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    Chris, you fucking fraud.
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    He’s no Phily Burkhill, that’s for sure.
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    I couldn't think of anything worse, I hate almost everyone, everything annoys me so it should be ideal but I'd just be bored, and miss the pub.
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    No, I bloody wouldn’t. I just thought it was definitely strange as fuck that they didn’t give her presents before school and agreed to send her round to a virtual strangers house though. Anyhoo, why would I need to go round there when I know you’ll be keeping a close eye on things from now on?
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    10 months today you miserable fucks. if you’ve not seen this before or want to know more, please see the link below. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dan-jones40
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    I'll keep that under consideration. We're not yet ready to retire, so in the meantime perhaps you could rake up all the leaves to prevent any forest fires.
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    They could make a serial out of that
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    Man on left: "Hello?" Man on right: "Thy mother!"
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    Wife at the time was a nurse and we decided to try it for three years in 2001; the wages are triple up North because of the isolation. Nurses were in high demand, and I took univeristy courses through correspondance ( internet back then up north was limited to dial up- one page of the TLW would take 15 minutes to load- a long time to just someone calling Sander Westerveld a cunt) We liked it and stayed bar a couple years when her father became terminally ill with cancer and spent a year or so in ottawa looking after him.
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    Nunn was a great fighter, and was widely ranked higher than both Benn and Eubank at the time. But it was James Tony that was the guy at Super middleweight at the time. Neither wanted anything to do with him and he beats both comfortably. That wasn't Eubank either imo. Chris Eubank retired in 1991. He was never the same after Watson 2
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    I agree with Stronts, it's not a good look for Corbyn. However, if he had a valid reason for missing the vote - such as a secret meeting to discuss the formation of a new political party to replace the one he's currently the leader of - then I suppose it's fair enough.
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    The fuck is wrong with you Tony?
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    We watched him for at least a full season at Ajax and then decided he wasn't good enough. Still freaks my nut out to this day. Our Eredivisie scouts are wank.
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    My boss did the trans-siberian express when he was younger and has a number of cool stories. One of which was when he and his mate got to Lake Baikal they wanted to visit an island in the centre of it. With some very limited Russian, they arranged for a local fisherman to take them there and return for them in 2 days. He took them to a nice remote spot on the island and they were left with their tent and 2 days worth of food. The problems started when the fisherman did not return after 2 days. One day my boss was smoking on a cliff that overlooked the beach where his mate was sleeping in a tent. He noticed a Bear patrolling the beach and pass the tent, which still had some food in it at the time, luckily it just had a couple sniffs and got on with it. At this point they started reading up a bit more on the island and it had something like 10 times the density of Bear population as well as Tigers running wild. They kept what little food they had away from the tent after this. They were obviously getting hungrier after 4 or 5 days and managed to catch a Rabbit and kill it. But they got grossed out skinning the thing and threw it away! They also decided to start exploring the island as they were in a real survival situation now and needed food, despite the dangers of the wild animals. They saw an old tent that looked like it had been there for years but were too creeped out by it to open it!? They returned back to their camp where the fisherman picked them up after a week, turns out it was a hilarious misunderstanding. Is it weird that I'm a bit jealous that this happened to him?
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    But, but , but they all walk the game? Bring back the ferries from Llandudno to the Pier Head.
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    Personally I am quite a fan of electricity
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    There was contact, he was entitled to go down.
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    Me;Dave paid you off din't he ?? Simon: yes, quite a LOT of money. Me; you wasted most of it Simon- I didn't waste it. Me;- Tell them what you spent it on. Simon; I released my own movie, if that's a waste. Me- It didn't even get in the top 100 imdb! Simon: Good. Didn't want it to. Next? Me; How much did it cost? Simon: ''Cost'' is a bit misleading because I paid for everything. Studio time, pasties, PR costs. Me:- Roughly, how much did you spend? - Simon Roughly? £42,000. But that's all outgoings. That's not taking into account the money I made from the dvds sold. Me; - How much did you make? - Simon; I had my own label, ''clear and Squeasant danger productions''. Um, I was taking the lion's share, so I made a clear £1 profit for every DVD sold. Me; How many DVDs did you sell? Simon; - overall.......150. me;- That was mainly to Turdseye and family.
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    Used to be ok for players to bet on games. Then they bandit.
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    If you bet £20 I'll give you 5 free spins on the 'FSG are not shit' thread.
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    I look forward to the next ad, where Bogdan fumbles and drops his shaving stick, only to turn around to see Moreno eating his.
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    Even if you ignore the cringe, it's just stupid. Manages to cover himself in shaving foam then the silly cunt stands directly under the shower, confused that all his hard work has been undone by the pesky water. So he whips out the arl shaving stick, but he's learned his lesson and doesn't stand under the water this time, so what's the deal? Is that shit waterproof or not? If it is then show me, if not then what's the fucking point of it? Then Milner seemingly wants to borrow it afterwards, which I imagine is quite unhygienic, so it's actually at a disadvantage over using the foam in the can, if you wish to share it around amongst your shower buddies without getting chest AIDS. I'm going to need to see Mo in an advert before I'm impressed. Or Ox's Mrs shaving her minge.
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    Not Hades' cat. When you ask her who her hero is, she always says "Mao".