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    It's a massive pity that cunts like him always seem to avoid fatal accidents.
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    Sorry to freak you out Champ, was just looking through old threads and saw this one. Dad is fine, in fact my brother and his family flew over from Australia yesterday so he will soon see both his granddaughters together for the first time.
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    Had to laugh (maybe cry) at Dermot Gallagher on Sly Sports the other day when disscusing the Kompany- Salah tackle "at the time "I dint think it was a red card offence and most in the ground (City's ground) would have been shocked to have seen a red given". "Now with th benefit of hindsight I've looked at it agin I do think it's a red cared" . So it's taken Dermor five months to reach that decision ....Thank fuck he's not doing VAR
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    This conversation I had on Facebook with Joan the bitter, the way she flipped out when I proved to her Everton did in fact “kick people from their homes” to extend their ground hahaha. You love to see it.
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    My mate who works for Bt is working this and has put in for a ticket for me. If I had the money I'd go to Madrid anyway regardless but I'll end up round Tony's Mums seeing how many custard creams I can fit up her chuff with the radio on. Not decided yet.
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    The price of kids football kits is a disgrace. Just spoken to a Blue who has spent £900 on new kits in the past twelve months. He’s had Everton home and away, plus Real Madrid, Man City and now Tottenham Hotspur. That’s before £10 on a Messi scarf and paying postage to return an Ajax top he ordered at half time during the semi final.
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    Like the Wolves fans on Sunday.....really funny wasn't it cheering them on and mocking us. Their club is trying to break into top 6 and then maybe even top 4 - lets see how funny they think it is if City decide to raid them for their best players this summer or next or even their manager when Guardiola does one. Or when Wolves are pushing to break top 6 and they want to buy and City come along and blow them away with their wage offers/transfer fees.....lets see how funny it is then when suddenly their cheating affects them directly. Let's see how funny Man Utd fans find it when their rebuild can't gather any momentum because they are seen as just not attractive enough compared to their neighbours..... Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea watching the gap get bigger regardless of what they try.... Still they'll always have their bitches at Woodison cheering for them at least.
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    So here we are again, another season over and the wait for the title goes on. The season has flown over again and our lads were incredible from first game to last. I could just about handle the stress of watching our games, it was the feeling of helplessness whenever City were playing that was tough. Relying on other teams for favours isn't something I ever want to do again, so next year we'll just have to win every game. Or at the very least make sure we beat City twice. Easier said than done, but after what these boys did this season I'm not going to doubt them, and after the way City’s players conducted themselves this week I’d imagine our lads can’t wait to get another crack at them. Hopefully City win the FA Cup so we can smash them everywhere in the Charity Shield. It’s hard to take knowing we aren’t Champions after a season like that, but I’m not too disappointed or disheartened. I’m resentful because I feel as though we’ve been cheated out of something we deserved (financial doping or a Manchester ref doing them favours, take your pick), but putting that sense of injustice aside I feel fucking great about where we are. I mean think about it. We lost once all season. We haven’t lost at home for over two years. We’ve made back to back European Cup finals. We've got Andy Robbo. All in all we’re in fucking great shape and the bond between team and fans has never been stronger. Meanwhile, over at Old Trafford….. It's only when you see something like that it fully hits home just how good we've got it right now. We've got a squad of players who never once short changed us this season. Not once. They might not always play well but they always leave everything they have out on the pitch. All those clips you see of other teams being highlighted on MOTD (usually by Shearer, he loves a bit of shirker bashing) for their lack of work rate and half arsed closing down or not tracking back. You don't get that with our boys and I love them for it. Even more so when I look at how United's players are cheating their crowd. While we were winning our 30th game of the season they were losing at home to already relegated Cardiff City. And while that was happening, their fans were cheering for City’s goals at Brighton. How the mighty have fallen. Good way for Cardiff to sign off though. Warnock said he asked his players to make his last Premier League game a memorable one and to win it for him. They did him proud. As I said last week though, this was a game they should have been looking at as the one that kept them up, but because they blew it against Palace it was a dead rubber. Brighton hate Palace but they've got them to thank for still being in the league, because Brighton would be gone if Palace had rolled over last week. Still, it says everything about the difference between Cardiff's players and United's that they were the ones who wanted it more. Mendez-Laing won a penalty and picked himself up to score. He added a second with a tap in after the break and all United had to offer in resistance were a couple of decent efforts by 17 year old Mason Greenwood. Pogba did fuck all as per, and was lucky to stay on when he flung Murphy to the floor and then shoved him in the face. Classic case of a player doing something aggressive just to try and fool the fans into thinking he cares. He doesn’t. He’s half arsed his way through 3/4 of the season but one little spell of decent performances got him a spot in the PFA team of the year. I don’t agree with fans hurling abuse at players and I’m not condoning the behaviour of that United fan in the clip above, but I completely understand how he could be driven to acting like that. If I had to watch that preening twat every week and then listen to people telling me how great he is and that it’s the manager’s fault for not getting the best out of him, I’d probably go all Michael Douglas in Falling Down too. Pogba was even preening when the fella was hurtling insults at him! Fan: “You’re fucking shite!!!” Pogba: *nods his head sarcastically* Fan: “FUCK OFF!!!” Pogba: *applauds* Fan: “FUCKIN SHIIIIITE!!!!” Pogba: *thumbs up, pats hand on his heart* Fan “You’re not even average!! FUCK OFF!!” That finished me off that did. The perfect put down for someone like Pogba and exactly what I’ve been saying about him for years. Every now and then he looks boss. Every now and then he looks like the worst player in the league, and sometimes he’s a bit of both even in the same game. If you add up the overall body of work, it comes out as less than the average for a top six club midfielder. So yeah, not even average. He’s a product of the FIFA / Social Media generation. I know Roy Keane and Graeme Souness hate loads of modern day players, but you can see why their disdain for Pogba in particular is off the scale. He doesn’t even do the basics without the ball (Cardiff’s second was a direct result of him standing still and letting his man run off him into the box) but all he has to do is ping one 60 yard pass or hit a decent shot from distance and the FIFA virgins are tugging themselves off. It’s going to be a long road back for them as United’s situation is truly dire. Mourinho said this week “I said that finishing second with Man United was perhaps my greatest achievement. Now people understand.” The man has a point (although typically he’s completely exonerating himself of any blame for how shit they are). I couldn’t believe they finished second last season as they were obviously shite, but much like Solskjaer’s little honeymoon period it was unsustainable and it caught up with them. They’re so, so bad right now. Look at their team and tell me who you’d even want. I’d have Rashford for the bench and that is quite literally it. At one time I’d have taken Martial too, but fuck that. His attitude stinks. Their squad is dogshit. Ashley Young is their captain and no-one can even argue about it because he's the best candidate, even though he's Ashley Young. Imagine being that shit that Ashley Young is your captain. They’re just a shambles. They used to be such a well run club that it was difficult to see any way past them. Now they literally can’t get a thing right, even their kit. Next year they have a kit to commemorate 20 years since they won the treble. They won the treble in 1998/99, and next season is 2019/20, so even by my GCSE grade E maths (what can I say, I was a lazy bastard in school) that’s 21 years. You couldn’t make this shit up. What a mess. Still, never mind, eh? This is just a teaser, click to view full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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    Just out of picture there is Mane's daughter shaking her head.
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    With me uncle in his gaff. He's disabled and a passionate red, watch most of the games with him.
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    They're a component of a larger nation, they live or die with that whether they like it or not. What next? Britain goes to war with Russia but Scotland moans about the fact it shouldn't have to? Scotland gets its international status from being part of a union that is first in the world for soft power and has one of the biggest militaries. If they were independent would they want to join NATO? I suspect so, despite probably only being able to muster a couple of regiments trained by the British army. Would NATO have anything to gain by having them without the rest of the UK? Probably not. It's really petty, misinformation shit from the SNP as per. 'Scotland's view on staying in Europe is being ignored!!!'. Well what about Wales view on how much the UK gives in aid to Botswana, or Northern Ireland's view on a trade deal with Saudi Arabia.
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    When Spurs, Arsenal and United find out what Palace want for Zaha, and Liverpool realise their front three cost less.
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    Neighbours are getting in the mood.
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    S'pose if you have to explain a joke it isn't that good...
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    Na. The time we signed him was the age of the internet bullshitter. Everyone was trying to be the guy that told everyone about a hidden gem or the next big thing and prove how clever they were. He arrived with people being told by these bellends he was the next Gerrard. A goal scoring box to box player who’d been brilliant in Brazil. He came in and was shite and then was getting games ahead of Alonso. There was then a wave of “get behind him he will come good” and he continued to be a raging liability. The amount of fucking stupid free kicks he’d give away that would lead to goals is the stuff of legend specifically the late one ones. It’s funny you mention Adam as he won the same amount of trophies as Lucas despite being here for 5 minutes and actually played in the final to win it. He was also a better footballer than him. Jay Spearing was lauded by the same idiots who were up Lucas’ arse. None of them were good enough and 2 of them were moved on relatively quickly while the other lingered around for 10 years. If people wanted them in the team ahead of him it will have been because they wanted anyone else in the team ahead of him after watching another insipid display from him. He was a fucking shit footballer. He was totally out of his depth when he arrived. He played that many professional games for the club that he eventually became not a complete liability for a few seasons. I honestly think if you plucked out 90% of the youngsters in our academy and give them that many games they would surpass the level he got to. He’s subsequently went to a mid table team in a worse league that’s played at a snails pace most of the time. He’s doing well there apparently although I doubt anyone has actually watched him and are just going over reports written by someone else who hasn’t watched the game.
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    The season isn't fucking over yet
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    Not bad for a player who was going to be signing for PSG after a failed first season in the PL,which was actually only after about three months! No wonder I never take any notice of the shite they put in newspapers these days.
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