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    I can accept non-binary choices quite happily, but it comes with the agreement that there is male and femal as per the ability to reproduce, and then other categories outside of this. As such; those first 2 categories are offered as much protection and right to exist as all other categories, and if you choose to identify as another category, that is fine but your choice does not allow you to intrude upon the rights of the other categories. In short, support transgenderism, but believe natal women are allowed the right to exclude others from certain environments and those others will include transgender folk. Equally, transgender folks can exclude natal women and men from their chosen spaces. its pretty fucking easy, non binary - sure, just allow the difference, and don’t claim to be seen as exactly the same.
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    Jurassic 5 - Future Sound.
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    Good to see the leadership we're getting from our Government. In the five days since the report was published, they've scrapped grants for hybrid cars and fracking has restarted in Lancashire.
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    I reckon that if you’ve been in the same place for 40000 years, you’re safe to say you’re not an immigrant.
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    Gazza (90's era) Hank Moody Danny Dyer Joe Walsh (the eagles) Bob Mortimer
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    Make a tower out of the sausages and haggis, sprinkle with chives. Adja would give you 20 quid for it.
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    I’ve just ordered a fry-up from Just eat and I’m now starting to worry about what is going to turn up. This has the potential to be a fucking monstrosity. will update when it arrives.
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    Fucking bullshit international friendly cunt matches.
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    Great bunch of murderous cunts.
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    If you’ve had your cock chopped off, you’re a woman. if your cock is still present, you’re a fella. no fucking way should somebody with a cock go to a women’s prison. If that’s a the case, I’ll run stab your nan, claim I’m a woman and bum stigs female family members because they are all defo locked up, the wrong’uns.
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    I can make you envy and pity me in equal doses. Just about to board a flight to Australia, the next 21 hours will be in a plane with a hyper 10 month baby
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    How pissed were you when it seemed like a good idea to make this particular order? (5 day binge on the crack cocaine/ketamine/spice cocktail) not withstanding?
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    Thats a heroic effort from Fuge, he expected it to be bad but braved it anyway. When it arrived it was worse than expected. Noble suffering for this forum's art. 10/10 for bravery. 1/10 for the breakfast, it's still better than Lifey's effort. It may be shit but at least it wouldn't break your teeth as you eat it.
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    Taking a chance admitting that Tone. Might get banged!
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    I'm pretty confident that, certainly on a global scale, livestock contributes more CO2 emissions than transport. There is also the methane from livestock to take into consideration, and methane is 25 times more damaging than CO2. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jul/21/giving-up-beef-reduce-carbon-footprint-more-than-cars https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/07/big-meat-big-dairy-carbon-emmissions-exxon-mobil It certainly couldn't hurt to drive less as well as reducing meat consumption. I don't drive, but if I did, it would be a low-emission vehicle. The idea that we are powerless to act as individuals though is clearly rubbish - every single one of us (or at least, most of us) has the means to at least halve our personal emissions.
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    Review : The Future Isn't What It Used To Be by Exit Calm And once again here's another album I've never heard by another band that I've never even heard of. The album cover smacks of The Stone Roses though. We shall see... [presses play] The Rapture opens the album with spaced out bass and guitars, a nice laid back riff. I like. "You think that you've figured it out, I think your time's ran out". Definitely a Browny / Liam vocal style, not necessarily a bad thing. The Rapture gives me U2 / Kasabian vibes, again not necessarily a bad thing. Good song, enjoyed it. Albion starts all hi-hats and rim shots, another very spacey guitar line, getting his money's worth from that Neunaber Wet reverb pedal. Where are these guys from? Manchester? Up North? I like this, spacey, trippy, I could imagine this might be what the Roses 3rd album might have sounded like if they hadn't disappeared up their own hoops. Crying out for a killer hook or solo though. I like the mix, another solid track. Fiction - Big beats, another Unforgetable Fire era Edge riff. A nice progressive chorus leads back into a lovely bass driven verse. A good pissed up / stoned dancey track. For me this is the best song yet. When They Rise - More reverb and delayed guitars, clearly "their sound". I like the dry drums, a plodding riff gives way to a really nice chorus. I can't quite catch what he's singing but that big Roses style chorus saves this song. Good stuff. Higher Bound - Acoustic guitar and snareless drums, musically this isn't aaa million miles away from my own previous AOW Adore. One criticism is perhaps this album is a bit one paced and plodding. It would benefit from some up tempo stormers. Holy War is a bass lead plodder. The chorus again provides the colour to the shoegazey and reverbed out riffage. The solo is simple but welcome. Reminds me very much of Afghan Whigs' Demon In Profile this track, but just nowhere near as good. Not bad, not great. Promise - Rim shots and reverb, the cymbals sound lovely. "I am the voice between your eyes and in your mind". More U2 / Roses / shoegaze. It's not at all bad but not at all original or exciting. Unremarkable is the word I'd choose, although far better in the quicker sections. Glass House - Lovely bass line kicks this track off, seriously it could be Ian Brown singing that 1st verse. "Heart of stone" ? Hmm. Again some nice jangly guitars, with all the effects. I like the feedback backing loop, again very reminiscent of the Pumpkins' For Martha. Really like this one. Open Your Sky - Last song rolls in with a dulled snare beat and delayed guitar jangle. "I was falling like the rain...", the vocalist is limited but has done a decent job throughout, staying in the pocket, aware of his limitations, instead just easily complementing the music. Another nice riff, another nice song. Okay, thoughts ? Enjoyed this album, didn't love it, it was nice without ever getting my pulse racing or without ever giving me goosebumps. Reminded me of several other bands and definitely of a time and place, of a scene where I only ever had one foot present. Not bad, nice, inoffensive. 6.5 or 7 outta 10 for me Clive.
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    You should have kept your kecks on.
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    If it didn't have beans on it i'd marry you. But it has. So. I'm gonna have to ask where Maddie is.
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    Any organisation committing to pay the real Living Wage is a good thing and is obviously to be welcomed. When its a Premier League football club - the kind of organisation that routinely rewards mediocrity with much more than the national median salary every fucking week - the obvious question is "what kept you"? https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/announcements/318286-liverpool-fc-living-wage And when you learn that Liverpool are only the fourth Premier League to commit to the Living Wage, then it's time to get angry and start smashing things.
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