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WWE Champion C.M. Punk appeared at Wizard World in Chicago on Saturday and took part in a Q&A session. The following are the highlights of the session…


-CM Punk said his match against Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit was probably his favorite match of 2012.


-Someone asked Punk what he thought about facing Bryan in a submission match and Punk said he would love for that to happen.


-On the Kevin Nash controversy about smaller wrestlers winning the title: Punk said that it is Nash's opinion and you can't hate someone's opinion just because you don't agree with it.


-On JTG's twitter rant: CM Punk said if JTG had a problem with something, he should have talked to Vince McMahon or someone backstage instead of ranting about it on Twitter. Punk said that although his original Pipe Bomb promo was a public rant just like JTG, everything Punk said during the promo were the same things he had been saying to Vince for months.


-Someone asked Punk if he still feels the same way about the things he said in his original Pipe Bomb promo a year ago. Punk said it's different now because he is a lot less pissed off than he was back then.


-Punk was asked if he would rather face The Rock or John Cena at WrestleMania, and Punk said he wants to face The Rock so he could try to have a better match with Rock than Cena did and then be able to tell Cena that Punk's match was better. Punk made it sound like Rock and Cena are the top two possible opponents for WrestleMania next year.


-Punk said it's unlikely he will face Stone Cold anytime soon because Stone Cold just had knee surgery. Punk said the match will only happen if Stone Cold wants it to happen.


-Punk talked about how Eddie Guerrero offered to help CM Punk and Punk would talk to Eddie many times.


-Punk revealed that his new DVD will be shown to the public at a theater in Chicago two days before it is released. Punk said that one of the extras on the DVD is Kofi Kingston and him playing a Street Fighter video game and Punk said it's funny.


-Punk said he doesn't really know if Colt Cabana wants to be in the WWE because when they talk to each other, they don't talk about wrestling.


-Punk said that he was originally going to get the lead role in The Marine 3. He would have worked on WWE TV shows and been off house shows, but the shooting schedule conflicted with the WWE European tour. Punk said that the role went to someone in the WWE that fans wouldn't care so much if he was gone for a little bit. Punk was referring to The Miz.


-Punk was asked who he would work with if he could work with anyone. He said Samoa Joe. Punk was also asked which wrestler from an independent company he would like to see in the WWE. Punk said Samoa Joe again. The fan said that Samoa Joe works for TNA and Punk said something like: "I know. You said indy didn't you?"


-Someone asked when we would see Punk perform the Pepsi Plunge again. Punk said that it isn't used because he doesn't think he needs to use it. Punk said the move isn't banned and no one has told him he can't use that move.


-The Overexcited Brock Lesnar Fan was in line to ask a question and before his question, Punk invited him to the stage. Punk said something like, "Does anyone know who this is? It's the Brock Lesnar Guy!" Punk talked about that the guy is shown in every Lesnar video package because of when he copied Lesnar's entrance thing when Lesnar returned on Raw in April. Punk made the fan do the same thing he did on Raw. I think Punk said that the guys in the back enjoy seeing it whenever it is replayed.


Punk talked about retiring from wrestling. He said that he will be 34 in a few months and that is too old to be able to perform at a high level in professional wrestling. Punk said he won't be another Triple H or Undertaker. Those two guys are currently older than 40 and still performing in the ring. Punk said when he does retire, he will leave the wrestling business for at least two years. I think he said if he does return to wrestling, he won't make a return to the ring. His retirement will not be like a Terry Funk retirement. Punk said he feels good now and he wants to stay healthy after he is retired. Punk said he has had one surgery and he never wants another surgery ever again. Punk said that he doesn't want to say when he might retire because the answer would "depress the hell" out of everyone.


-Punk said he is running out of goals to accomplish and wants to retire soon because he has never had a break. I think Punk said that other than a two month break after he fractured his skull, he has never taken a break since 1997. Punk mentioned that he was supposed to get a break after Money in the Bank 2011, but that didn't happen.


-Punk said "CM" means whatever fans want it to mean.


-Punk was asked what was his biggest challenge becoming a WWE Superstar. Punk said, "I think the challenge was becoming a WWE Superstar and there was just so much that was challenging about it. I don't really know what the hardest thing was."


-CM Punk talked about a new design for the WWE Championship title. I think he said it's coming soon and it will be something he helped create. He teased that it could happen at SummerSlam or maybe at the next Pay-Per-View after SummerSlam which is in Boston, John Cena's hometown.


-CM Punk said Tout and Twitter are the future of the WWE so get used to it. Punk said he thinks it is good for the WWE, but he doesn't want to see Tout on Raw every ten minutes.


-CM Punk said WrestleMania is going to cities that give WWE the most money and he compared the process to cities bidding for the Olympics.


-CM Punk said he doesn't like getting hit with weapons, especially Kendo Sticks. Punk said Kendo Sticks are very painful and told the fans not to hit people with Kendo Sticks.


-Punk was asked to name his favorite fighting video game and he said he likes Mortal Kombat.


-Slapshot is Punk's favorite movie.


-CM Punk was asked about the possibility of a CM Punk comic book. Punk said he doesn't want to see it. Punk did say that he might be currently working on creating a comic book.


-Punk was asked about his favorite Batman villain and he said it is probably The Joker. Punk was also asked about which fictional character he would like to wrestle and Punk said he would fight Catwoman



411mania.com: Wrestling - CM Punk Discusses Kevin Nash’s Recent Comments, JTG’s Twitter Comments, His Retirement Plans, More


Punk's comments on TNA are hilarious.

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During a Q&A at Comic-Con in Chicago this past weekend, WWE Champion CM Punk alluded to TNA being an independent organization. When asked which indy wrestler he'd like to see in WWE, Punk replied, "Samoa Joe." When someone noted that Joe worked for TNA, Punk said something to the effect of "Right, you said indy league didn't you?"

Those comments didn't sit too well with Kurt Angle, who issued this warning to Punk on his Twitter:


"Punk wants to Say Tna Is An Indy League? I Was On top in Wwe when You Were trying to Get a Job Anywhere. It Was My Choice to go to Tna. ... If I ever See You Punk, Hide bitch!"

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They are because think about it, if one guy hits another with an object, what about the third guy?


They mainly use that stipulation because in multi-singles matches you'll see someone take a bump to the outside and allow it to be a one-on-one match for a while to improve the quality of the match. Those who have taken the bump usually stay out for longer than a 10 count.

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Piper I thought was pretty funny and to be honest didn't think he was drunk, just unscripted. But probably drunk.


Yea ending was boring but some people needed that to make it look even better when HHH wins. Not me though, I'd rather see Brock win.

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Piper I thought was pretty funny and to be honest didn't think he was drunk' date=' just unscripted. But probably drunk.


Yea ending was boring but some people needed that to make it look even better when HHH wins. Not me though, I'd rather see Brock win.[/quote']


I'd rather see Brock win it as well. That man is an absolute monster

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I'd rather see Brock win it as well. That man is an absolute monster


Not taking the piss but are you saying Brock is a monster in real life of as a character in WWE.


After seeing how poor his chin is in the UFC it's hard to see him take shots in pro wrestling and recover from them.

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There's no way he's winning on Sunday. After having Cena win, making him look amazing as per, HHH wanted some of the pie. Lesnar will get in some great offense, maybe cut him, probably get changed to a Street fight or something so HHH can come back strong and finish him off with the sledgehammer.

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