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    Bought a new titanium watch and got it resized, lazy cow took two links out of the same side so the clasp was riding up the side and annoying me. I ordered a resizing kit, complete with hammer and various contraptions, pin extractors etc and decided to resize it properly. Upon attempting to do so I discovered it's what's called a 'pin and collar' arrangement, which only Seiko and Citizen do. It makes for a smoother band movement but is considered a fiddly nightmare even by pro jewelers. So I watched a few Youtube videos and a couple of hours later it was one. One reinserted and one removed at the others side. Fits like perfect. The Mrs said she heard lots of hammering, followed by some swearing, eventually followed by 'I win - again!'. Job done.
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    For our silver wedding anniversary I got a map of the world, gave my beautiful wife a dart and said we will go wherever the dart lands. I'm happy to announce that in August we will be spending a lovely 2 weeks by the fucking skirting board.
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    Fucking hell, a bloke I knew at work (a right bitter blue) won the spot the ball, now I know why.
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    They don’t recognise us as European Champions or the best team in Europe. Unless. They win a Derby next season when they will have beaten the European Champions and best team in Europe.
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    I’d be tempted to revise that last sentence PB
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    The current ones are excellent. Home Away Goalkeeper
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    If anything, in football there is not remotely enough finger pointing. Football is a world that operates almost entirely separate of external regulation. Dominated by crooks from top to bottom -- demonstrated in every inch of the business from lack of FFP enforcement to dubious finals played in Azerbaijan to World Cups in Qatar. It's one of the ugliest businesses in the world. City are the cherry on that unseemly cake
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    ...and just now looking back on the comments from last night’s match. At least they won’t be reading this shit
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    Maybe but I think Barry Wom's set his heart on Holly Willoughby.
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    I've been genuinely made up to see it do so well. if I had a daughter I'd like to think she could watch it and feel she could make a career out of it, it's also good to see these players finally get an audience and some recognition. Disappointed but not surprised to see the yanks acting classless about their win though, I see Fox Sports put something out about it taking the mick. Er yeah, it's classed as a women's sport over there so you've basically had a whole nation of female players to choose from for decades while nobody else could really be arsed with it. What next, India taking the piss out of a vanquished Kabaddi opponent?
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    While having a wash or a shower and you accidentally hit your nose and your nostril inflates and envelopes your whole head. Very uncomfortable
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    We only played for 1/4 of the season Tel... we spent the other 3/4’s implementing new ideas preparing for the future, not trying to put together an immediate, yet unsustainable short term fix. Transfer that 1/4 of a season form into a full season and that is really achievable. Especially with the years preparation we have in the bank. We’re going to be right in the mix for a top 4 spot even if we don’t add to the squad. The fact that we have Silva, Brands and Mr Moshri’s backing ensuring we will add quality to our squad this summer just confirms it’s an absolutely outstanding time to be a blue. I haven’t been more excited going into a season for 25 years plus if I’m honest. Well, since this time last year anyway.
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    Should be a 10. What more do you want from a wide forward?
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    That's exactly what I thought when I saw his post. Come on Lage, it's a summer special.
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    Dani Alves is just remarkable. Best player on the pitch in a Brazil - Argentina match at the age of 36.
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    Her name is an anagram of poo holes.
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    Life's too short to be worrying about plug switches. I don't pair my socks, either.
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    I hate driving. It blows my mind people can use a phone while driving.