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    Don't get excited, I'm not returning just yet. Having way too much fun away from the web. I'd still like to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. Catch you next December.............unless we win a trophy/league....Tory bastards get voted out......Brexit is binned...... Take care all, remember that your life is way more important than others opinions. Just be true to your beliefs but be fair towards others. John, Mike, Shep.......XXXX
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    Happy Crimbo from down under, yer filthy animals.
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    My wife is working today (hospitals do not close) so we’re not going to spend it with her family in Bristol. Instead, I’m gonna spend the day with a bunch of London-based 30 something Aussies, stuffing ourselves with M&S food and booze. Merry Christmas to you all. X
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    This place is bloody ace. The TSOP lads are unbelievable. Red or Dead and Dougie helped me out in a time of need very recently with tickets too. Dynamite, Chev, TK for being great gaming buddies. Especially Dynamite, such a helpful lad. I don't know Champ, but she is the nicest person I've never met. Dickie Mint is one of the nicest people that I did meet. What a top lad. Mook, who I look forward to buying a few pints eventually for posting me over Led Zep cd's. NV, CD, Paul, Section.....bloody brilliant posters. And Dave U, he makes it all happen.
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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals
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    Thin eye lids haha, hell of a disability that. "I'm on the sick mate. I've got Cystic Fibrosis, what about you?" "Thin Eye lids."
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    Merry Christmas. Hope it's a good one for all of you who enjoy it. And for all of you who find it tough, I hope you all get through it ok.
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    Merry Christmas all. I wish you and yours health and happiness.
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    You actually eat it? Surely that’s not normal. Bite it, spit it out, put some more bite marks in it and lash what you’ve bitten off into the bin.
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    God, the carrot. I’ve still got to eat the wretched thing before I go to bed
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    Bastard has been in about his presents already.
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    We obviously don't want them all tarred with the same brush so let's just point out that not all peados are Evertonians.
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    Thanks to everyone who voted for me as International Man of The Year 2018, which reading between the lines seems to be coming through loud and clear. “Not my words Lynne; the words of The Liverpool Way forum.” There are loads of superb posters on here. I’ve met some really sound people as well through the TSOP days out and hope to add to their number in future. Just thought this is an appropriate time of year, and thread, to say The Rev is sorely missed and was very well liked and respected by myself, and plenty of others. If you ever still lurk on here G, all the very best to you and yours mate. You brought a lot of soul to the site and you’re a class act.
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    So we're all set for tomorrow, fucking the family off(messin) and spending the day serving and talking and hopefully, having a laugh of sorts, with the homeless and those living on the poverty line. As a request(all good spirited) I was asked to make the trifle, they had everything else other than a trifle, so I made one, a proper one - bar the custard, which sadly is from powder, the rest, is mine, bar growing it. Did some homemade fudge as well. No beans, so can't be all bad for you non-beanist bastards. Merry Christmas you festive fuckers
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    His family are reportedly in shock, one stunned relative said "I really don't know what to say, I never would have guessed he was an evertonian, I guess you never really know someone." another stated "It's a stitch up, they have the wrong person it must be. I can't believe this it's brought shame on the whole family. He's never supported Everton and we can't understand why people are saying this"
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    Klopp’s a fraud. Spot on, JP. Pretty sure he’s got a regular slot on the Sunday Supplement these days.
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    I like to think, in this time of great soccerball from the reds, that G Richards has done a complete 180 and is out there on a forum somewhere, defiantly predicting that we’ll finish outside the top 4.
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    No issue with his general point....it is extremely unlikely we will go unbeaten. It is the what I see as slightly snidey comment about Guardiola not being concerned about a 4 pt gap that smacks of typical twatishness from the horrible get.