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    I’ve seen a lot of praise going to fans, especially coming from abroad, for being loud and sing throughout the match – no matter what. Great support they say. It’s bullshit! Crowd singing “Liverpool – Liverpool” seconds after PSG equalizes when clock’s running out is support. Crowd going “oh Andy Andy” when he finds the energy to make a 60 yard sprint late in a match is support. Cheering as though we’ve scored when Milner tackles Neymar is support. It’s all interacting with play and players, encouraging them to go on and take that one extra step. Banging drums and sing the same song, same sound level, on and on and on and on, whether it’s a boring stale mate or and exiting show of brilliance in front of them? Well that’s simply not support, just boring. Anyone can do that, you don’t even have to see the game, let alone interact with it.
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    Has there ever been a better time to be a bricklayer?
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    Tug boats at the Pier Head 1963 Nearly completed St Johns beacon late 60's Kids playing football at Fort Street Wallasey 1900
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    Freedom of movement without guaranteeing equal rights for all workers is a neoliberal wet dream; it allows unscrupulous employers (and forces those who find themselves competing against unscrupulous employers in an immoral system) to undercut local workers with a cheaper imported workforce. The employers engineer a race to the bottom, knowing that they willreap the rewards, while the inevitable backlash will be aimed at the immigrant workers. Any Labour Party worthy of the name will promote the rights of all workers equally. That's the way to reduce the numbers of immigrants "coming over here and stealing our jobs"; simply make them compete for jobs on a level playing field, by forcing the employers to give them the same rates and rights as the local workforce.
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    This is bullshit! The MAC report clearly shows that the impact of migration has been a positive one. So the country's problem isn't the immigrants, it's the government that's been voted in taking cleavers to the public sector yet like fucking lemmings people vote for the same thing every 5 years.
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    I'll be honest, all of our small, white midfielders look alike to me.
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    For added points, whilst humming the Grange Hill theme tune.
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    1. How boss are last minute winners at Anfield in Europe? Bobby The One-Eyed Pirate plundering the winner too. Is right. 2. That would have been a total rip off if we’d come away with fewer than all the points because we dominated them. They just could not cope with our aggression or intensity. Whether it was Cavani absolutely shitting himself in a fifty fifty with Hendo, Neymar getting smashed by Milner early on or every player in a Red shirt covering every blade of grass - twice! - it was clear they just couldn’t get near us. 3. The midfield was sensational once more. James Milner. Again. What a player. He’s just ridiculously good. And Gini once more clever in his movement and use of the ball. However, let’s give the skipper some because Henderson was brilliant. If you’re one of these internet gobshites who constantly slags the lad and you did so tonight after that performance then I can’t help you, sorry. You’re too stupid to support Liverpool. That was a master class in dominating an opponent tonight and Hendo was at its heart. 4. The pace of our back line was important tonight as we mostly kept their threat tamed. What struck me more than the speed in our defence though was their exponential progress. It’s borderline weird how good we are at the back right now. When are these lads going to stop getting better? In theory it must happen at some point, but I can’t see when because they just go from strength to strength. 5. Seeing Sturridge back and scoring a big goal was both a surprise and a pleasure. Clearly he’s no Bobby, but I heard a few people around me surprised at his quick feet, clever movement and ball retention. I’m not sure who they were watching a few seasons back when he was ripping the league a new one, but at least he’s getting the credit now. I’m not holding my breath for sustained fitness, but that doesn’t detract from my joy at seeing him score because he’s boss. Long may his fitness be retained. 6. Negatives? Mo’s sloppy passing, some poor luck with decisions and, er, that’s it. 7. Nice to see Fabinho get his debut. Was it the full minute in the end? Shaqiri looked very hungry when he came on and I'm convinced all three will be vital squad members this season. 8. Their players? Neymar was poor relative to his reputation and Mbappé was well shackled by Robbo. I thought Thiago Silva looked sublime though. One moment in the first half showed incredible reading of the game and lightening pace as he tracked Mané’s diagonal run to snuff out his threat. He’s a real footballer, him. 9. I was going to praise their fans for their constant noise because no matter what the setback, they kept bouncing. But then I realised right at the end of the first half as The Kop quietened enough for me to actually hear them that they had a drummer with them! All that money and their fans just want to be Stoke. *Shakes head* 10. I said it after the Spurs game and I’ll say it again now, we have got a really serious team on our hands now. They are hungry, aggressive, fast, skilful and obdurate and in my view there are no limits to what they can achieve under this manager. Six wins from six and the promise of much more to come. Come on you Reds!!! Paul Natton View full article
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    Hahahaha gotta love Bobby
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    It's pretty much all the same arguments post vote as it was pre vote, even though those arguments made people vote that way in the first place. (1) Centrist politician like Clegg/Umuna gives speech warning of impending disaster (2) report claims economy will collapse without migrant Labour because the British are too lazy (3) EU hierarchy will make things as awkward as possible to prevent domino effect so may as well just give up. (4) We're all racist and I'm thoroughly ashamed to say I'm British when I go abroad. It's genuinely pretty tedious.
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    I don't know what's worse, not seeing Mr Becker's ability or the eejits who claimed Mignolet was a top keeper. Goalkeeper is no longer a problem with this calm sexy suave bastard in goal.
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    Agreed. Keeper played for that 100%. Not a foul, imo
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    Steve0 walks among us.
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    Went about twenty years ago. Lovely city, well worth the visit.
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    Still more acceptable than eating the contents of the tin.
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    Hillary & Bill Clinton, 1971 Miles Davis & John Lennon, circa 1970