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    They should do a Conspiracy version of We Didn’t Start The Fire. Clive Thomas, and Istanbul, Collina’s pockets full, UEFA, FA and Marc Clattenburg.. Kopites sacrificing kids, very high transfer bids, jealous of our imaginary ground, more conspiracies we’ve found. We would have won In Europe, but were always bitter and our team is shitter. We would have won in Europe, but the Redshite stopped us. We go on and on and on.....
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    "We voted leave, why are you still here?"
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    I think you've rather broadened what you were replying to. I don't think Corbyn is remotely close to being "great". I also, personally, don't really care that much who the leader is as long as they're a vehicle for democratic socialist policies. Although, I realise it's important for other people. And getting their votes. But anyone who thinks he'll "bankrupt the country" has been swallowing bullshit from the press. They're the sort of people who believe the Tories are better with the economy. A safe pair of hands. That austerity was necessary rather than a political choice. That we have to "live within our means". That debt and deficits can only be reduced by cuts. They tend to believe the economics of one person works exactly the same way as a that of a country. And they believe all of this because unless they go out of their way to learn about economics it's the only message they'll read in our papers and see on telly.
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    My throat is still fucked after cheering the winner
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    Read those names back to yourself and end this nonsense.
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    Sams bar, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka, left in absolutely no doubt who the Liverpool fan was when that goal went in.
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    Like a big, red sheepdog corralling a couple of sheep.
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    Karma for those penalties last season. Fuck Spurs and their cunt fans. Except when they play City in the league, when it’s come on Sir Harold of Kane.
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    Master Blaster Superstition (Live on Sesame Street)
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    our conspiracy theories are much better than other clubs. Other clubs' fans have a go at the 'obvious bias' against their club in the BBC, Sky, printed media, referees and officials, the FA, the EPL, the money men etc, whereas we... erm... oh hang on...
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    Here I am, stuck in the middle with EU.
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    Stig was leaving it late for one game a few weeks ago, maybe he’d even forgot. I chased him down on Facebook and told him to stop fucking about. I’m the Bobby Firmino to your Daniel Sturridge.
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    I didn't have a ticket yesterday and watched the game alone in my house. I actually think I learned something about myself and my defence mechanisms while watching it. Usually for big games I'm on edge and well invested in the game throughout but I wasn't yesterday and reasoned with myself during it that it was because City are almost certainly going to win the league anyway so it was inevitable that the point it was gone was going to come at some point (and of course it still might). Had we drawn I'd have been disappointed but almost relieved that a bigger disappointment was not likely to be waiting further down the road with the end being closer. When Firmino scored I celebrated but not too much at all but the winner was a different matter. I don't think I've ever celebrated a goal like that on my own. Shouting at the top of my voice and jumping around the room. I was probably not too different than I was in the Kop when Origi scored and I tore a load of skin off the back of my leg. This means so much and I think the only way to make it bearable is by pretending that it doesn't. If we win these next two then I don't think I'll be able to keep up any pretence as if we do that then I think we'll win it.
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    Yeah, I agree with that. I don't really care who the leader is; the manifesto is more important. That said, as I always bleat on about, there's only one way that manifesto is getting implemented, and that's if the leader can sell it, the party, and themselves as a realistic and viable option. It's infuriating that it is like it is, but I gave up on idealism a long time ago. I'd settle for a little more... no Tory government. Yeah, that's exactly it. Though, as frustrating as those people are, I can't entirely blame them because it's not entirely their fault. Your average person is going about their daily life, trying to get through, trying to make it as painless as possible, trying to keep their families fed and clothed and maybe a crazy trip away once a year. The amount of time they have for the little fuckers in government isn't much, and even if it is then the source of information is telling them - convincing them - to vote against their own interests. It. Is. Fucked. I think improvement is gradual and starts with getting the Tories out and their alternatives in, no matter if that's Corbyn or Blair and Brown type. Step by step, playing whatever dirty game that needs to be played in the short term so that the medium and long term can be better. It's a shitty choice, but in my opinion it's the only viable option. We (on the left) are unlikely to win many votes by trying to 'be the better man'. Cynical and dirty, I know. So yeah, what you said.
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    The Achterberg effect is really kicking in now. Give him until Xmas and Becker will be as much use as Mignolet. If he was just a useless wage thief it would be bad enough but he is actually sabotaging our chances.
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    Just heard that helium voiced bimbette Melissa Reddy on 5 Live and now my radio is smashed to fucking smithereens and my ears are bleeding. Horrendous bint.
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    My Mrs is a West Ham fan, so she waved me off to the game with her usual words when we play Spurs. "Come home with your shield or on it."
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    Telling? They need their bollocks kicking up into their mouths, the shit chips serving bastards.
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    Negging in the amnesty thread? Gay.
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    Who hurt you weird cunts? We just won and did we fuck deserve it! Top o’the league. Smile, have a beer, talk to a loved one, invest speculatively in stock which will inevitably bankrupt you, cop a feel of the Mrsess breastessess, just do anything which isn’t a manifestation of your paper thin grasp on reality. I despair at times.
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    Fuck me lads step away. We're smashing our record points total with a squad that's far from perfect. Boohoo we're not winning every game 5-0, we need luck, like every fucking team ever. Toe to toe with the best team the league has seen ffs.
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    Update. All went fine and I was congratulated on my speech. Apparently us scousers are still 'funny.'