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    Guys please, I'm supposed to be tidying up while the mrs is at work..
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    Goal and celebration from different angles
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    Liverpool supporters these last 24 hours:
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    Saw a video this morning taken from the Kop. All the lads are celebrating. Except one. Sadio. Instead, he decides to go and get the ball and take it over and hands it to Gana Gueye, obviously goading him over the time wasting. Gana Gueye just smacks the ball out of his hands. Brilliant.
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    It was fucking boss in work today. Kids just the ripping the Evertonian IT teacher all day long. He said to me in all seriousness, “I’ve made my peace with it now. I know I’ll never see us win at Anfield”. I laughed at him and said he was being daft, to which he replied that the last time it happened he was eight years old. I said, “Fair enough” and walked off pissing myself.
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    Sian Massey is the best lino in the Premier League and has been for a while.
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    Firmino hasn't been playing at number nine, so I don't see much value in comparing him to other number nines around the continent.
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    Can’t we just forget this whole mess and get on with having a decent country and economy? Ta.
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    He is probably just knackered after last seasons efforts, losing the CL final and having the world cup too. I read somewhere that he's played a massive amount of games compared to his peers. It is possible it has just taken its toll. Regardless, he needs to be back in the CF spot through the middle. Not doing anyone any good playing him elsewhere.
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    Except Crolla himself.
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    Of course they believe they deserved to win. They've taken the blue pill; they wake up in their beds and believe whatever they want to (to paraphrase a film that was released the year they last won at Anfield).
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    We need to keep salah out wide put Bobby back as a number 9. Whatever it is we seem to be trying to achieve has dulled our sharpness. We bought Allison have VVD and now fabinho, kieta and shaquiri I don't see why we can't do what we did last season but with better options.
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    The team he manages are in the play off final so our Diego decides to get bevies in the stands during the game then start twitting reporters when they lose. I love this man. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6454825/Diego-Maradona-aims-punch-news-reporters-feisty-encounter.html
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    Steve0 Shaqiri throws Liverpool jacket in disgust after being snubbed off..
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    This is my mate's band's new video, I'm one of the extras in it. You can see the back of my head twice so it was well worth the bollocking I got for staying out for hours on end helping out (& drinking)...