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    Does grabbing someone around the throat mean Sadio now gets elevated to "club legend" status?
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    A truly gifted footballer. Could infuriate with his desire to beat an opponent more than once before delivering a ball but an absolute joy to watch when he was on song, which he was frequently. His goal at Villa Park in the 1965 semi final was a thing of beauty. I remember a game against Wet Ham when it seemed that the whole Hammers defence decided the only way to stop him was to take turns at kicking him. Even the 'immaculate' Bobby Moore swung at fresh air and was left on his arse by Tommo. A great player in a great team. This getting old thing isn't all it's cracked up to be; you not only lose your youth you also lose your heroes. Turn those angels inside out, Peter!
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    "Why did we have to upset them?" Did he really say that? Would love to see the clip of that. *Off to search YouTube. Edit found it! ZPV9.mp4
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    Four years ago Kane was Solanke's age. He scored 31 goals for Tottenham that season. So, er, yeah.
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    Always think Javed looks like one of the spuds from the Smith's crisps adverts in the 80s. 'We wanna be, P-M, We wanna be...Peeeee-M.'
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    I just wind them up saying that the Cup Winners Cup no longer exists so they have never won a European trophy.
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    Ok we need a fact check for this statement. This reads like Labour constantly vote with the government on Brexit. Since the majority of parliament did the only democratic thing at that time and triggered article 50 how many times have Labour voted with the government on Brexit. Between Feb 2017 and July 2018 there were 83 votes on Brexit. Labour voted with the government zero times in that period. Probably closer to 100 now since that clip is a bit out of date but you get the gist. See below link. https://mobile.twitter.com/EL4JC/status/1014175560501776384 .
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    I see that busy cunt Sean Dyche has thrown his oar into this one. Apparently he can't believe the FA said there's no case to answer. He'd be better off focusing on avoiding relegation and the loss of his job rather than whining about us, the massive fucking prick.
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    Listen to Lord Snooty here. I suppose you poor them out onto a plate and get your Butler to feed you them off a spoon. Elitist.
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    Our knobs are bigger, our balls are bigger and Stig started the thread. Away win.
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    Rugby fans who call Twickenham 'Twickers'. Fuck off Tarquin.
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    Worse than beans on a fry-up, this shit.
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    Fair enough. Can I come with you? I'll pay half for your next brekkie?
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    I send all my empty crisp packets to Gary Numan in the post.
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    There is an episode 7 and episode 8 is due around January 7th.
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    Cruel, that. No-one should have to go to St. Helens.
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    A telling picture over who should be captain IMO.
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    Fuck Dyche, the talentless little rat. Just the latest exponent of the trusty British manager merry-go-round, who can see the lower half PL club gravy train disappearing as more clubs appoint managers from abroad with more modern tactical thinking.
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    I'm not sure what help it gives solanke to go and work under that owl faced cunt, he's a fucking dinosaur and about as far away from klopp in terms of what he expects from his players as you can imagine. We must be hoping to sell him to Palace at the end of the deal.
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    Called that out in the match thread. Pleasure to witness. Mig would have held that until all outfield players had gone back to the halfway line, then kicked it into Stanley Park. Karius would have kicked it out for a corner for Arsenal.
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    To be fair, Pickford should be holding his hands up for at least two of yesterday's goals. Or maybe he is, and nobody can tell.