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    Depay's rap after hitting 5 million followers on Instagram tells us all we need to know. Do not need that shite anywhere near our club. I am surprised we are being linked with him - the guy is a complete tit.
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    Is there a fan base out there with less self respect than these lot.
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    We need to be careful about saying big nights or coming 2nd means more - we don't need to give the media or other clubs any ammunition. Winning trophies is everything and all that matters. I will stick with Shankly rather than "this means more". We are getting close and lets win number 6.
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    Brighton sack Hughton this morning. He keeps them up again on a shoestring but it is deemed not good enough. Laughable
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    Joe Gomez has missed 565 days through injury since he arrived.
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    Well that was, erm. If this was a mini series I'd probably be blown away but as it is after eight years, "rushed" doesn't quite cover it. Anyway
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    Fuck it. Let's just go out on June 1 and win the trophy money still can't buy for them.
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    When you take it orally you only get about 15 % into the bloodstream so not that efficient really as the liver will take some of the cbd out as basically oil is not that soluble with water so it diffuses and goes into fatty tissue that's why it is better to smoke it as it bypasses this and gets straight into the bloodstream so is therefore quicker and stronger in effect too.
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    I just watched the highlights from last Tuesday against Barca again. City can fuck off. Hopefully we'll have 6 more than them after June 1.
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    I'm just going to repeat myself from the discussion we had after the Long Night episode: it's great if you just want to watch a high-budget action movie. The CGI, the battle scenes, the flames - it's all very well done and great to watch. But if you're looking for sensible plot resolution, it's garbage. Daenarys goes full-on psychopath with no foreshadowing of it at all before this season, before the previous episode, really. Her plot arc is a gradual growth of confidence and desire to fight for justice against oppression over seven seasons before the second-to-last episode of the show where she loses her mind and starts to burn innocent people to death? It's awful writing. Not to mention the prophecies that were so important in the book. Literally no one has mentioned Azor Ahai this season at all. Comical. We should just use this thread to post ridiculous predictions for how it's going to end next week. I'll go first: they unearth Gregor Clegane's body from the ruins, only to realise that he's unkillable and somehow ship him north of the Wall to go into hiding for 1000 years as the next Night King. Sansa is revealed to be dead, but her face is being used by Brienne, who is secretly a faceless man. Arya murders Jon Snow and Dany to take over the Iron Throne, where she rules as an absolute tyrant. All of this will happen because this episode proves that at no point does a person have to stay true to the character they have been portrayed to be for the past 8 years.
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    Agree completely Creator Supreme. I was disappointed when we beat Barca last week, depriving Coutinho of the Champions League medal he so richly deserved. Would have loved to see Gerrard play for Chelsea as well. Really would have made his career that much better, and he’d be an even bigger Liverpool legend in my eyes.
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    My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.
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    One of those questions to which the answer would probably be different in a year's time but 10 that spring to mind are: The Longest Day LOTR x 3 Edge of Tomorrow Cloud Atlas Goodfellas Elysium Interstellar Fargo Edited out Gravity and added Fargo when I saw Sammy's answers above.
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    That’s nowt, you should see Stringy curling one out on Hendo’s doorstep.
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    This is just weird. If anything, this season has opened my eyes to just how much supporters of other clubs, not just Everton, hate us. Not just dislike, but actually hate. I've not even been looking for them, but today I've seen twitter posts from supporters of West Ham, Arsenal, Sheffield Wednesday (!) and Swansea (!) taking the piss out of us for winning 'fuck all'. Most of the league seems to be the same. I'd never even entertain the notion of bothering my arse posting about another club, but it would appear that the more relevant we become, the more they hate it and feel the need to tell the world about it. Good. Let's hope that next season (and starting in 3 weeks) we ram it down their stupid obsessed fucking throats.
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    Today isn’t a day for what if’s. Goes without saying it’s utterly shit and soul-destroying not to win the title under these circumstances, but there are a couple of key things for me. We made them win it and kept up our end of the bargain no matter how tough it got, in what was never a fair fight. It would have been the easiest thing in the world for us to wilt and just let it all come to an end anti-climactically. But no, we reeled off 9 league wins in a row while beating a stack of previous European cup winners to reach Madrid, throwing in our greatest ever European performance at least at Anfield into the bargain. Our last 4 or 5 results show phenomenal resilience aside from anything else. Klopp’s made the club an irresistible, runaway steam-train with all of us pulling in the same direction and has consigned this idea we’re somehow a soft touch to the history books. There are new rules for this Liverpool, and whether it be in Madrid, next season and beyond, or both, we will absolutely benefit from the foundations, the belief, the togetherness, the pride and the sense of destiny Kloppo has instilled in us this year in particular. The man is a fucking alchemist and a true working class hero for choosing the LFC aura, story and passion when he had his pick of clubs in far more gilded positions within the modern game. He fits us hand in glove and deserves the last word on this league season. I so much want him to get this shitty 6 finals in a row thing put to bed by lifting the biggest trophy in football and to complete the formality of joining our other legendary Liverpool managers, because that’s exactly what he is. Absolutely transformative and I think however much we all respect him, it will only be one day when he’s gone and we look back at this period in our history that we can fully appreciate what he’s given us back.
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    That took me down memory lane, to this classic. You could just substitute the names.... https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/sport/sport-headlines/this-will-not-be-a-disaster-moyes-keeps-telling-himself-2013050968042 This will not be a disaster, Moyes keeps telling himself 9th May 2013 NEW Manchester United manager David Moyes has spent the last 24 hours reassuring himself that this is not going to be an unmitigated catastrophe. Following the official announcement of Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement Moyes told friends that he felt like Roy Scheider in Jaws when the camera zooms in on him in that really weird way. According to his friends, Moyes spent 14 hours in his toilet yesterday staring at himself in the mirror, practicing how to look as if he knows what he is doing. One source said: “He keeps telling himself that Manchester United is the world’s biggest club run by clever people who make really important decisions every day. “Which means they must have a very good reason for choosing someone who has never won anything. And so there’s nothing to worry about. “And then he goes back into the toilet.” Another friend said: “He’s had the words ‘it’ll be fine’ tattooed on to his left palm. “Yesterday I had to tell him to stop staring at it or we were going to crash.” The friend added: “He’s also written a poem for Robin van Persie. I told him he didn’t have to do that and then he started to cry.”
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    Would be intriguing to see what Edwards and Klopp would come with from the Origi £70m.
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    It would be a pace goal so it wouldn't count.
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    To be denied the best day of my adult life due to a cheating fucking abhu Dhabi PR project! Fucking roll on renewable energy and alternatives to oil based products, roll the fuck on! And chill... enjoy the sun, blue skies and the gargantuan bollocks on this Liverpool team to take city to the last game of the season.
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    I apologise for offending you. I’m not that kind of player