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    Now if Martin Tyler is found in some Michael Hutchence type incident, that would cap the night off for me.
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    Dry your eyes boys. Bitterness consumes the vessel that contain it. Shoulders back. Chests out. We have done fucking great this season and it has been a pleasure to watch us. City deserve to be where they are. Don't make them the focus - keep Liverpool front and centre. Maybe some players will move on, but others will come. They'll see something great in the club. They'll see Kloppo and his passion. They'll see a force in the Champions League and a team that can compete for a title. Who cares about people's second clubs. Wishy-washy fannies have second clubs. (No offence to any genuine wishy-washy fannies reading this.) They deserve to be where they are - but they haven't got a tenth of what we have. They aren't white knights at all. They are the Nouveau Riche. They don't really fit in amongst the footballing glitterati. Unlike Chelsea they are not completely soulless. However they have something missing. They have stumbled upon their riches without having to fight for them and earn them. They haven't won over people across the world, through tough European and domestic campaigns. They haven't conquered places, people and hearts. You can see this at their ground on any matchday. They can't fill stadiums they visit. In fact they can't even fill their own 55000 capacity stadium when they are in a dogfight to the title. The flags you see waving around at the Etihad are mass produced. They're plastic flags. Made by marketing men to fill the void that would have been filled with fans' tales of the glories of previous managers, players and campaigns. We are so much more than that. When you look around Anfield you see flags. But they're different. They're homemade flags. If not actually made at home from cutout letters, then designed at home and telling someone's own individual story of footballing lagacy. The Like with any campaigns, some of the flags are about triumph and glory but some reflect sadness, some loss and others reflect determination. Hold your heads up high. Remember what someone on here said about getting stick from Blues or other fans...they're all 30-odd points behind us...they're trying to critisize us, but it's like some homeless tramps coming around to your house and trying to take the piss out of your interior design.
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    No issue with his goal celebration. He can do one for trying to get Milner carded and antagonising Robbo and Alisson though.
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    Feel like someone has poured an ounce of beak directly into my heart here.
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    We are the fucking greatest football club in the world.
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    Headed in to work with the biggest fucking smile on my face. What a match. What a fucking team.
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    Me and Aldo hanging out before the game. As usual.
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    In absolute bits. Just doesn't happen to other clubs.
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    Whatever happens next this football club is something else. Keep your oil money
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    If we can pull this off it would be an one of the most glorious bastard cuntings of all time.
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    We're fucking doing this tonight. I have absolutely nothing but blind faith to base this on but we're fucking doing it
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    fuck that. i can't be doing with booing names, but fuck cheering them. we're there to support liverpool and make it hostile for our opponents, if they wanted warmth off us, they shouldn't have chosen to change dressing rooms.
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    Should catch out that duplicitous little wretch Coutinho by getting him to sign an autograph after the game - on a 5-year Everton contract.
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    What's better than overturning a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona to reach the Champions League final? TK's Ratings, that's what. Full notes were taken. Stay tuned. ONLY ON TLW
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    Gini Wijnaldum is an impossibly beautiful looking human being
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    I can’t get to sleep unless Teddy Ruxpin tells me a bedtime story.
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    Only skim-read this but I think Jennings is suggesting that we make our own KLOPP OUT banners with bed-sheets.
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    We couldn't have done any more. We demolished everyone at home and played for the draw away against the Top 6. That's how you win titles, and it was executed perfectly all season. It's just, those rules don't apply anymore. If we want to win the title next year we have to go out to win... every... single... game. Draws at Old Trafford, The Emirates and Stamford Bridge aren't good enough anymore. That's the level now.
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    Take an interest. Ask her if she's got any pictures of him... in his swimming trunks. She'll soon stop mentioning him while you're around.
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    Got to hand it to Leicester, they were very reasonable opposition, but they couldn't score that goal. So, it's looking highly likely that City retain the title, albeit, with a reduced points tally because WE have been so fucking awesome this season. We're back, and what's really important here, is that we stabilise our position as the genuine biggest club in the premier League, by continuing the investment in the squad, and separating the chaff that can fuck off. I'd like the big man Origi to stay, and I'm hoping he puts a big shift in against Barca. Sturridge's contract is up and if Kloppo was willing to a do a little more rotation, Origi could come good next season. Exciting times, and toppling City off their perch is going to be an entertaining and satisfying watch. Definite silverware next season for us, and who knows, the God of Football may still smile on us this week.