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    Every chance of that happening going by your breakfasts, mate.
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    What's so important about the top four, anyway? Getting into some glorified League Cup competition?
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    The best times to be a blue are normally June, July and the start of August. After that, it's just a shitfest. Sorry to any bitter reading this, June was a pretty shitty month for you lot. Never mind, it's the taking part that counts eh?
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    We only played for 1/4 of the season Tel... we spent the other 3/4’s implementing new ideas preparing for the future, not trying to put together an immediate, yet unsustainable short term fix. Transfer that 1/4 of a season form into a full season and that is really achievable. Especially with the years preparation we have in the bank. We’re going to be right in the mix for a top 4 spot even if we don’t add to the squad. The fact that we have Silva, Brands and Mr Moshri’s backing ensuring we will add quality to our squad this summer just confirms it’s an absolutely outstanding time to be a blue. I haven’t been more excited going into a season for 25 years plus if I’m honest. No way is Boris a Bloo.
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    They don't have a European Cup though, the scruffy twats.
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    Went to Jersey on the sopranos tour, that's all I saw of it, seemed like a sunny runcorn with loads of bridges and trucks. They have 90% of the diners in the USA apparently. You should head down to the Pine Barrens to see if you can find Charlie Adam's penalty.
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    I wish I could turn my brain off like a switch at bedtime.
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    My sister came out with a good one the other day. I recently purchased a new t-shirt as displayed below from the club shop in town. Anyway my sister says “why didn’t you wear that when you were watching the final?” She felt suitably daft when I pointed out it would have been impossible to purchase said t-shirt ahead of the final.
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    “Outstanding time to be a blue” That’s another one ticked off on the Blooos pre-season bingo card.
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    I was buzzing off it, then I showed it to my daughter and she said "they aren't even saying your name, it's not for you it's just what they send out to everyone". Me: "You couldn't just let me have it, could you?"
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    Prefer to keep mine switched off.
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    Leave it all on Get a smoke alarm to keep an eye on it all
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    So winning the Champions League means nothing, but they’re desperate to be in it for the money and the status? So winning it along the way would be meaningless as the trophy itself is. Moyes had a huge hand in the rise of bitterness and bile amongst their fans, under the watchful jealous tutelage of BK The Whopper. He achieved next to nothing as a manager there, yet it has been the Everton way for 30 years to laud failure, especially ours. When Donkey from Shrek is worshipped for being permanently injured and useless, as is Shrek himself for pissing off and coming back for another payday, then you understand their mindset perfectly. I would sooner give up the game if supporting my team meant being obsessed with another one to the point of madness. They watch us more than a lot of Liverpudlians do. It is both hilarious to see and unbelievable to behold.
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    Haven't seen one for years. Scary stuff. If I find one I'll take a picture of it for you.
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    The men that fought and died in D-Day are not the type of men that would throw a milkshake at Nigel Farage or attack old people from behind with metal pipes. I can tell you that for nothing.
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    As said he's put pressure on himself. He's been fantastic though and he's been like a lunatic defending and chasing down the opposition. Scored some fantastic goals too. I've got a feeling he'll be even better next season. Goal against Watford was magical. The touch with his right before hitting it with his left fooling the defence was so special.
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    Klopp worked pretty much the same model at dortmund. I guess they weren't as stats driven, but he had players brought to him, players sold on him and he managed to make it work. That's klopps skill. When the stats team had to make things work with Rodgers, they went and bought their players, he got some of his. We got nothing. They managed to keep their jobs because they are out of the limelight. The failing of our transfer policy under Rodgers was a failure on both sides. That's fixed, because klopp is in that very small tier of football man who can make things work. I'm sure he'll have a good crack of making this coming season work with less players and more games and he certainly won't bitch about it the way many other managers would. I am happy to accept we have a leader who is pretty much unique , the men around him have achieved fuck all on their own. I don't think Dortmund and Zorc have quite hit the same heights without him either.
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    This is the world we created; a world in which this is a thing. May the Lord have mercy on our souls.
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    He had two spells where his confidence was shot, early on in the season after first international break and then the 5-6 before burying against Southampton, a what a fucking goal it was too, one of my favourite moments of the season. He’s just a phenomenal player, 27 goals and you can genuinely feel and say he underperformed speaks volumes of his quality. 30+ next year.
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    I heard there was a Czechoslovakian Interior Decorator went missing down there too.
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    The shites new home and away kit for 2019/20 season
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    The haters should hang their heads in shame after reading that masterpiece.
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