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    Not sure why people call it "dreaded Europa League" I'd be fucking made up if we won it.
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    Sun - Cat Power I fancy Cat Power so I may be a bit biased on this review. Having spent most of my allocated time to listen to this, listening to her new album ‘Wanderer’ I’m a bit later than I anticipated with this review. So here goes. Cherokee - A nice soft and gentle opening. I like Cat’s vocal melodies and overlaying on all her stuff. This is a nice intro track and has a lot, yet subtle, additional elements in it that add the beef to it. I think this would would work just as well as a vocal and piano track. Sun - Album’s title track. Bit of an acid/techno vibe running softly in the background. Feels a bit of a step into modern Mark Lanegan. Some nice melodies in both the guitar chord progressions with Cat’s (on first name terms me) vocals. Another nice and mellow ideal for a sunset or Sunday late morning early afternoon listening. Ruin - I like this one. Her vocal layering is great again. I like the pattern she sings too. Again everything is soft and gentle on the ears, even though intention gets ramped up a bit it’s not overbearing. Sounds like a lot of stuff that has preceded and you’ll find on 6Music. 3,6,9 - Another catchy little vocal pattern. One thing I don’t like that Cat uses is that bloody vocal shifter effect. It’s straight out the Victoria Beckham/Dane Bowers book of complete fuckwittery. Besides that small issue, Always On My Own - Bit of moodier one this. Reminds me of a slower version Lykki Li “I’m Good, I’m Gone” crossed with a tiny bit of Portishead. Real Life - There’s that acid/techno vibe. Listening to this makes me yearn (seriously? Yearn?) for her to do something with Mark Lanegan. I think their voices would compliment each other excellently. Human Being - A bit of a Joy Division vibe at the start of this. Then she brings in her honey like vocals. Dark feel to this one with a positive spin. One of my favourites off the album. Manhattan - Got a film soundtrack vibe to it this. Played over of reflection about friendship/love. Silent Machine - Ooohh a bit of electric guitar. Defo should be doing something with Lanegan. She sounds dead sexy on this one. Got a The Kills vibe going on. Obviously not Alison Mossheart levels of power, more the mellower, quieter sister. Nothin But Time - Electro with some piano start. End of a film being imagined listening to this. Bit of a spiritual feeling to it. It’s nice while not mind blowing. Peace And Love - Boss bit of guitar at the start. And a drummer. Feels like it’s the gentle offspring of ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zep. Her vocal pattern is boss again. Really dig this one. Overall, it’s a decent album that is very listenable and easy on the ear. I really like her voice and vocal patterns and melodies. One thing that lets her down is that I feel there is another gear/level that she could push herself vocally. More power in the music; it’s all pretty much the same style/tempo/level (which she does well). I’m gonna give it 7.03/10. Enjoyable, easy to listen to, just leaves me wanting a bit more from her at the end especially when Peace And Love comes on.
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    he may be fantastic in the dressing room and monging in front of the cameras at a children's hospital, but he's fucking useless on the pitch. He wins joint least inspirational captain with that twat off the Costa Concordia.
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    Its been a shocking campaign, we look really clueless away from home. That fucking midfield - i'd be very interested to read any kind of reasoned defence of it, because to me it is killing us.
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    There's a Russian guy who works in our office. Every Mon and Weds fruit gets delivered to the office for staff to take as they wish. This dude is usually in early on Mon and Weds and often takes shit loads and puts it in his desk drawers for the week ahead and thinks nobody has ever noticed him. Last week, one of the Polish guys who is moving job next week took a stand. It must have been bothering him and building up inside and as he was leaving, he probably decided 'fuck it'. So as Russian lad went to the toilet, Polish lad went to his desk and took all the fruit out. Bananas, mandarins and plums - not sure how many exactly but there was a good amount. He pushed back his keyboard and laid the fruit out in the shape of a cock. When Russian dude came back he wasn't a happy camper and started looking at everyone to see who to blame. It was hilarious. If he knew who did it I reckon he defo would have punched him. He stormed out of the office for a good 40 mins before returning. I don't think he'll take as much fruit in future... Just thought I'd share that, ye know, Russians.
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    He is a shithouse coward of the highest order. I can't believe what Klopp sees in him. The Ardja brigade will be out defending him soon. Fucking shithouse of a captain and as a player. Think he's actually regressed since joining. He is probably a nice guy and does alot of running in training, but as a footballer at this level he can fuck right out of the club and go back to Sunderland. Did I say shithouse ?, he makes me puke. Fucking nivea poster boy joke.
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    That's all well and good, but how are we meant to call each other cunts if we all agree?
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    Yeah - a club that has won as little as we have in the last decade can't be turning it's nose up to any trophies.
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    Maybe they are capable of differentiating between various opinions and points he makes, rather than dismissing him and other people on the grounds of their ideological profile?
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    Pretty sure they're in their own category for water sports, at least on certain websites.
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    If you get him in the office Secret Santa, may I suggest a copy of The Grapes of Wrath.
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    I think it's safe to say we won't be naming any stands in our beloved captains good name. The Jordan 'just get rid' stand.
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    He's the Captain. It is ALL on him. Same as it was for Souness, Gerrard and all the other GREAT Captains who accepted the responsibility to represent the club as a player and as a Captain. If he doesn't want that responsibility, give up the armband.
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    Late 2nd half: Silva "hurts" his head when falling to ground. He's outside the sideline so the ref correctly lets play go on. Seeing that, Silva walks on to the pitch again and lay down there instead. Play stops so that he can receive medic care, after all it's a "head injury" we’re talking about. Ref accepts these actions and 2 mins run off the clock. Our players “sportingly” returns the ball to PSG when play eventually starts again. How the f*** can this happen?
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    I was talking to my bird about the Beatles a while back and I started to talk about Stuart Sutcliffe and after a few minutes of me talking she said “you’d think more would be said about The Yorkshire Ripper once being in The Beatles”. with that, my vote is for Stuart Sutcliffe.
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    Shit tissues. We normally keep a box in the living room but we ran out a few days ago. I had to nip in the corner shop this morning anyway and I noticed they had some on offer. 50p for a box or two for a pound. Never one to miss out on a bargain, I picked up the two boxes. As it happens I’ve got a runny nose today so I tried one of these tissues. Fucking woeful. I’ve never known anything like it. Couldn’t even withstand one nose blow before it fell to bits. I reckon you’d need, and this is a conservative estimate, at least 15 of them if you were planning a wank.
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    Couldn't imagine this happening not only nowadays but over the last 20 years in which a player who's been slagged off gets a chance to come on and defend himself against the bloke who's been having a pop.
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    I absolutely hate Anthea Turner. I'd put her with Jamie Theakston, Fearne Cotton and most of the history of the cast of EastEnders as being guaranteed just horrible horrible people.
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    To all those who may be interested, I am looking to drum up some support for the train guards who are currently in dispute over their role and necessity on trains. To that end the link below will link you to a PDF document which was gathered by the RMT from the 1400 train guards around the country, which gives some brief detail, in their own words, about the types of incident they've dealt with during the course of their job, and what they see as their value to the public. Brief highlights: 80% have prevented an emergency situation arising; 80% have use their safety critical training in an emergency situation; 98% have tackled incidents of ant-social behaviour with 63% having done so over 20 times; 51% have prevented/deterred an incident of sexual assault with 12% having dealt with over 5 such incidents; 85% provide assistance to at least one disabled passenger on a daily basis. https://www.rmt.org.uk/news/public-document-library/the-role-of-the-guard-what-our-members-say/ In addition, there is a Parliamentary petition calling for legislation to make it mandatory for train companies to have a guard on the train. This has been set up by a 16yr old A Level student, Ben Spiers, not by the union. He is a law student who was asked by his tutor to set up a petition for something he felt strongly about in terms of a change in the law. Its good to see youth engaged in politics, so if you feel able to offer support I'd encourage you to sign it. The link is below. It currently has about 23,000 signatures but could do with a boost. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231479 And finally, on Thursday 29th October there is a public meeting at 6pm the Adelphi Hotel. The room is set up for 250 people, but the local train guards are hoping for as many people to turn up as possible, hopefully making sure the capacity is exceeded, to show the local train operators that there is a significant level of support for the guards being on trains. Again, if you feel you can support this then turn up. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    Sarah Parish is 50 now.
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    A Frog goes into his Bank he goes to the counter and noticed the lady behind the counter is called Patty Whack . The Frog says " Hello Miss Whack, I would like a £ 30,000 loan please ". Patty says, " Could I have your name Sir? " . " Yes " says the Frog, My name is Kermit Jagger, Mick Jagger is my Dad ". Patty then said, " Mr Jagger, for a loan that size, we require some form of Collateral". The Frog pulls a small pink porcelain elephant from his pocket. " Here, take this, I know the Manager", he says . Patty says " I will talk to the Manager " and she goes to his Office . " Sir " she says, " There is a Frog in the Bank who says he knows you and his Dad is Mick Jagger and wants a loan and brought this ( holding up the Elephant) for collateral , what is it ? The Manager says... " Its a Knick knack Patty Whack, give the Frog a Loan. His old Man is a Rolling Stone !"