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    I can't believe our decision to have three players to cover three positions all season has backfired for a second year running.
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    Watching it again, actress playing Arya is fucking superb, when the undead start making an undead bridge she has a look to say ah fer fucks sake, mormonts triumphal death is spot on, she has been worthy of that since she came in. some of the shots of the dragons in the distance across the sky remind me of some c17 paintings from around dante’s Inferno - proper boss, especially an early shot where they are scorching the earth with the colours of sunset. When the undead were attacking danerys’ dragon again was like some 17th century depiction of hell. Fiery tits was sublime as ever, and great to see her play a key role in guiding them through it. hound is ace is as the everyman. thanks fuck Jorah is dead, he is my fucking head in the pleading twat. music was pretty good as well. as epic battles go, I think it was pretty fucking good. deffo worth a second watch to pick up more of what is happening other than the initial spectacle of watching it first time.
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    we weren't winning when Salah went off, we've still got a good chance of winning this you bellends.
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    Are you going to fucking boo him now Newcastle? Cunts.
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    This is the moment where people running a marathon get too tired and give up or carry on A boxer takes too many punches and takes a knee.... or carries on fighting A great white shark who hasn't eaten in days turns upside down and lets itself dies or leaps out the sea to catch a fucking helicopter and eat them Get into these Reds. Nothing is over yet. No-one writes rules. No higher being has said that anything is over. This side has a magic we haven't seen in 29 years. Something has to give. We have something special happening. YNWA means something.
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    Nah, the worst of it with Sturridge is that's really all he's capable of these days. He's giving 100% of what he's got, the problem is that it's about 25% of what he used to have.
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    Shaq has played 57 mins in the last 13 games and now he brings him on when we are in the shit, strange. There's going to be huge holes where Gini was covering. Can't understand Klopp at times. Batshit crazy tonight. That Ref is also a fuckin cheat. He has given us nothing.
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    Can people stop pretending that Lovren is good now? You know who you are.
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    The defending of that corner was a nice touch from Rafa, the legend.
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    Seeing as it is away from Anfield, I'll be George Sephton....
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    I wouldn’t worry about it mate, they can’t be any worse than your opinions on people you actually have seen play!
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    Remember when they said they were rich and had photoshops of Messi in an Everton top only to end up with Ashley Williams, Davey Klassen and Sandro?. Good times.
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    I never got around to watching the fifth series. I kept meaning to do so, but the end of series four just felt like a natural conclusion in so many ways.
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    This thread is risible. The idea that any player with significant appearances in a team that gets 91 points in a season is shit is worse than laughable.
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    Nice to see the utterly hapless two main parties get hoofed in the bollocks, more of this please
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    There was nothing wrong with Klopp's selection or subs on Wednesday. If world class strikers miss sitters and Messi scores a worldie what is he supposed to do ? Manager deserves credit for bossing the game for long periods and doing enough to get a result had Salah , Mane and Milner not had collective nosebleeds.