moment in our history.
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    The Anfield Wrap. Redmen TV. That cringey ginger cunt that everyone raves about on here whose in billions but really he’s a crap actor and as I said, 1 cringey cunt
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    The graph above was after four games, so is meaningless. As for always being in the top ten for distance covered, a quick Google lead me to this from February and he's not in there. 99% of stats not posted by Woolster are bollocks.