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    I'd rather see him in midfield and we buy another defender and prove we are serious about the league title.
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    This. The really scary lack of cover is at left-back, where we have an ageing right-footed midfielder and a shit-flinging chimp as cover for Robbo.
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    Honestly, I couldn't care less about the domestic cups. They're a distraction until the final itself and even then it's a day out for the fans. When we won the League cup in 2012 we were ushering in a new era of dominance instead we signed Charlie Adams. When Wigan and Portsmouth won this they near went bust in the following seasons. Arsenal have stood still or gone backwards even though they have 4 or so wins of the last 7. Chelsea last year were out of the top 4 so had to do something. Winning the FA Cup is a sign of nothing. I give no fucks about it and I'm glad Klopp sees it that way too. The BBC cry-arsing about the competition's supposed importance won't make me change my mind either.
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    We definitely need a centre back. Beyond fucking stupid letting clyne go when he is solid reliable cover at right back. Do not want to end up with gomez right back and fabinho at centre back condemning us to a midfield trio of gini, Henderson and Milner.
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    Surely there is no one left who doesn't acknowledge that we need a CB on loan at the very least? We just had to play a 16 year old out of position last night. People talk about short term solutions but a makeshift out of position defence that then reduces options in midfield is a far worse solution. We are trying to win the fucking league!
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    Call me old fashioned, call me an hysterical fanny, point out how the cup 'means fuck all' etc etc etc...but.... I fucking hate the fact that Wolves fucking Wolves the nomarks wanted it more than us. That their nomark manager wanted it more. That their players wanted it more and their fans wanted it more as well. Maybe going out is a blessing and best for us long term....But I can never quite buy into the mentality that potential trophies are a bad thing. Maybe I am old fashioned and outdated but I grew up in an era where trophies were everything....where as a fan days out at Wembley or even the semis on neutral grounds were massive and highlights of the season following the boys. That's how we built up our history, a history that is the envy of so many other clubs and is such a source of pride to us.... Tonight hurts me - seeing our great club dumped out of the cup at the first hurdle... Hopefully in May we will be able to look back and say how it was all worth it, but tonight it just feels shite....proper shite. I do get the counter argument to how i feel - but i just can't buy into it fully....this football club is bigger and better than being fucked out of the cup at the first hurdle and fucked out seemingly not giving a fuck. We have won two fucking trophies since 2005 for fucks sake...the worst return in our modern history - surely we shouldn't be jibbing off the cup - is it really impossible to put in a decent challenge for it and for the title/europe?
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    Not many but our ambitions should be matching those of our peers. City, Chelsea and Tottenham still in all competitions. We haven't won a trophy for 7 years and after dropping out of two very winnable cups at the first hurdle we've suddenly got everything riding on the big ones yet again. I still think we've got every chance of holding our lead over City and are a contender in the CL as well, but I think another trophyless year would be far more damaging than people realise. A League or FA cup might not be glamorous but it would've got the ball rolling at least if we don't end up winning the other competitions, and give the big players some reward for their hard work. It shouldn't be a case of needing to throw these to have a shot at the higher profile cups.
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    Repelling a thousand strong army somewhere with little more than a tennis bat and a snarl.
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    If he signs for Manchester United we need to resign Agger on a one match deal.
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    Iceman did inbox me and ask me to swerve his and start this. Back to winning ways please Reds. I reckon we will see Fabinho next to VVD which will be interesting. Fabinho was very good last night. Got rid , none of this fancy stuff. Growing into a very good asset for us him. Fail to win here and we are all of a sudden in a bit of a mess so a complete attacking performance needed. These are shite anyway so pit them to be asap. Settle the nerves and get back into the groove. Keeper, back 4 (with Fabinho) and front 3 pick themselves. In the middle I'd go Wijnaldum, Keita (key him playing even though he was shit last night) Henderson in the middle. Could even see him playing Lallana over Henderson. What Henderson lacks in end product, he makes up in energy and we will need that on Saturday. Shaqiri on the bench for playing more like Shakira last night apart from his free-kick. Into these Reds * * In purely footballing terms
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    That's an insult to shit flinging chimps.
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    Been learning the ukulele the last couple of months. I played and sang octopus's garden to MrsD and she said "That's the strangest song I've ever heard, did you just make it up?" I did love, and that one about letting it be.
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    I would totally agree with you... except the Cup no longer remotely resembles what the competition used to be like - bar the trophy itself. The epitome of its shitness these days is that getting to the final at Wembley isn't even special, because you play the semi there now too. The semi finals in the old days where huge unique events in themselves - Hillsborough, Villa Park etc I'm gutted we lost today, but sadly this ain't the Cup it once was. Compare my heart break walking out of Villa Park in 1990 after Palace... and this Wolves game was a pre-season friendly.
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    Some people are naturally more anxious than others and adopt pessimism as an anxiety-reducing mechanism. There's no malice or wanting the team to fail.
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    Had a funny encounter yesterday as I was berated by a fella for saying I'd probably vote for Corbyn. He spat out the word "pacifist" like it was "paedo". He then got onto Brexit and asked if my grandfathers died for us to bow to France/Germany; he seemed weirdly less than pleased when he was informed no... they survived.
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    He may turn out to be brilliant, however, to have months to prepare for the move and to turn up without speaking any English, speaks of a brain similar to Moreno.
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    Coyle on the mark as U23s earn Tottenham draw Liam Coyle was on the mark as Liverpool U23s played out a 1-1 draw with Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League 2 encounter at Stevenage on Monday night, writes Steve Hunter. With a number of regulars in action for the first XI at Wolves such as Curtis Jones, Rafael Camacho and Ki-Jana Hoever, Neil Critchley fielded a young side with Bobby Duncan making his first start at U23 level in attack. There was also the welcome return to action of Connor Randall, who has been sidelined since September with a fractured cheekbone. After a goalless opening half, the home side took the lead on 49 minutes through Kazaiah Sterling. However, Critchley’s side gave a good account of themselves and deservedly levelled on 65 minutes courtesy of Coyle’s fine effort from outside the box. Reflecting on the draw, Critchley told Liverpoolfc.com: “It was an even first half with not many clear-cut chances. In the second half at times we had to defend in numbers and show our resilience which we did. Our honesty and endeavour was brilliant and that was very pleasing.” Liverpool U23s: McKenzie-Lyle, N Williams, Juanma, Masterson, Johnston, Whelan, Coyle (R Williams, 83), Randall, Millar, Chirivella, Duncan (McAuley, 65). https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/333255-coyle-on-the-mark-as-u23s-earn-tottenham-draw
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    Some of the hype spouted about this lad before he kicked a ball for us was toe-curling, and I mean specifically re what he’d supposedly do from the off this season. He may well be suffering all the more fan frustration/impatience due to it. The old Kenny maxim of we bought him for 5 years not 5 games applies. Let’s see how his form develops for the rest of the season then fuck him off to Stevie on loan. I mean see where we are once he’s got a year under his belt.
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    A genius but Klopp's building something bigger than the individual. Coutinho's betrayal is antithetical to his project.
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    Chin up pal -- when I saw the photo I thought you were in the hospital.
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    how the fuck did that lad from the body guard win best actor at the golden globes? he spent the entire programme looking like he just really needed a shit. i thught he was awful (as was the progamme).