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    Love it, my dad died on 19th may. He predicted a 4 0 win against Barca before he went. Did it for terry
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    Text my mate, who’s a massive blue and a season ticket holder, to tell him our local is charging just £2.50 a pint for all draught beers tonight, so he’s on his way over for a night on the ale. Didn’t mention that they’re showing the Istanbul CL final from 2005 in it’s entirety. He’s gonna go ape shit when he finds out.
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    At a children's hospital just outside Melbourne for one of my twin boys who has been in here getting treatment for leukemia for 7 months as of yesterday. He's had a few bumps along the way, but until this point he's doing very well. The reds having the brilliant season they are having has made it a little easier to get through some long weeks in here, yet conversely, reality has been there to snap me out of a mood following a bad result. Yin and yang. I'd have loved to get to the LFC supporters pub in the city which will be absolutely heaving early Sunday morning, but the situation doesn't really allow it! As it turns out, a charity has organized for my near 4yo lad to accompany the Aussie Rules players onto the MCG as a mascot on Sunday afternoon. It's such a great opportunity for him, so perhaps not being half bladdered after the CL final will be a good thing this time. With the subscription shite for footy in this country meaning no free-to-air coverage of the final for the first time in years, I need to work out where I can hook up my newly-acquired Google Chrome (I've got a subscription to only watch on my phone) to a tv in the share house we're living in for the duration of his treatment. And to @Jarvinja Ilnow, that's so fucking good to hear mate. All the best to you in your recovery. Come on reds, fucking do this.
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    Had an absolutely boss day. Drove over from Leeds with my little girl and two of my mates. Decided to go near childwall five ways so we’d be done fairly early and could get home, and sure town would have been better, but great atmosphere, lots of fun and memories with my girl that are priceless.
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    Just done me and the mrs a cooked breakfast for tea, been on the allotment all day and was starving. Mrs asked why I was taking a photo, told her it was so I could be abused by strange men off the internet. No conker & car keys though and mug of tea and HP sauce already on the table. Here you go...
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    "The moment origi scored I feared for them"
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    As if it couldn’t get any better. Just looked at my betting account and realised i put a £10 on LFC 2-0 and Joshua to get knocked out at 180/1 haha
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    "You won't get out of the group" "Easy group anyway" "You'll never beat Bayern" "Masterclass at Anfield from Bayern" "Bayern are shite anyway" "Barcelona are the best team in the world" "Barcelona are overrated" "Klopp bottles finals"
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    I read your first line and thought you were doing a Gilbert and Sullivan parody. I'm very well read with regard to matters psychological, And Everton's obsessions resolutely pathological, While tempting to refer to them in language scatological, I pity them, their glories being largely mythological
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    Last one from as my phones deaamd I'm a exhausted wreck Get fucking in
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    It's my dads on Thursday. It's a catholic service but not a full mass. Dreading it but I know he'll get a good turnout. It's my birthday tomorrow fair to say I've had better ones
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    This was taken 5 years ago. How young does Robbo look?
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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‏ @MrBoywunder 53m53 minutes ago Big shoutout to @Phil_Coutinho for paying for Alisson and Virgil
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    In my view, shittest final ever and talk like that is not right. If an Italian team with Nesta, Maldini and Baresia had gone 1-0 up in the first 5 minutes and completely shut the other free flowing attacking team down to having no real chances, despite having all of the ball - people would be wanking themselves silly explaining the tactical nous, brilliance and knowing how to manage a really big game.
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    Reds all round the country but especially London and Manchester as the walk into the office today
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    About five or six years ago, I went for a shit at about 9am, promptly deposited a sizeable log into the pan, then sat there, reading a book, browsing the internet and watching a film on my tablet, until about 7 or 8pm, before wiping my arse.
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    I got arrested when I was 15 for "conspiracy to assault the heir to the throne", I went with my mate to Wrexham town centre with a satchel of water bombs to lob at Prince Charles on his Investiture tour around Wales. We got picked up by a plain clothes policeman discussing whether we'd have a better shot from the upstairs window of one of the shops. Didn't get charged because the duty sergeant thought it was hilarious. An intended act of violence but fully justified.
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    Long time lurker as i am a major introvert but inspired to post on the back of this and several Punk IPA's. Hair standing up on the back of my neck. Wow!