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    Credit to Suarez, he was true to his word. He didn't celebrate at Anfield.
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    No way I wasn't going to make a post after that. Origi and Wijnaldum showing Messi and that twat Suarez how to find the net....hahaha, couldn't make that up!!! Last week my youngest lad (12) went to bed crying. I had to comfort him for the best part of an hour and pass on my fatherly skills. Tonight he was hyper as Stig with 5 pussies hovering over his head and I was the one with tears in my eyes. All the best reds, hopefully my next post will be Sunday.....or the CL final. YNWA!!!!!! My tip in a game myself and the lads play was 4-0, albeit with more hope than heart at the time. Fuck it, I'm pinching a bottle of wine from the wife's guest cupboard stash.
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    Here are my post-match musings that I've just put on Facebook. ********************************************** This picture is from 13th December 2015. Fans of other clubs love to share it to have a good laugh at Liverpool. But let's remember the context. Jurgen Klopp had noticed a tendency at Anfield for the fans to get nervous, impatient and moany whenever things were going against the club. He spoke publicly of the need for the players, manager and fans to all pull together, especially when times got tough. Shortly afterwards, the Reds surrendered a lead and found themselves 2-1 down at home against West Brom. But instead of the usual eye-rolling and "here we go again" groans, the whole ground got behind the team. The players kept going and finally got an injury-time equaliser. Klopp and the players acknowledged the part that the crowd had played in helping the team to salvage a point. Ever since then, fans of other teams have chosen to misrepresent that moment as a celebration of a home draw against a pretty poor team. Oh, the laffs they've all had! But the truth is that that moment was a watershed. It cemented the bond between the fans, the players and the manager - each trusting the others and relying on each other to overcome adversity together. And payback for that simple gesture at the end of a frankly awful game is unforgettable, magical occasions like tonight. The kind of thing that other teams can't begin to dream of. Keep laughing, folks! PS Origi scored the late goal against the Baggies, too!
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    Jesus in Barcelona (courtesy of RubbleRouser)
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    Now if Martin Tyler is found in some Michael Hutchence type incident, that would cap the night off for me.
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    I don't have much in life. In-fact most of my stuff is in my mates garage in Southsea. 400 miles away. Not a day goes by that I don't hate choices I have made, people I have upset and decisions best kept for the realms of hell. But one thing I have and always will keep with me is my love for the boys in Red. I'm in tears as I type this. We are Liverpool. The is it. This is Anfield. x
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    Oh for fuck sake. Talk about ruining my weekend you cunt. Lets take it from the top. 3 coats of Valspan on thin bread isn't really the norm for a breakfast but compared to the rest of this stuff its nowhere near the worst addition. A whole tin of devil droppings in a dog bowl on top of a pixelated table mat which we can only assume is a recent picture of Maddie in the buff (or worse, Maggie) The plate looks like it was left on the floor while you painted your ceiling black The eggs are overcooked which explains why you jumped on them before you put them on your plate Tomatoes are ideal for a fry-up but a particular kind. Not the kind you have got your slave to pick off next doors fucking tree then made him piss on from a height of I'd say about 8 feet. The mushrooms are about the only edible looking thing in this snuff version of modern art They aren't sausages. They are two perfectly formed turds after a night on the real ale. One has snapped off at source and we can only assume its still hanging out of your arse as I type. Are they fish cakes or scallops? Either way it looks like while you were trying to find your nonce camera a pigeon has flown in to have a nibble and has spat it back on the plate and fucked off before you got back. The tip of the knife looks burned which I can only assume is something to do with being a junkie which goes 8% of the way to explaining the whole scenario I guess. You robbed the fork from my primary school canteen or a prison. 1/2 a point for the mushrooms leaving you with a final score of -322.5/10
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    Absolutely no chance would he be anywhere near this magnanimous if the shoe was on the other foot, because he's a hypersensitive tit who needs his expensive projects to be left undisturbed by competition. The Pep Way: Have the best team Spend loads on it to make it better Get out in front early in the league season Act all flattered when everyone faps to your lead Or sometimes a bit weird, like "oh we're 45 points from 45, but this football isn't pure enough for me because I'm the purist's purist. Those guys in mid-table trying to play football, they're the real heroes" Mid-season wobble. Rotate in a forgotten player on £800k a week Get challenged in the latter stages of the Champions League Forget what that's like Get beaten Tantrum - blame VAR, or no VAR, or fans, or Mourinho Finish off league and act all smiley and Patron Saint of Football-like Cunt.
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    I've upset my mrs though I cant think the fuck why. After Kiev she booked us a hotel room in Madrid for 2 nights for 31/5 and 1/6, booking.com free cancellation,fair play to her. Anyway looked at flights straight after the game and could literally watch the prices go up like a fruit machine. She came up with some at about £2k for the pair, when I suggested I could get them for half that she asked how, I responded by telling her she could stay at fucking home. She go crazy
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    After watching clips with that cunt Tyler almost crying when we score, the radio five commentary is amazing with the video added.
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    Off our very own Rubble Rouser. Well in lads
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    Yes, I think there are lots of factors here. One, as you allude to, is that I think a lot of fans of other clubs are a bit worried that we're not going away any time soon. In fact, it's what is making me calmer in this title run in (that and the fact it's not in our hands, obviously). I fully expect us to challenge for the title again next season. I didn't in 2009 because of the owners, and I didn't in 2014 because of the manager. Another thing is that the very worst of fans is most prominent. Forums, twitter, etc, they do tend to attract a quite sizeable amount of utter bellends. Confidence built from anonymity. Banter culture has led to some of the utter cuntery. Skysports, betting adverts, etc, all gear fans up to hating/laughing at other clubs, rather than supporting their own. Laughing at misfortune, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with your club, or is aimed at teams that are challenging for/achieving things you couldn't possibly dream of. It's a way for the fan of Mansfield to bridge the gap between themselves and us, or Tottenham, etc. I think it's partly a generational thing as well. That's not to say there aren't plenty of middle aged twats engaging in this shite, but I think generally if you speak to someone in the pub in their 50s they'll have a considerably mellower view of us as a club (if they don't support a rival) than if you speak to someone in their 20s. They're less affected by all the absolute bollocks that comes with modern football. In fact, they often detest it. And, more than anything, I think football is always a turbo charged version of wider society. It reflects the utter cuntery of constant one-upmanship. There is nothing more depressing than hearing one group of largely working class (decreasingly so, obviously) people sing about the economic misfortune of another group of largely working class people. The owners of football clubs, up in their boxes must be pissing themselves. It always conjures up images of Roman emperors at the Colosseum.
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    I'm on holiday at moment in Whitby and watched the game in the Whitby fishermans club. I had a fiver on us to win 4 0 with Ladbrokes at 40/1,It was my birthday and I was paying £4.90 for a pint and a gin and tonic ! What a performance from the team.still buzzing and nursing a massive hangover.
  23. 10 points
    Usual comments about we should learn to be shit house cunts like Barcelona, real and the rest of them. May as well employ mourinho or some other shitcoat manager if you want to go down that road. It isnt something you can do in halves either. You either play the shithouse game or you dont and for that reason, I dont want us to engage in it. Anyways, I love Jurgen to death. He may not win a thing for us. Would I care? No not really. He's got me back on the bus when I was thinking of giving up my seassie because I was fed up at the constant moaning. Sure, Id love him to win something with us but I'll not even be standing at the bus stop of wanting him sacked if he doesnt win anything next year or the years beyond. My only criticism is we always, always want to chase the game and score a goal even when shutting up shop and not conceeding might be the better option. Yes, I know why Jurgen waved alisson forward in the dieing seconds, an away goal would have been priceless. But we nearly got screwed by a 4th and that would have been it. Talking of shithousery, what a cunt coutinho has turned into. We put the ball out on the halfway line for one of theirs to get treatment. They throw the ball back in and he neatly lobs it over our goal line for a goal kick and they all push up to the edge of our box. The shithead didnt learn that at Anfield.
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    When you haven't posted regularly for a long time it's really difficult to get back into the swing of it, I don't think I'll ever post regularly again, but I'll always be around. I have never provided quality opinion on anything however.
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    "Once Everton has touched you..."