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    I’ve got no problem with measured criticism of any player. And I also understand it when a player gets ripped after big and/or repeated fuck ups. However, that’s not what happens with Henderson, is it? He doesn’t make big or repeated fuck ups, yet the criticism is not measured. I had absolutely no concept of your opinion of him in my head when I wrote this; I was thinking about Twitter to be honest. However, I guess I must have touched a nerve. Do you routinely slag him off and say he’s not fit to blah, blah, blah? If not, then I have no problem with your view no matter how highly - or otherwise - you rate him. If you - or any other Red, by the way; as I said, I had a general set of gobshites in my head when I wrote it - do though, then see above. To be clear on my own view of the player, he is a very good premier league midfielder and patently not a great one. However, I fail to see why that is a problem in any way, shape or form for us. He’s a vital cog in a well-oiled machine and he does his job effectively and consistently. Furthermore, when we’re on a collective run of form like the one we’ve been on for going on the last twelve months, it’s seems utterly bizarre to direct so much vitriol at a player who’s playing well. The argument with him - and I see you allude to a version of it above - seems to be “He’s not Gerrard/Souness/Xabi/The Chief/whoever”, which is fine as a statement of fact but not as a stick to beat him with. And I stand by what I said above. I’ve seen pretty much every home game he’s played for us and I have heard nothing even vaguely close to the shit he gets online at the match. It’s inane and embarrassing. I mean it’s not even factually correct! I’m far from being a stats nerd, but the idea that he always passes backwards or sideways is just not born out by the hard data. No, the stuff I’m sick of reading about him is utterly fucking witless drivel that I’ll continue to criticise as and when it occurs to me. Not sure where I’ll stick in my articles mind. But if you object so much, you’re welcome to mentally file me in the Internet gobshite category I’ve got the Hendo haters in. I’m more than comfortable with my view here. This is not football or match-going snobbery; this is just complete intolerance of views that are factually incorrect and boorishly expressed. Supporting Liverpool should not preclude criticism, but it should preclude pricks on Twitter calling the captain all the cunts under the sun.
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    Povetkin before the fight - Povetkin after the fight. Poor guy.
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    Is this “I know better than you”, “you don’t go the game”, “my opinion is more valid than anyone else’s” Henderson shit going to be a running thread all season Paul? If you’ve never heard anyone criticise him since his first season, you need your ears testing. ive heard the entire ground let out their collective frustration at him many times. I’ve heard the Kop scream “turn” 10 or more times in the game in the vain hope that he might try to positively influence a game that was crying out for leadership from midfield. He’s fine, and against really good teams he’s a key player to have in the side, but your crusade is rubbish. He’s not the shit that he sometimes gets called, but he’s not ‘boss’ either, the vast majority of the time. With better players around him, when asked to be about energy and doing a limited job, he’s excellent at it (PSG this week a case in point), but there’s been plenty of his career where it’s been fair for people to want more, when thinking of past midfield leaders this club has been able to call on. anyway, I guess back to my question, if it is going to be a common thread all year, can you try to make it always the last point so I can know to stop reading. ta.
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    Good again, Paul. I normally lick ass, so I'm going to pick out the bit I didn't like rather than all the things I did. Without wanting to turn a thread with a good OP into a thread arguing about Hendo and match going fans vs internet beauts, I read the Hendo point pretty much the same way as Bob. I barely mention Henderson, so I'm probably (hopefully) not in your mind when writing it either, but it certain did come across the way that Bob mentioned: if you don't agree about Hendo, you're an internet beaut. We do have a load of beauts following us, especially vocal online beauts, but I don't think it should be conflated with not going or disagreeing about players. That might work to belittle those who have never been to a game, but I spent years coming back from the match less informed about parts of it than I was after rewatching it on the TV. It's a strange match to choose to do it, too. He just come off a match against PSG where he was what he usually isn't, which is dominant. He is a cog, but he's not in any way a unique cog, a vital cog, or a cog that does much more than be a consistent part of the machine to keep the ball flowing. If he played like he did against PSG, which he has only really ever done a handful of times - and always against top opposition - nobody here or anywhere would have a problem with him. I don't particularly have a problem with him, other than he shouldn't be captain, and he probably shouldn't be starting against the majority of teams in the Premier League. I'd not sell him, he's a solid International player that rarely does anything wrong, on or off the pitch. You always know what you're going to get from him; a performance that is 6.5-7.5 against anybody outside the top 6 and a very occasional 9.5 against top teams. Anyway, it did seem strangely accusatory. Just some feedback, you'll obviously take it or leave it. Either way, generally another good, enjoyable read.
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    Because it contains the letters R, E and D.
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    1. So for the first time in our history we’ve won the first seven games of a season. First time. In our history. Seven!!! Won!!! 2. PSG excepted though, we’ve barely hit third gear and today was very much in that vein. However it wasn’t about riding our luck or scraping through. We’re just very, very good and can beat most sides we face without breaking a sweat. 3. I don’t mean to imply arrogance or complacency though. We’ve been grafting constantly in every game and the third gear thing is about form rather than choice or attitude. That said, there is something hugely satisfying about us being able to experiment with the line up as we did here and still emerge as eminently comfortable winners. 4. Klopp went with Shaqiri in midfield, resting Milner in exchange, but also switched the front three around with Salah through the middle, Mané right and Bobby left (in the first half at least). It wasn’t exactly fluent and yet it led to three first half goals. He’s getting this whole squad thing eminently right so far and indeed starting to step it up at just the right time. 5. Shaqiri looked lively on his first start, working hard and linking well with his teammates. His free kick for Mo’s goal was sensational and it was disappointing that he emerged onto the bench for the second half. Hopefully that was just a precaution from Klopp with Wednesday night in mind, as he’d taken a clattering about 35 minutes in. Either way though, he was good and I’ll be disappointed if he isn’t starting when we play Chelsea in the league cup. He looks hungry, aggressive and very Kloppball-esque. For thirteen million quid. Sound. 6. Despite Klopp dipping his toes into rotation today (before no doubt fully embracing it on Wednesday night), he stuck with his front three and, while he wasn’t on fire, Mo looked sharper again. He’s now got three goals and two assists in six league games. Not bad for a lad who’s apparently out of form. He could have had more too, with what seemed a weird offside decision denying him at least the brace. 7. Virgil going off gave the crowd a wobble with The Kop noticeably more jittery afterwards. However, that was surely more testament to his universally accepted importance to the side rather than any perceived drop off on the pitch in his absence as Joe G came on and, despite playing on the other side to normal, was very Virgil-like in his composure and class on the ball. Indeed there was one moment where he shut down a Southampton break on our left flank on his own that was absolutely brilliant, stealing the ball and laying it off to Robbo (who unfortunately contrived to immediately give it away). 8. Which brings me to our joke of a captain. I mean, can you believe this? He ripped Robbo’s head off not once, but twice for that error and we all know he’s not fit to wear the armband/is a crab/never shows his teeth/(insert more random internet gobshite bollocks). All sarcasm aside, I haven’t heard a single complaint about Hendo at the match since the season he arrived under Kenny and played like a timid kid when deployed on the right. He was good again today, just like he always is, playing that cog-in-the-Kloppball-machine role to perfection. The moral of this story? We’ve got some bad blerts following us online and Hendo is boss. 9. While I’m on about the midfield, the TLW lads were all chatting before the game and Spurs’ less than stellar start was discussed in relation to their lack of signings and in the context of what ours have done for us. For all the broader rumblings about Fabinho barely featuring, people seem to be missing the impact the new signings have had on our existing midfielders. Certainly Gini and Milner have raised their games (almost unbelievably in Milner’s case after his brilliance last year) and that is exactly what happens at title winning clubs. That’s not to say we will win the title, but it’s clear that the momentum is relentlessly forward and much of it is currently the result of improvements from the more unsung players of last season. 10. So, the great start to the campaign continues apace and there’s no reason to think that can’t continue in the week. I expect we’ll see a dramatically changed side, but these players are so well drilled that I don’t envisage a problem against Chelsea on Wednesday. In fact, I think this winning run is going to be sustained up to and including City so settled and reassuringly drilled have we been. There, I’ve said it: we'll beat Chelsea and City. Come on you Reds!!! Paul Natton View full article
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    Another good thing about last night was that Usyk was in attendance. The language barrier might have so far prevented him from realising just what a colossal wanker Bellew is. Sitting at Ringside for seven rounds hearing ”ANTNEE. HE’S BLOWING. ANTNEE. ANTNEE” on a loop will have left him in no doubt.
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    Into The Wild. 10/10. Amazing film. I thought maybe people were going over the top about it, but I was wrong. Dead wrong. Would be lying if I said I didn't have a little bit of grit in my eye at the end, there. I just wish I'd have seen it at 20 years old, because it's one of those pieces of art (by that I mean book, film, etc) that has you thinking about yourself and the path you have/will take. Right now it's making me feel like I should have been much braver in the path I took. Brilliant recommendation.
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    Maybe my point about the match versus the Internet was crass. However, when you’re making a point in this way, you have to be (relatively) concise - and in general terms, that’s where I’d draw the line: you don’t hear wild shit thrown at the players at Anfield but the Internet is full of it. Without wishing to sound grandiose, there’s a responsibility to supporting Liverpool at the match that means it takes a lot for any player to take real shit. I mean even Karius wasn’t getting abuse at Anfield despite numerous fuck ups. That doesn’t make match-going Reds special; it just means they accept the Anfield culture. Also, there are clearly loads of people online - match-going or otherwise - who don’t give out this shit. However, when, as Dave put it to me, you’ve got internet virgins compiling YouTube videos to “prove” Klopp is wrong then in my view that’s worth challenging. Good Reds (regardless of how they watch us) should not feel my ire was aimed at them, so apologies for not making that clear. Just to reiterate though, this is not so much about rating Henderson, as objecting to how it’s expressed. The idea that there aren’t better players than him around would be ridiculous. However, neither does that make him a problem now. He’s playing really well and the team is doing sensationally. I’d just like the legion of cunts who shout the odds online to have a fucking day off.
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    Never been the same since his daughter ran rings around him , get rid.
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    No issue with double albums myself. As long as you bloody people review the second part of the album, unlike In Rainbows where everybody only reviewed Disc 1. Still fairhuuuuuummmmming over that one.
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    I don't see any issue with what corbyn did yesterday. We should be glad of his continued support, because we're going to need it when these slippery twats try to wriggle out of their charges. However, I'm getting really dissolusioned with the whole Europe thing. I feel like labour is just giving up and providing absolutely no opposition to those other twats. By the time they move, it's going to be too late. This "let's wait for an election, where we'll still take you out of Europe but start negotiating all over again" is just fucking pure nonsense. We're out in 6 months. Step the fuck up.
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    Smashing Pumkins - Adore Not what i was expexting at all. As i said nver listened to them before so was expecting more of a 90s sounding rock band. Having read up on the making of the album it makes more sense. Very interesting sound,ethereal at times with the synths and piannos giving it a very soft and flowling type of feel. The lyrics realy do stand out as a man really going through some difficult shit. Starting to feel a misrable arsehole with my reviews as again this is one i really wouldn't go back to. Im not keen on his vocals and the album to me feels like its stuck in some sort of dilema of what it wanted to be. Lyrically it feels very much like it could have come from a grunge band, very depressive voacally and lyrically, but with alot of electronics trying to make it feel more upbeet in a weird wishy washy rock sort of way. I think if you listened to this with the normal teenage angst issues then maybe it would hold something for you. I can't really do to much of the grunge/depressive music and i'm really not a fan of a drone/nasilly type of vocalist. I would like to see this without the elctronics and done like a old MTV Unplugged album where i think the lyrics might have come to the front a little more and not been hidden. I liked the start of Shame, but felt it never delivered what i was expecting. It felt like it was slowly building into something and then seemed to fade and and start building up again with ever getting there. Maybe on another heavier album it would? There are some things here that sound interesting but for me it sounds really mixed up and reading with the shit he was dealing with at the time of writing and recording i guess that makes plenty of sense. I think mostly it's my issue, if the vocals put me off thn i really struggle finding much in the rest of the music. Best Track To Shiela Also really liked the piano on for Martha and blank page I don't hate it like i did the last one but i wouldn't go on my playlist 6/10
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    Waajeed - Strength DKD( Dego, Kaidi , DazIkue)- Future Rage
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    It’s a bit mad really. I don’t know what people want from him. He’s always in entertaining fights, beats whatever’s put in front of him usually with devastating KOs and is clearly the best heavyweight on the planet. Yes, he’s flawed and I understand the desire to see Eddie Hearn’s cash cow take a beating but can’t we just enjoy something for what it is sometimes? A bloody good, charismatic, entertaining fighter.
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    I take private lessons with Steve and I know his input in this programme has been massive. He's not just the 'presenter'. The guy is so knowledgeable about drumming and the roots of everything it's great to see it translated onto the small screen (not to mention him getting lots of compliments not only from the drumming community but outside of that too). He's one of the best drumming educators this country has produced and a top guy to boot. Even my partner enjoyed the latest episode earlier and she has to live with drums on a daily basis. Its been a great series so far.
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    Glad Maureen's stayed a bit longer, he's not fully completed the job yet.
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    Haha yes. Go to his home studio for lessons occasionally when I’m looking for tips on changing techniques, have done for 2/3 years now and he’s always been great to me. Gotten to know him a fair bit and he’s a great guy. We always have long chats about music before we get down to the lesson and what we’re both up to but I will say he’s always very complimentary about his time with Weller. Always get some cracking and honest antidotes from him but they aren’t my stories to tell.
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    The Art of Drumming? Got that on my to watch list. Mook has been stalking Steve White on Twitter about it. Well I say stalk, he’s rightly praised Whitey (from what I have read and small snippets I have seen)
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    If you love 4-4-2 so much why don't you marry it?