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    After watching clips with that cunt Tyler almost crying when we score, the radio five commentary is amazing with the video added.
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    Everything changed last night. Successful people and organisations, whether they're great actors, bands, or even empires, elicit jealousy and resentment from those around them. But at certain points in history which are all too few, they achieve a level of such mastery that even their most bitter detractors have no choice but to sit back and admire their sheer magnificence. No talk of cheating, no jibes, nothing, just sheer dumbstruck respect and the acceptance that they're privileged to even be fans of the same sport in which such nights and feats are possible. Last night was when LFC broke English football.
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    Here are my post-match musings that I've just put on Facebook. ********************************************** This picture is from 13th December 2015. Fans of other clubs love to share it to have a good laugh at Liverpool. But let's remember the context. Jurgen Klopp had noticed a tendency at Anfield for the fans to get nervous, impatient and moany whenever things were going against the club. He spoke publicly of the need for the players, manager and fans to all pull together, especially when times got tough. Shortly afterwards, the Reds surrendered a lead and found themselves 2-1 down at home against West Brom. But instead of the usual eye-rolling and "here we go again" groans, the whole ground got behind the team. The players kept going and finally got an injury-time equaliser. Klopp and the players acknowledged the part that the crowd had played in helping the team to salvage a point. Ever since then, fans of other teams have chosen to misrepresent that moment as a celebration of a home draw against a pretty poor team. Oh, the laffs they've all had! But the truth is that that moment was a watershed. It cemented the bond between the fans, the players and the manager - each trusting the others and relying on each other to overcome adversity together. And payback for that simple gesture at the end of a frankly awful game is unforgettable, magical occasions like tonight. The kind of thing that other teams can't begin to dream of. Keep laughing, folks! PS Origi scored the late goal against the Baggies, too!
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    No way I wasn't going to make a post after that. Origi and Wijnaldum showing Messi and that twat Suarez how to find the net....hahaha, couldn't make that up!!! Last week my youngest lad (12) went to bed crying. I had to comfort him for the best part of an hour and pass on my fatherly skills. Tonight he was hyper as Stig with 5 pussies hovering over his head and I was the one with tears in my eyes. All the best reds, hopefully my next post will be Sunday.....or the CL final. YNWA!!!!!! My tip in a game myself and the lads play was 4-0, albeit with more hope than heart at the time. Fuck it, I'm pinching a bottle of wine from the wife's guest cupboard stash.
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    I know, and to think I was taking the piss when I posted this after last week's game...
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    I think the main problem is some people have attached unrealistic expectations on him. He's a 20 year old kid, and with maybe the exception of a keeper, defence is the hardest place for a player to come through. You rarely see someone his age starting for a club as big as Liverpool in defence. Three best right backs I've seen play are Cafu, Thuram and Zanetti. Cafu was 27 when he got his move to Roma. Thuram 24 when he got his move to Italy. Zanetti 22 when he moved to Inter. Trent is going to end the season with 85 games under his belt at the age of 20. He'll have played in two champions league finals, a world cup and been a key part of the team responsible for our best points total. He's a phenomenon. So yeah, he might get roasted now and again by some Cardiff bit part player but that's all part of growing up. Imagine what he'll be like in two or three years. He'd almost be wasted as a right back if Klopp didn't place so much importance on the fullback position. I'm still shaking my head over the corner last night. Fucking unbelievable.
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    Obviously we play a different type of footy to City - Their playmakers are in the middle of the park and ours and at fullback - but the one thing they had last season (well apart from a keeper that could actually keep the ball out of the net) that I envied was Fernandinho. Just the kind of snide, shithouse centre mid that we've missed since Mascherano went. Well we've got our own Fernandinho now, and some. He's top class in the air, absolutely dominates any high balls into midfield. Great tackler with the kind of telescopic legs we've missed since Momo and fantastic with the ball. Rarely wastes a pass and is always looking to be progressive with his balls forward. Fucking love him.
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    I've just watched it backwards -- nil - nil now. Gonna be tough.
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    Giving serious consideration to getting Dave’s match report tattooed on my back.
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    Now if Martin Tyler is found in some Michael Hutchence type incident, that would cap the night off for me.
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    What's better than overturning a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona to reach the Champions League final? TK's Ratings, that's what. Full notes were taken. Stay tuned. ONLY ON TLW
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    Barca players rolling around in the first leg, kicking the ball out instead of giving it back and Suarez being a snide cunt last night makes it all even sweeter. We were better than them in the first leg too. Fuck Barcelona.
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    Today’s stadium article will assess the feasibility of making it an 80,000 capacity.
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    I’m fucked 5hrs sleep. Watching this I still get tears in my eyes. Fuck me what a night.
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    Anfield, people, Anfield. Every other venue in world sport lives in the shadow of Anfield. Inter. St-Etienne. Chelsea. Barcelona. If FSG did fuck all apart from decide to stay at Anfield, they did right by Liverpool FC.
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    "Once Everton has touched you..."