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    • Well yes, everybody wants us to win trophies. Why would we be here otherwise?   The only summer we haven’t strengthened is after we won the CL but then went on to get 99 points and win the league.   I’d have liked a signing or two after we won the CL, but we didn’t so there is no point going on about it.   We signed 3 players last summer - one of which has been one has been regarded as the best in his position for the past 5/6 years.   I made this point on wages yesterday - we have some of the best players in the world in there positions and we’re winning the big trophies, do you not think we should be paying them accordingly?   Also, the club has a £120m deficit to cover at the moment but still has to pay those wages.
      So what do you suggest they do? 
        It’s very, very easy to look at certain points and make sweeping conclusions, but unfortunately money doesn’t work like that and a holistic view is needed. 
    • And they have signed  who ?? I sometimes think they live in another dimension.  
    • “Klopp without glasses is like… I don’t have a comparison but give me time and I’ll come up with one.”   I’ll give you a comparison here Dave, it’s like Tommy Cooper without his fez. It’s a disaster is what it is. He’d better sort that shit out once the season arrives.
    • I think they do. In the 90s and a bit later we would spend nearly as much as united in transfer fees but we would buy 4 or 5 average players like we were trying to build a team every window or at least thats how it felt thinking back. United just saw a weak spot in the team or a player moved on and they went an bought what they believed to be the best replacement for big money. Once you've built the top side its harder to improve but when that top player comes along who would improve you,  you buy him. We have loads of quiet transfer windows for me that should mean for examples sake if say Halaand is on the market we should be able to buy him without all the fans turning into bean counters and complete panic about the financial repercussions. We are Liverpool 19 times league champions, 6 times European cup winners we should be able to act like a Billy big bollocks in the market now and then because we don't go big or even medium most windows, the books dont need to be balanced at the end of every window, we can carry debt or profit into the next ones depending on the teams needs.   In my opinion we need a midfielder and possibly a forward if that means this window we spend more than we've earnt so be it, the next summer window we will undoubtedly sell one of our forwards and a few of our midfielders, the most important thing is the time in-between the windows the team needs to be competing for titles, our weaknesses need to be addressed so we can remain on top, everyone has different opinions on our weaknesses mine is way too many injury prone midfielders with the likes of Kieta and Ox who when given chances the rare times they ate fit don't take them.   FSG said the redbird investment meant we are were we should be if there was no pandemic it reset the losses, now the deal is out of mind we hear of the devastating effect of corona.    I'm not even arsed, the window is still open, if it ends and we've just signed konate and some kids I'd say they haven't done enough this window but I'll get over it as said a million times Klopp is our superstar and FSGs golden Goose.
    • For the Palace game i think we only had about 10k capacity. my Dad didn't have a smartphone so was told to pick up a paper ticket from the ticket office. We were told what time to go in the ground with the NFC passes and i think the window was between 1 hour and 15 mins before KO so that suited me. we went to the office to pick up his ticket and there was a massive spiraling queue accumulating outside for people whose NFC passes weren't working-scanning issues and downloading. The queue wasn't moving particular fast so a few must have missed KO. The pre season friendlies should help them get their act together but i wouldn't take any risks on getting to the ground late for the first few league games next season. Somewhere like the kemlyn is full of old men so i'd give yourself even more time if sitting there
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