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    I'd offer Barca £100mil and Coutinho £250k a week just before the window closes. Then tell him he's failed the medical due to a dodgy back injury.
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    People who ride around with any kind of helmet or car camera with the sole intention of catching people making mistakes so they can shame them on the internet. Hypocritical twats, I bet they don’t put on the clips where they’ve fucked up themselves. Cyclists who refuse to use bike lanes out of principle are also cunts.
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    He’d have to clean Robbo’s boots and CL medal for a week first.
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    I’d take you being banned for a month for even suggesting such a thing.
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    Still trying to treat this place like grinder. Give it a fucking rest.
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    Stig’s dodgy tattoo has a leg on it.
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    Sexy goalkeeping bastard. 2018 season, Roma finished 3rd and conceded 28 goals. 2019 season, Roma finished 6th and conceded 48 goals. 2018 season, Liverpool finished 4th and conceded 38 goals. 2019 season, Liverpool finished 2nd and conceded 22 goals. Some might say that's a coincidence. Some people are as thick as two shorts planks.
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    I'm actually a little bit disappointed that they got beat in Kenya. I was looking forward to buzzing off the numerous deadly serious GOT posts claiming that the SportsPesa Cup is now a bigger tournament than the Champions League and how Kariobangi Sharks are equivalent to Real Madrid whereas the Barca team we beat in the semi-final are comparable to Marine.
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    My first ever kit with a name on the back was Berger on the back of that cream kit. I think it’s my favourite kit of all time. I couldn’t disagree more on the Suarez thing though. We are currently built on Klopp’s ethos and it just doesn’t fit. The whole club is built on no egos and the lads actually getting on and liking each other. It means they’re all willing to go to the wall for each other on the pitch. It’s why on those occasions when certain players make selfish decision it irritates me beyond belief. It’s the thing that sets us apart. We can’t beat the top teams by signing all the best players for the most money and buying one of these show pony chequebook managers in who just let those players do what they want and pat themselves on the back when they win a trophy. Players and fans loved Suarez because he was a world class player (probably the best in the world) when we had a mediocre team. He was that much of an headcase though Rodgers was terrified of subbing him never mind resting him. Klopp wouldn’t give a shit like but it wouldn’t stop Suarez kicking off. He would come back here thinking he’s bigger than the club and it would ruffle too many feathers. I don’t think it would be long before Robbo was nailing him in training either. We are a genuine family under Klopp and some of these signings people talk about just do not fit within it whatsoever.
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    Played a championship golf course once in my life. Stepped up to the first tee and had a group of old lads (clearly members) staring at me as I went to play. I got so nervous, I missed the ball completely and sent a lump of turf about 20 yards. I then got in a rage at the stupid old farts still staring at me so I strode up to the ball and without breaking stride, twatted it 250 yards down the middle of the fairway, gave them a 'piss off' smirk then fucked off in the buggy with my mate.
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    We've lost in the Horn of Africa, we're never gonna stop. From Nairobi to Mombasa, we've lost the fucking lot....
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    He hates the owners so he'll only stay 7 years, the same number of years he stayed at his beloved Dortmund and Mainz for. Great shout there.
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    I'll be wearing my Kariobangi Sharks shirt to the pub later...
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    I’ve never been accused of murder by a pigeon though
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    Love Messi’s ‘I fucking hate Liverpool players’ face.
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    We want fuckin Mourinho lad and if we can't fuckin have him then we want fuckin Pellegrini lad.
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    Kariobangi Shark de boo de boo de boo boo boo
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    Give it Giggsy till the end of the season
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    Very fine tectonic plates on both sides.
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    RF: Colgate Optic White 20% off at Tesco's, bloody hell!
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    golden gloves in every tournament he's entered this season. If that was a striker being top scorer in every tournament he entered, he'd be nailed on for the Balon D'or. Best keeper on the planet, no doubt about it.