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    • Can't be. That’s the Red Echo you’re talking about.
    • A good post as every Ronnie, lad. I totally agree with you about Champions and a Champions Cup. It's funny lots of the fans of other clubs going on about this Euro league and Champions league denigrate the 'old' format, saying it was piss easy to win because you played so few games and half of them were against no mark teams anyway!   They ignore you had to win your title before you got in the competition and, they cant argue the point about 'lesser teams' while saying having 3 and 4 clubs from one nation in the competition is greed. But they do because they want it both ways.   I wonder how many everton fans would be on board with a return to one club per country in a new Champions league. The hypocrites would be apoplexic because they know they'd never see their club in it again. Ever. The way things are, neither would Leicester, arsenal and spurs. Even we might struggle because city can and will blow everyone out of the water in the PL.   Fat cunts like cordon and martin samuel would be singing a different tune if city won 8 or 9 consecutive Premier League titles like Juve and Bayern have. Samuel would be lamenting why have other owners matched city's ambition. Well what's the point in spending £200m if city can spend £300m or, £100m more than whatever you spend?   By the way, Ive nothing against fatties, Im one myself. I just think samuel and cordon are cunts. But they're both fat as well!
    • The aspect of a West Ham or a Leicester having to put as much effort in in the PL as the ESL to qualify every year, while others can just take it easy and concentrate on the ESL seems utterly ridiculous as well as unfair. While I was hopeful that this could be a way to rein in the oil clubs initially I just can’t get past that nonsense.
    • I've just glanced at the echo website, fuck me they've gone all anti-fsg. There's 1 article about how they don't deserve James milner. There's another pulling up Henry's "what are they smokin" quote to turn back on him, which includes stories about Liverpool giving America the Beatles. Mental stuff. 
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