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Mark M

Free E-books for kindle iPad

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Myanonamouse. I looked at a lot of sites and that is by far the best one. Got every ebook and audiobook you can think of. Think it might still be invite only though.

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PM me an email address if you want a myAnonamouse invite


PM sent. That's the site I was thinking of but I couldn't remember the name.

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Anyone familiar with Usenet and with a decent news server can get just about anything on alt.binaries.e-book and a.b.e-book flood.

Magazines by the million on a.b.e-book magazines.

Ther was a character called Rockhound who was posting up to a couple of hundred textbooks a day on a.b.ebooks-technical but the copyright cops scared him off (boo).Still there if you do a search on nzbindex for a specific title or by doing a search for  ASST MTLS or Rockhound57

If you are familiar with IRC, just about any fiction is available




Audiobooks from Usenet, but check out abooks.ws to search for authors/titles.

If your reader uses only mobi or epub or a propietry format, you can use http://www.2epub.com/ to convert files for free

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