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    Wait until you're forced to order your room service of a Francis Jeffers Burger on a blue phone shaped like Funes Mori's head.
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    Stig starts the thread. Liverpool win in style. Caramac is the git that keeps on giffing. It's like we've never been away. This is already my favourite season.
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    # Cou* was a man we thought was not a moaner, But he knew it wouldn't last, Cou* left his home for Nou Camp, Barcelona, And some Catalonia grass, Bad back! Bad back! Bad back for when you wanna be gone...# *I hated when anyone called him that by the way! ** I know it wasn't one of Harrison's songs!
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    Injuries are increasingly not my concern - it's fatigue. The lads turned up for pre-season on Saturday. Salah's season finished that day, Firmino's the day after and Mané's is still going. They are not going to be remotely ready for the start of the season - a season where we need to hit the ground running more than we ever have done before, because the margin for error has never been so low. We cannot afford to blunder around bringing those three off the bench late into games because we're struggling. We have one of our best starting elevens in history, one of our greatest managers of all time and yet I feel we could do so much better with even one more forward.
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    Jurgen jurgen what's the score ?? Jurgen what's the score . ......???
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    "Blues are generally much more grown up" Nearly spat my Cornflakes out.
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    Liverpool destroy communities? Remind me again which club want to move to BMD and abandon the poverty stricken community who’s local businesses rely on the trade from the 30,000 fans who attend their games?
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    Top trolling by Tranmere let the fume commence
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    Hoping to avoid Kariobangi Sharks in the next round if we get through tonight
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    George Harrison’s Dad is Phillipe Couthino
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    The Dixie Dean Hotel. Find a real blast from the past in the Dixie Dean Hotel, we have a muddy goalmouth already set-up, dress like Dixie, centre part your Brycreamed hair and shove our resident goalkeeper into the net. But he had control of the ball you say? No problem! Just clatter him in from your off-side position and claim the goal. * No more than 60 goals allowed.
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    Is the obvious answer. Mind you,filming it raining for four hours is more entertaining than Formula 1.
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    I know blues who won't have the colour red in their house so this amused me
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    It's easy if you are an absolute low-life despicable piece of shit. In fact, it's mandatory to be so.
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    I'm all for tennis players being paid top dollar too, and all for equal pay for women at Wimbledon. Although it's not equal is it? Women tennis players at Wimbledon are getting paid approximately 40% more than their male counterparts on average / paid the same for playing 3 sets compared to the men's 5. Men's pay should be raised to compensate pro rata, failing that just have a gender free open tournament and let the chips fall where they may.
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    And indeed it is, A_S... it was those nasty, cheating Aussies at it again - pressuring and intimidating the umpire into making a shit decision. Appealing for a catch, in a heinous attempt to escape incurring a wide. It's the oldest, nastiest trick in the book - in the absence of a sheet of sandpaper, of course.
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    That’ll do, pre-season pigs. That’ll do.
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    He did a podcast for Globoesporte and these are the snippets of what he said. Says Jürgen's training is on another level. The intensity is always cranked up to the max and it was hard to keep up in the beginning Says the boys were always reassuring that he'd get his chance after a while, and that the same happened to Robbo and some of the other guys Fabinho talks about the day after the Huddersfield match, when he trained with the boys that didn't play. Towards the end of training, Fabinho, exhausted, laid down in the pitch and Pep came to him and said -"Come, Fabinho, just a little more". A pretty important moment for him as it signaled his breakthrough as a starter Talks about the Huddersfield and United matches and how that was the turning point for him as a starter and when our football "clicked" to him Virgil's always cracking jokes and is a fun guy all around Virgil Van Djik shouts his own name ("VIRG!!!") whenever he's about to go for a ball in the box and everyone knows it's time to make way Pep Lijnders speaks Portuguese and talked more to Fabinho than Klopp in the beginning Fabinho's in awe of everything Van Djik related. Goes as far as to not have words and gasp trying to describe his dominance Van Djik and Wij are Fabinho's best mates and helped him settle right from the get-go Salah's reserved but talkative. Happiest guy in the world when around Lovren Salah's playful with Fabinho and challenges him to speak english around the other players (corrected by my man /u/mattcrvg) He was surprised that Hendo and Milner were always talking him through things in the locker room, given that he was the main threat to their places in the XI. Thought it was very nice from them (credit to /u/mattcrvg) Fabinho calls our dutch boy Gini Salah's the main star of the team in his opinion, but he'd give VVD the Ballon D'or for his performance this season Fabinho's always wished to play with/against Messi. Talks about how even his long legs and patience were never enough to make a good tackle Fabinho's top 3 players in the world this season: VVD, Messi and Mané Says a team effort is the absolute most important thing for success currently in football. "Individual talent doesn't work miracles anymore" In the dressing room at Camp Nou after the match, Jürgen laughed and congratulated the boys for they had played one of their best matches all year In the ice pool with Mané after the game, Klopp approaches Fab and asks: -"Gini said we'll get through next week. What do you think?" Fab responds - "I'm sure of it" Klopp goes - "Good. There's three of us already!" In the preparation for the second leg against Barça, even with Salah and Bobby out, the sentiment with the players was that they'd find a way to get through Things went by naturally during the match, exactly as it was planned, he says. After the second goal, he says he knew Barça was already out of the game Says the atmosphere had a huge influence that game. -"The stadium that day. Wow." Fabinho was already prepared for extra time and was caught by surprise like some of the other boys with the 4th goal. Origi said that he didn't see Arnold's corner, and that his shot was pure reflex Fabinho says there are only two pitches he's played where the atmosphere's really different from the rest in Europe: Olympique's Vélodrome and Anfield Says he never felt anything similar to the atmosphere in the 4-0 Talks about the YNWA after the game. -"Everyone gathered around the Kop, looking back at the difficulty of the game without two world-class players... I almost teared up at one point, but Firmino told me something that made it go away" Sings a bit of YNWA around 40:20. Legend Says it would be really frustrating not to win a title after everything they did during the season for the fans, that are special around Liverpool
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    You've got to like the big man, punching above his weight with his missus, still getting a game in the championship at 37, a better player than he's given credit for, and never seems the slightest bit arrogant! I still think he should have started against Milan in 2007.