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Violence Against Burglars

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9 minutes ago, Rico1304 said:

Robbery is theft with, or with the threat of, violence.  Burglary is entering a building as a trespasser (not invited) to commit theft, GBH or damage.  

I remember doing a case whereby a bloke climbed some scaffolding and got to the window of a woman.  Her boyfriend used to climb the scaffolding to get to the window so she thought it was him, invited him in and they had sex. She then realised it wasn’t her boyfriend.  It all hinged on whether any part of the man was in the room before she invited him in.  

Edit: R v Collins (1973) 

I think I speak for all of us when I say we are going to need a lot more information here pal 


EDIT: https://www.lawteacher.net/cases/r-v-collins.php



Fucking hell 

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51 minutes ago, AngryOfTuebrook said:

I think robbery is theft from a person, so if you burgle an empty house it's not robbery.

Robbery is theft with threat or violence, like Tim Roth in Pulp Fiction.

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Unless he shouts Stand & Deliver up the stairs it's a burglary and a home invasion all in one. If he does then I'm more likely to go down and end up on the ale in the kitchen with him than call the bizzies. 

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