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    # Booing me, booing you, Zahaaaaa! There is nothing we don't boo, Booing me, booing you, Zahaaaaa! Booing me, booing you is the best we can doooo! #
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    I’m some way from being an FSG cheerleader, but strongly get the impression not signing a forward is just part of Klopp’s way and his personal decision, because he feels the risk of lost opportunity is worth the potential benefits and is naturally more inclined to gamble on those he already knows than financially. I also have a growing suspicion this approach of his is partly what the let’s wait and see how well liked I still am in 2-3 years stuff is about, re him not signing a new contract extension as yet. I just wonder if he feels he has a natural lifespan at a club, especially with regards to fans liking and buying into his methods, and in not wanting to overstay his welcome is one of those rare people who can judge the right time to leave a party. What I mean by that is, let’s say one of our front 3 do get injured for a few months and their replacements as many suspect can’t sustain a title challenge. Imagine our collective response to that now, even from the more measured members of the fanbase. There would likely be the first real signs of widespread open dissent towards Klopp and questioning of his judgement from many, for leaving us in this situation. I think we’re now so good, so long in waiting for the title, and up against so unprecedentedly and unfairly strong an opponent, we’re all desperate for as sure a thing as possible. Largely because we’re playing against the house, while emotionally invested enough to feel like we’re playing with the deeds to our own. The problem is, there is no sure thing when it comes to toppling an outfit like City. Klopp is the best chance we have, and his ways and methods evidently come with a fair element of risk. This summer’s approach appears to me to be part of that risk, as much as many, quite reasonably in fairness, want to paint it as FSG penny-pinching and tying his hands. To pre-empt, by way of confirmation, I’m not suggesting for a second he’s above reproach. I’m not saying people shouldn’t discuss these things/show their displeasure etc (or think it would remotely be my place to) and I’m not saying Klopp potentially won’t sign a new contract because Daisy and co leave coultermarks all over an Internet forum. Just, to me, there’s a pattern forming to some of this stuff. How long he’s stayed at former clubs before leaving of his own choosing. Not liking to buy players mid-January in the main. Always preferring to look within for solutions. The way squad players are so included, respected and then lauded when they leave. It’s tight-knit collective being more than the sum of its parts stuff. I reckon this is all just part of the deal with having him as boss and, as frustrating as it is to be so near yet potentially so far, personally I’m just going to embrace it and enjoy the rollercoaster as much as possible. Because in 3 years, or 5, or 7 or whenever it is, someone else will be manager and whoever that is, however successful, I’m certain this period will always feel like it was truly golden and one-off, with such a unique individual in charge. If we win anything else under him now the scenes will be incredible. If we win the league under him they will potentially be the greatest any of us have ever seen. Not signing a better reserve forward doesn’t diminish any of that, even if for so many of us it makes it now feel less likely to happen this year. Lizzie Tomkins. 8th August 2019. * Subscribe to my impossibly self-righteous feed at The Athletic *
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    Get the T shirts printed Dave. "Harvey's not wrong, Kane is a mong"
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    We are now properly talking about what we need to win the league and retain the European Cup. We're now genuinely back at that top level. We go into the season with achievable goals of a level we've probably not had since summer 1984. I'd rather we had spent a bit and got in proper forward cover as we are light there. I'd have liked to have seen a really good creator for the middle of the park too. And a decent back up goalie. But that's very much easily said, but very hard to do. I trust Klopp more than I've trusted any manager since probably Rafa. I believe that if he wanted someone then the club would do their best to get him. I also believe that given how good we've been at transfers over the last few years, that the effort from the club would be genuine and thorough. So in that way I'm happy enough to see what happens. And if we don't sign a first team level player then, while I'll still be concerned about what we do when Salah, Firmino or Mane get injured (and it is when, not if), I'm still happy to trust in the club. However, I don't get people having a go at folk who are concerned. People calling it "cry arsing" because fans are nervous of what happens if those injuries to our top 3 come at the same time or are long term are out of order in my opinion. We've seen this moaning at fans who are concerned before. And it's usually followed by a big drop off the season after a good season such as 2008/09 or 2013/14. We made an art of adding top talent and bringing them into the team after a great year. After doing the treble in 1984 we signed Molby from Ajax. We all know the talent we brought in after finishing second in 1986/87 season. After that amazing season we brought Rush back. Sitting on your laurels can be dangerous. So if you are having a go at folk for being nervous with no signings, then stop it. They're allowed. Laughing it off or calling them names just shows your ignorance. Also, if you are justifying no signings by saying "We've just won the European Cup for goods sake" then please jump off a high building. That was last season. It's done now. Ronnie Moran would be spinning in his grave at comments like that.
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    Terrible window. Teams below us have freshened up their squad and improved, the team above us has gone big again and here we are as usual, edgy and clever Liverpool trying to be the nice guys, doing it the "right way" and doing nothing. The owners can get to fuck, they will never take us to where we should be because they are happy counting the TV money but we could win 8 trebles in a row and I'd still want them gone because I don't like them. I don't care whether we won the European Cup 2 months ago, Klopp has badly got it wrong by not bringing in another forward. Just one more. I have been bemoaning our refusal to address this since Mané went to the African Cup of Jabronis in 2017 when we were in a title challenge. By the time he came back, we were out of the Carling Cup, FA Cup and limped to 4th in the league. We've refused to learn our lessons and it has been the same way for 2 and a half years now - if one of the front three goes down for any length of time, we're really short on cover. We are running the risk of running the front three into the floor. They might well avoid injury but between the World Cup, the Euros, the Copa and the African Cup of Jabronis, Firmino, Salah and Mané haven't had a proper summer off for 2 years. They are going to be out on their feet by March and yet again, we refuse to take away the risk by signing another forward. Salah and Mané will get their rest next season because there's no AFCOJ, but Firmino is on Copa duty and loads of the others will be on Euros duty. We have gone backwards by proxy - we haven't gone backwards per se but the team above us has tightened their grip and teams below us have freshened up and made changes. Meanwhile if we lose a forward, we're depending on last season's unlikely hero or a kid who hasn't played a minute of first team football. If it pays off, Klopp will look like a genius but this is a risky strategy and we don't need to take risks. We are in an era where we have not even a small margin for error, we have no margin for error at all. If tomorrow night we are bringing Brewster off the bench desperate for a goal, I am going to blow my shit.
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    Yeah we just have to let a player know we're interested and they'll walk over broken glass to sign for us, wont they? So how come that lad at Bristol City decided he'd rather sign for Bournemouth (not disrespect to Eddie Howe and his club) than us? Transfers dont work like fans expect. People moan the 'drop off' after Mo, Sadio and Bobby up front, pointing to Origi and young Brewster who, may be the new Robbie Fowler. Oh, Werner's class, sign him to give the front 3 a rest. Except the quality of Werner wont sign for Liverpool to give Mo, Sadio and Bobby rests during the season. He wants to plough his own furrow and play every game. Oh we need cover for Andy at left back. Let's sign anyone as cover. What, another Moreno who everyone can blame for every goal we conceed when he's playing? That argument is a dead end, it is one Klopp threw out when the van Dijk transfer first went tits up and it seemed almost everyone wanted him to 'just sign any CB' instead. No, Jurgen's shown he's not splashing the cash unless he gets the player he wants who will strengthen the team. please, let's not go back to this nonesense of 'just sign any' left back \ cover for the front 3 \ any other position. Am I concerned city are signing people? What's changed, they always sign players whether they need them or not. They can afford to, people dont want us to be like city but say we have to buy to 'keep up.' No, we really dont. Jurgen has shown he can run city very close and stay legit. He might not be able to win 19 for us because as Ive said since he came here, city with their spending, will always be his biggest obstacle to winning the title. Am I concerned we havent signed any big players? Not really. I might be misguided but I trust Jurgen. Im not expecting us to win the title either given the fact it looks like we'll be in this FIFA World Club Cup and that alone will cause any club difficulty in the PL. There's also about 15 PL clubs who will roll over again for city but put up a better fight against us, everton anyone?
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    Hearing Manchester United will launch a triple transfer assault for the Bournemouth defender, Adam Lallana and a former England goalkeeper. I’m told the dossier drawn up by the club is called ‘Ake Breaky Hart’.
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    Texas chain store massacre.
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    No point talking about city in some ways, they've got an outstanding squad and anything they buy at the moment is to bring some depth in the position they have and allow for some continuity as the some of their players are getting the wrong side of 30. It's pretty fair to assume though, they've made par high 90s points and I see no reason why they won't go there again, so unless you're happy not challenging for the league, high 90s is the target. I don't care about any of those behind us right now. I think your assesment makes their changes appear in the most negative light you could paint them. But as far as I'm concerned, they're not city's business, so they shouldn't be ours. None of those sides will beat 90 points. So what it all comes down to for me, is what we can do. Can we be as competitive on the league as last year? Well a simplistic view is yes as we've held together the first XI. However, there are more factors. Our forwards have only just stopped playing. They will likely struggle early on. We had that issue to some extent last year, but sturridge started the season well and was able to do his only work during that spell. This year we're to rely on someone who's never played 1st team football or origi. We've also lost cover at left back. I'm not arsed Moreno is gone, we should have shifted him years before, but why shouldn't we replace him in the squad? Then there's the fixture list. We're guaranteed to play 50 matches this season if we don't win 1 cup game. That's harder than last year, with a slightly thinner and more tired squad. Then what if we actually managed to win some domestic cup games? That's more pressure on the squad right there. For me the squad at best is the same as last year, but with the impact of the summer on our forwards and letting sturridge go, I think we're a bit behind. And the season is going to be tougher. And now we're European champions, maybe more of a scalp and games getting more difficult. So here's the thing for me. If you're happy with something in the top 4 and if things our way a decent CL run, then not adding to the squad I think is fine. If we've any real aspirations of winning the league, we should add to the squad. Personally I think we're settling for the former.
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    I think the Owners and the Club have been very smart in one area...and thats the media. They have systematically over time diluted strong opinion. The Echo, which was once (a while back mind) a decent local source of independent opinion, is now firmly controlled by the Club. Every article this summer has been about how clever the Club is, why spending isn't necessary, why no one should worry and why the rest of Europe are running scared. And it starts as soon as it needs to, to placate the masses. Then you've got the national journos of sorts, Reddy, Joyce, and now Pearce, carefully controlling and publishing the right article at the right time, towing the line to keep the access they need to do their jobs. The biggest change however, and one move that I really do have to doff my hat to them for is with local amateur media, specifically touted independent opinion on all things LFC - The Anfield Wrap, Redmen TV etc. They have made sure that as these mini hobbies have grown into business ventures, their independent thought has become less and less. These 'fan' platforms have become money makers and been given access to the players and manager, no doubt in return for keeping things light so to speak. Once you are in bed you will tow the line or lose your privileges. In fact the Anfield Wrap is very tame to what it once was a few years back, as its grown in popularity they have adjusted their output for broad consumption. Both themselves and Redmen are now publishing books. The core meaning and soul of why they started has long since vanished and why I won't subscribe any more. So what does this mean? It means that theres not much of a dissenting voice, theres not much disagreement with what happens at the Club. Yeah you've got here at the TLW, and you get the comments section of the Echo and few dissenters on Twitter, but nothing that really scratches the surface. I think from now on, if anything goes tits up from the owners you will barely get a whimper. The trademark issue for example, only a handful of fan names spoke up about it, the rest where very quiet. pretty sad really.
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    Guaranteed Echo articles over the next month: Next summer will be big when proper targets are available. Lallana and Oxlade-Chamberlain can provide much needed depth because they were not available last season. Keita and Fabinho are fully acclimatised to English football now so there was no need for a midfield signing. Liverpool have reduced the wage bill to make room for future possible additions. The academy can save liverpool a fortune. Liverpool are cleverer than every team know England because they have better spreadsheets and formulas than everyone. Vague articles about the new kit deal. Another sponsor/partnership. A vague stadium update after Peter Moore says something off the cuff at an EA Sports event in Singapore or Hong Kong.
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    We have more guns in America per capita than any place in the world. Double, in fact. The Falklands are at #2, with Yemen a close #3. We're at least triple everyone else. I think that supports the "it's all the fucking guns argument" more. The current interpretation of the Second Amendment is a more recent development in US history (granted not that recent). It's only been the in vogue view since the 1970's. For the 200 years before that, the Second Amendment was widely interpreted to apply to Militias, and not mean completely unregulated guns for everyone like it does is now. It's unlikely that we'll be able to get back to that for a while, as the Supreme Court is now solidly conservative, and not a one of those twats has a soul or feels anything remotely like empathy.
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    Preparation for no deal is costing the state £6bn. Johnson’a proposed tax cut is going to cost the state £10bn a year. The UK is pretty fucking rich. Some people just want to spread the wealth more evenly.
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    They started calling it The Old Lady when they were trying to lure Rooney back.
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    I'm no Origi fanboy, cult status/meme material stuff aside, but if this Macheda comparison is the hill you're going to die on, you'll end up looking ridiculous.
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    I need your cloves, your boots, and your motorcycle.
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    From the Echo today One thing that's important to note here is that the club have had multiple targets and deadlines to meet over the stadium in the past - and have hit every single one up to this point. So, things could all get very exciting in the next few months or so - even more than they already are! On the subject of funding The answer to this still isn't known as of yet. Everton are in the process of exploring a number of funding options for the proposed stadium. Well I plan to win the lottery on Tuesday, well to be precise the Euromillions. It's 32 million and I have multiple targets as to what to do with the money once it's in my bank. I've picked the cars and houses for the family. It's important to note that I have met every deadline, I went to the shop and managed to purchase a ticket. I even have a lovely hand drawn pic of my new sports car. About now I'm guessing you're pretty envious. I bet that looks better than your car, and it goes much faster too. So, things could get all get very exciting in the next few weeks or so - even more than they already are.
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