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    We've got to hold on to what we've got Dan Meis' dreams and a cuckoo clock
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    New opportunity are baffled to be linked with a transfer for James Pearce. It is believed to be a ploy to get him a better contract at the Echo.
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    He's perhaps too versatile. It would be a constant dilemma where his natural position is.
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    Am I the only one who thinks he said this to explain the money spent for VVD and Alisson?
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    Dave Wiggins used to work on the docks. Union’s been on strike. He’s down on his luck. It’s tough. So tough.
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    I think a couple of posts off @Neiler last night put this debt situation into context: Whatever way you cut it ("off the books" etc), the reality is that the club have the best part of a £350M debt hanging over it from personal loans, corporate borrowing and a credit facility. That should concentrate minds more than Gomes re-signing (as good as that news is). "I genuinely fear for them". No I dont , fuck em.
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    Are are people still bangin on about these super fuckin hero films ? I always thought these comics were made for kids ?
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    Next Tuesday..... Dave Wiggins @DWiggo · 25 Jun 2019 Bit unprofessional of that Pink to use the name Pink at Anfield when there are Evertonians who’ve paid to see her there tonight. Pink is too close in colour to Red. She should have changed her name to Purple, which is neutral between Blue and Red, to show some respect to paying customers.
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    Shot through the heart, and we're to blame. They call us a bad name, bad name. Moshiri's millions is what you sell They promise you heaven, then put you through hell
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    Real versatile are my favourite MLS club.
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    If the finances are that bad I really don't see how the stadium is built. Its not going to bring enough to cover the costs for years. The only reason to build it is so it's looks a better asset to sell, but if they have debts of 300ml amd a stadium that's going to cost what 5/600ml by the time it's done. Who the fuck is paying a billion for Everton.
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    Paddy Power are a bunch of twats, to be fair.
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    Can see Everton fans treating it as a joke in the replies and responding with all the good grace they showed red Ron's Christmas tree
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    They’re winning the transfer window again. Laughing at the fee for Champions League winner Keita v Gomes.
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    Have more tax rates, and be more stringent about actually collecting the fucking money. I think it's ridiculous someone on £150k a year is paying the same rate as someone making billions. Well, in fact, they probably aren't because someone on £150k a year (admittedly an astronomical amount of money to the majority of us) is at least more likely to be paying their fair share of tax.
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    Excellent thread translating a doco on Klopp on German tele.
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    Thoroughly enjoying us back being the best team in Europe and them being an absolute shambles. Long may it continue.
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    Absolute banker Stronts has an encyclopaedic memory of all the times the bus has been late and who was driving. ”You may very well be on time today but in 2006 you were late by 93.7 seconds when it was raining cats and dogs, so if you think I’m thanking you now you’re as cretinous as you look. Which is very, very cretinous indeed, in case you were wondering. You’re welcome.” ”One pound thirty please mate.”
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    The USS Indianapolis speech is one of the best scenes in cinematic history. Robert Shaw nails it, and you can see why Spielberg needed that moment. The story behind it, with Shaw shaving down a longer John Milius script is good too. One of my favourite caps has Quint's Shark Fishing on it.
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    ...and she had the biggest pear I've seen in my life.
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    To be fair we’ve won more League Cups than anyone else so it’s decent of them to be honest about our status looking down on all the other English clubs.